29 November 2011



  1. I guess Tim's getting you that for Christmas then ;)

  2. What?! That was MADE for you!

  3. Wowzers! That is one happening piece of kitchen cool.

  4. Please tell us you are going to start a Kickstarter or something else to raise funds for that. I would happily send some PayPal your and Tim's way to help fund that beauty of a mixer.

  5. That must be yours. But how did you get Kitchenaid to design one specifically for you? You must know someone ;)

    love it.

  6. A wonder woman mixer, for the super chef you know and love haha.

  7. Completely mind blowing! Drooling over here!

  8. You didn't even need any words for this blog! Only 44 more to go, right?

    Oh - and it looks pretty.

  9. That is a object of beauty indeed!

  10. That's so perfect that if it wasn't you I'd imagine it was photoshopped. Now all you need is a real-life Gothridge Manor to go with it or put it in.

    I've done some catching up - that's a lot of posts and I don't doubt you're on target for 204 by the end of the year..!

    The dino/chicken wings sound as good as I'll bet they tasted. Smells can really take us back, and can be very powerful when the seasons are changing. Good stuff. Funnily enough I was actually discussing a dino-chicken today - it's a small semantic world.

    I hope Bug is feeling better too. Dodgy tummies aside, it could be interesting to live like that, in an edible world, not so far from the destructible landscapes of gaming.

  11. Joseph: I know, right?

    Flea: I can't find it available for sale.

    Lurker: I know. I just love it so.

    Hanny: Popped my eyes right out their sockets, it did.

    James: Kitchen toys. So fun.

    bliss: It's my new wallpaper.

    Barking: Yeppers.

    christian: You make me smile. Thanks for that. Sadly, I am unable to find it for sale in the states.

    mshatch: Found it on the Internet.

    anarchist: Tim said you can email him and he'll give it a read. You can contact him from his blog. Good luck and Happy Writing.

    Daisey: Way. Totally way.

    Sub-Radar-Mike: That's a great tag line. Love it.

    Anita: It blew mine as well.

    William: I can't make a :-) big enough.

    Stacy: I do a good number of picture blogs. It's fun. And yes, thank you for remembering. 44 to go. Woohoo. That's 2 fours. Love the number 4.

    Alan: A true beauty indeed.

    Porky: Oh my, you read all those. That is nice of you. Happy Blogger Birthday again. Love your blog and happy to be your friend.

    204 feels doable. At first I wasn't sure. Because I'm such a willy nilly blogger.

    Food smells really have some magical power. Right after she died (last year), I kept smelling her cooking, even while on walks.

    Thanks for the well-wishes for Bug. She kind of started out of the gate, sickly. Was only 18 pounds of bones when we first adopted her.

  12. Wow! All I can say is that is cool beyond belief! I sure hope you find that under your Christmas tree this year!

  13. Bard: Oh but to dream. Sadly, I can't find anywhere to buy it, here in the states. So for now, it's my computer wallpaper. So pretty.

  14. I saw a pair of platform heels that would go with this perfectly...cuz we all bake in platform heels, right?

  15. OMG indeed!!! Please tell me you will be treating yourself to this magnificent beauty!!! This is one of the most awesome things I have seen!!!!

  16. Vicki: Even Julia Child wore heels and pearls.

    Lo-mo: If I can find it for sale. Though I am considering getting red one and painting it myself.

    Chip: It's my new computer wallpaper.

  17. This is exactly what you need for Christmas. It screams you, Ivy. Just think of all the awesome food you could mix up. *waving*

  18. Very cute new style of your blog!
    Beautiful MIXER!
    I hope you bring Santa Claus!
    many kisses

  19. Robyn: It's the best mixer I ever saw. Waving back to ya. Hope you're well and having fun writing.

    magda: Καλές διακοπές και αγκαλιές σε εσάς.

    anarchist: Sure thing. Good luck.

  20. Oooh...I love my Kitchen Aid, but this outfit would make her much better! haha.

  21. Suzan: You and me both.

    Betsy: Wonder Woman outfits make everything better.