30 November 2011

Willy Nilly

I'm a willy nilly blogger.  I post, then I don't. Then post a few days in a row, then off for a week. 

Good thing I'm NOT a willy nilly writer.  That would suck.  Or worse, a willy nilly cook.  Poor Tim would starve in between meals.

But I digress.

Now that I'm on goal to reach 204 for 2011, I'm making the effort to turn on the computer and post daily.  It's weird, but I'm enjoying blogging even more than before.

And that's something I didn't expect.

PS: For those of you disappointed that you didn't see a willy in this post, please see my previous post, Dingle Dangle.

28 November 2011

Dinosaurs and Dumplings

Work was pretty damn good. Even though they surprised me with two greenhorns, instead of just one.

But the two newbs did fantastic working as a team. That's the way restaurant work should be.  Or, at least I believe so.

You cooking tonight?

Not me. It's leftover dinosaur wings and dumplings for us.

Meanwhile, it's Game Night for Tim and a quiet night for me.  I've already taken the girls for their LONG walk, showered, and now I'm in my jams.  And it ain't even five o'clock yet.

Such a hard life.

27 November 2011


Got a greenhorn on deck tomorrow.  Training her for salad bar.  Make that, re-training her as she was improperly trained.  Thankfully, I get two hours in prep first.

That makes me happy. 

In other news, today I made csirke paprikás (Hungarian chicken).  Only I didn't have any chicken left, so I used raw turkey wings.  Bought them on sale, I did.  Eight packs.  
And these babies are BIG.  They look like dinosaur wings.

But even better than dinosaur-sized wings, was that my kitchen smelled just like my late Mamam's kitchen.

And today, that was the best part about cooking.

Guilty as Hell

26 November 2011

Good to be Home

The doors are locked, ringers off and windows bolted shut.

As you can see, I'm still wrapped in my pink blanket, sporting an ever so cute, Santa hat.  And since it's a day off, I might surprise Poopyhead with a batch of homemade bread.

I love being home.

This is the first Black Friday weekend in eight years that I'm not working at either the fabric shop or a craft show.  Eight years.  Holy crap on a cracker, it feels good to have nothing to do for two days.

Meanwhile, little Bug is free from jail.  Poor little girl got a belly full of sofa.  Good thing she's so cute.  Otherwise, I'd have to mend the couch using her as stuffing.

Have a groovy day, all you Boogerbutts.

PS: 48 more posts to go. What was I thinking?

23 November 2011

My Blogger Challenge ...

... is to hit 204 posts before the end of 2011.

Not sure about this, as I am not a daily blogger.   But I'm going to give it a try. Yeppers. I am.

50 more posts to go.  Rah.

Meanwhile, it's butt-ass early morning and I'm off to prep soon.  Shouldn't be too a long shift because we're closed Thursday, and aren't allowed to over-prep for Friday.

That's all from me, but with 50 more posts to go, you'll hear from me again soon. Boogie Boogie and Happy Eating.

22 November 2011

Wimpy Kid - Cabin Fever

Dig me.  Last week I stood in line with a bunch of kids, just so I could get my brand new copy of Wimpy Kid.  I'm saving it for a snowed-in day off.  All snugged in my jams, cup of tea, and nowhere to go. 

Who says winter sucks?

Meanwhile, it's my day off and I'm about to hit the lab for another batch of of doggy treats, along with peanut butter chocolate chips for Poopyhead.  Just as soon as I finish a round of dishes, wearing my Warehouse 13 gloves.

Until next post, have a groovy day and eat well.

Bring on the next big snow storm.  I'm ready.

16 November 2011

I Squish Your Head

If there was one word to describe how I'm feeling, it would be obnoxious.  That's right.  Obnoxious.  Yep, yep, yep.

After three months of working prep, I finally feel like I don't have to look for another job.  And that feels fantastic.

Meanwhile, the pups are digging their new chewies, and I'm about to scrub dishes with my new gloves.  Might be hard to tell in the photo, but they're purple.  Not quite Warehouse 13 purple, but close enough to play pretend.

Until next post, have a groovy day and Happy Eating.

I squish Wiggy's head.
Then I squish Bug's head.
Only that doesn't work, so I squish Bug's whole body.

11 November 2011

Hello Christmas

That's right, here and the Manor we don't dick around. We've got Christmas lights, holiday plates, snowmen mugs, and a blanket of morning snow.

Meanwhile, two more kids quit salad bar.  One for a better job and the other, after her first day.  That means I'm backup until the newbs get trained.

Here's hoping they stay.  Not holding my breath but at least now, they're actively trying to extract me from salad bar.

And that makes me VERY HAPPY.

08 November 2011


Last night I got distracted by a big box of Christmas lights.  So I decorated the outside tree, while the pups waited patiently.

Never did scrub the floors and toilets either.  Nope.  Just goofed about and enjoyed the Nook.

Can't believe how fun it is.

Suppose I'll clean tonight, since Tim bought MW3 and I probably won't see him again until the weekend.  Longer even, if it's a good game. But I'll be sure and drop food on his snack tray from time to time.

I'm such a good wife.

Besides, I wouldn't want him to starve.  Especially since he'll need to keep healthy and focused for his 360 marathons.

Cheers and boogie boogie.

07 November 2011

Game Night

Can't believe how much I love Tim's new eReader.  Never thought I'd like it. But it's fun and easy to read. 

So while Tim games tonight, I'll be in my jams, snuggled with the pups, while I read in the dark.

Love that.

But first, I gotta make food and scrub toilets.  But once game night starts, I'm tucked in and reading until I zonk out.

06 November 2011

Open for Business

I finally got My Blanket Shoppe posted. Don't have all the kinks totally worked out but at 54 items, it's a good start.  But sadly, we cannot afford shipping outside of the US.  So for now, it's FREE shipping within the US only. 

My goal is to get the blankets sold off and transform the sewing room into a double office.

Tim has gaming adventures to write along with a novel that needs done, and I have my manuscript ready for him to look at, and food writing up the wa-zoo.

Or is is wah-zoo? Either way, it feels good to move forward.

05 November 2011

Zombie Brew

I waited patiently for this little zombie to go on sale at Barnes.  Got him yesterday for 60% off.  Even used a gift card.

Meanwhile, there are only TWO days left of Halloween staycation.  Went so fast.  Today I'm in the kitchen working on a flax, veg and meat treat for the pups.  

As for the zombie dude himself ... he'll most likely end up with Tim's collection of sleestaks, skulls and the potato man.

That about wraps things up with me.  Hope you're all well and warm.  Until next post - boogie boogie boogie.

Click to enlarge Tim's new computer wallpaper.

03 November 2011

Life is Good

My cheesecake pumpkin pie, DR-1 is in the oven.  The kitchen looks like a bomb went off, and it's nearly time to strain my carcass broth and make doggy treats.

Plus ... there's three more days of Halloween staycation.

Life is good.

My Newest Toy

Working in the lab today.  Making all kinds of nummy things.  Tim's sitting on the couch under a Halloween blanket, playing the 360 with a pup snuggled on either side.

Too cute.

Meanwhile, check out one of my groovy Halloween gifts.  It's a cooking scale.  My old one only weighed up to 500 grams.  But this one goes to 5 kilo.

That's right.  I'm living the good life now.

And dig this. That's my bagel bowl, filled with a kilo of flour. Or, if you'd rather, 1000 grams. Which makes 16 bagels.

Hot dog.

01 November 2011

Which Chef Would You...

Hi this is Tim, Ivy's husband.  I am posting instead of her because she is cleaning the house and I am avoiding cleaning the house.  Ivy and I were yapping over some cold pizza, bad wings and ice tea about her cooking new things over the vacation. So I poised the question to her which chef person would you like to go over to his or her house and have dinner. To me its a no brainer, Nigella Lawson. Cause even if the food isn't too my liking I am still going to have a good time.

Ivy didn't even smack me in the back of the head for writing that either.

And for something completely ridiculous you can head over to my blog and choose which monster you would like to go to dinner with.