30 November 2011

Willy Nilly

I'm a willy nilly blogger.  I post, then I don't. Then post a few days in a row, then off for a week. 

Good thing I'm NOT a willy nilly writer.  That would suck.  Or worse, a willy nilly cook.  Poor Tim would starve in between meals.

But I digress.

Now that I'm on goal to reach 204 for 2011, I'm making the effort to turn on the computer and post daily.  It's weird, but I'm enjoying blogging even more than before.

And that's something I didn't expect.

PS: For those of you disappointed that you didn't see a willy in this post, please see my previous post, Dingle Dangle.


  1. Willy Nilly or Silly Willy...it's all the same my Queen.

  2. There is something about frequent blogging that's addictive... getting comments only adds fuel to the fire!

  3. You ARE a willy nilly blogger! Take care :)

  4. Blogging is about momentum, I think. You blog frequently and the more you want to keep it up. Take too many breaks and it's hard to come back to.

  5. Willy nilly or structured routine, it's all about what works for you. I'm a little of both these days.

  6. My mom use to call me willy nilly when I was little. I'm not too sure what she was trying to say about me.

  7. Lurker: Silly willy works too.

    David: Got my mo-jo on now. 204, here I come.

    Chip: And a Happy Wallpapering to you.

    Trey: I agree with that. It's nice to have momentum.

    KarenG: Blogging has to remain fun and non-worklike, to keep me interested.

    Southpaw: Thanks for sharing that about yourself. Hope your writing is going well and Happy Cooking, as well.

  8. I guess I'm normally a willy nilly blogger, too, then. Because for some reason blogging is hard. Writing my novel is not. I guess it's easier to make things up than it is to post facts (and I'm not about to post falsehoods).

    Keep up the good work. You'll make 204 in no time!

  9. I'm thankful I didn't see one, thanks!
    Blogging is fun and addictive, isn't it?

  10. Stacy: Thanks for the support and again, big congrats to your hubby (and you), for doing so well.

    It's very good that your novel is not hard. Personally, I think too many writers make writing far more difficult than need be.

    Have a great holiday. Hope you get in tons of reading.

    Alex: It's fun indeed. But there were times when I was bored and thought, eh, I can be done now. Glad I was wrong.

    PS: Your welcome for not showing you a willy in this post. Maybe next post, though.

  11. Not much time left in 2011!! Hard to believe. Good luck with your goal. :)

  12. Willy nilly is good, and when you post you cheer a lot of us up, so I'm glad you do.

  13. Porky: So nice of you to say. It's been great fun doing this challenge. Thought it would feel more of a chore, but it doesn't.


    Happy Gaming & Happy Almost Winter.

  14. As long as you're not being a willy nilly caterer to the dogs!

  15. William: Noppers. How goes your writing?