26 November 2011

Good to be Home

The doors are locked, ringers off and windows bolted shut.

As you can see, I'm still wrapped in my pink blanket, sporting an ever so cute, Santa hat.  And since it's a day off, I might surprise Poopyhead with a batch of homemade bread.

I love being home.

This is the first Black Friday weekend in eight years that I'm not working at either the fabric shop or a craft show.  Eight years.  Holy crap on a cracker, it feels good to have nothing to do for two days.

Meanwhile, little Bug is free from jail.  Poor little girl got a belly full of sofa.  Good thing she's so cute.  Otherwise, I'd have to mend the couch using her as stuffing.

Have a groovy day, all you Boogerbutts.

PS: 48 more posts to go. What was I thinking?


  1. Congratulations! Enjoy your day off.

  2. You're a softie!
    Enjoy your weekend of freedom.

  3. oh yes, enjoy your day. I have only shopped once on black friday and I have no interest in doing it again any time soon. Too many people!

  4. Congratulations! Wife and I are just relaxing on the couch also, feels so nice! I had to work Black Friday and even some Thanksgivings for years, nice to not have to now.

  5. Desert Scribe: Saturday and Sunday. Yep, yep, yep.

    Alex: Freedom is nice. Happy Holidays to you.

    mshatch: Far too many, I agree.

    Brutorz: Nothing like a relaxing day on the couch. I worked Black Friday but in prep. 10 hours, felt longer though. So nice to just be able to do anything we want today.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

  6. We did the same thing yesterday, sleep in, do nothing, stay warm and watched a ton of Saturday Nigh Live episodes then wrapped the day off with Jane Eyre.

    Cheers for doing nothing!

  7. Had a busy-ish day collecting framed pictures, doing some shopping, visiting my mum. Now Rachel's watching TV and I shall soon be joining her... probably with a glass of JD & coke ;)

    Glad you are enjoying some well-deserved time off!!!

  8. Glad you had a day off! ENJOY. I never do the Black Friday shopping *shudder*

  9. bliss: Cheers for doing nothing. Woohoo. Your night sounds fantastic. Love those kinds of days off.

    We did get dressed later today and hit Barnes. Was nice. Read cookery magazines and learned some new techniques. Now to put them into action.

    Lab, here I come.

    Flea: Another excellent day. What were you collecting framed pictures for? Hope your mum is doing well, and you enjoyed the rest of your day.

    Carol: We did Black Friday when we used to work craft shows, selling the blankets. But only one store, and it was painless. The sales back then were amazing on fabric.

    Hope your weekend is going great and that you're eating lots of nummy things.

    Cheers and boogie boogie to you, as well.

  10. My dog did the same thing. No joke. It was when she was only 1 or 2 = she's much better now...that she's three. :) At least we made it through the terrible twos.

  11. Kim: This is why they are made so darn cute.

  12. Hi Whisk, the pictures were birthday/Christmas presents for me - one is an enormous print of the cover of Lamentations Of The Flame Princess (Rachel was horrified when it was unrolled at the framing shop!) and the other is a George Perez New Teen Titans poster I've had since about '83.

    Today I slept until 3pm (!!) then watched the Brazilian Grand Prix with Rachel and have been told, in no uncertain terms, that I'm not allowed to go back to bed ;)

  13. Flea: 3pm? Well, it's nearly 1:30pm here and I am still in my jams. Just don't want to get dressed yet.

    I can see Rachel's face at the enormous print of the cover. Where will you hang it? I will Google New Teens Titans.

    No giant Doctor Who pictures?

  14. The idea is the pictures will go the stairwell to my gamesroom ;)

    As I already have the lifesize Amy Pond standee that Rachel got me the other year I don't want to overdose on Doctor Who!

  15. Flea: Yes, we wouldn't want to overdose although, it is Doctor Who. Pretty cool show.

    I'm still not dressed. At this point I'm going to just shower and then get into new jams.

  16. If you're desperate for adding up blogs as you go along, you could blog a paragraph, then put the next paragraph in a seperate one, and so on and so on...

    Yes, what were you thinking?

  17. William: It's going pretty good. Got my mo-jo working. 43 left, right now. Can't wait to see that pretty little 204.

    How goes you today?