27 November 2011


Got a greenhorn on deck tomorrow.  Training her for salad bar.  Make that, re-training her as she was improperly trained.  Thankfully, I get two hours in prep first.

That makes me happy. 

In other news, today I made csirke paprikás (Hungarian chicken).  Only I didn't have any chicken left, so I used raw turkey wings.  Bought them on sale, I did.  Eight packs.  
And these babies are BIG.  They look like dinosaur wings.

But even better than dinosaur-sized wings, was that my kitchen smelled just like my late Mamam's kitchen.

And today, that was the best part about cooking.


  1. The girls didn't snack on the couch while waiting?

  2. Alex: Nope, not even a little bit. Wiggy and Bug were very very good. Just sat there like little angels.

  3. The debt to society has been paid! Just make sure they check in with their parole officer, and watch out for signs of recidivism.

  4. Good luck with the training! Love the dogs :)

  5. Bard: Just got back from work and walked the two. Great walk. Hope your day is going well. Did you see any good movies over the weekend? We're back to rewatching Dresdon on NetFlix.

    Chip: Wasn't too bad, actually.

  6. Very cool! Mrs. Bard and I are currently (re-)watching a few old series like Red Dwarf and Star Trek: Voyager.

  7. "It won't last long"... ah, the voice of experience!

  8. Bard: I never Red Dwarf. Dwarf is one of those words that very hard for me to say. And drawer and draw. I forget if you mentioned having NetFlix or not. We love it.

    Big Hello to Mrs. Bard.

    William: She already got into something else, later that same night. Bug that is. She's having a hard time now that she isn't allowed many chewies or raw hides. Belly problems.