01 December 2011

Skull & Bones

Dig these babies. Tim bought me this groovy ice cube tray to make doggy treats. And lucky for me, the pups think ice cubes are treats.  Sometimes I hide tiny pieces of doggy food inside, just to surprise them.

They are so spoiled.

Not much else going on today. Spicy chicken for supper, third greenhorn arrives next week, and 42 post to go.



  1. That is...AWESOME! Love these! Spicy Chicken sounds good too.

  2. Anita: Do you ever make homemade doggy treats? That's all I'll give the girls. It's great fun and the love it too.

  3. These are excellent!! How big are they??

  4. Ray: Bigger than my thumb, but smaller than my feet.

  5. Oh wow - I want some! Perfect for Christmas.

    Er . . . I mean Halloween!


    - Ark

  6. That is great fun! Since I've been dealing with sick child for over a week now, my mind goes straight to fun for sick child. Sick children get to suck on frozen chamomile tea cubes when they are pukie.

  7. "They are so spoiled"

    Just so long as you know that too...

  8. OMIGOSH these are the coolest!!! No wonder they're so loved! I'd use the heck out of them!

  9. They'd mess with my head if were a dog - but I wouldn't be complaining.

  10. Ark: Christmas, Hallowen, it's all good.

    mshatch: Me too.

    Daisey: Sorry they are sick. Here's hoping it's a quick recovery.

    Brendan: Spoiling them is wonderful. I don't get people who have yard dogs. So sad.

    Lurker: They are very cool, indeed.

    Jen: And they don't melt fast, either. They keep their shape a good long time.

    Lynn: I agree. So fun.

    Porky: We went back to get more trays and they were gonesville. So fun, they are.

    Needles: Things are very well, thanks. And how goes things by you?

  11. Assemble the Skull and Bones Society! Someone has been leaking our ice cube tray design to the outside!