11 November 2011

Hello Christmas

That's right, here and the Manor we don't dick around. We've got Christmas lights, holiday plates, snowmen mugs, and a blanket of morning snow.

Meanwhile, two more kids quit salad bar.  One for a better job and the other, after her first day.  That means I'm backup until the newbs get trained.

Here's hoping they stay.  Not holding my breath but at least now, they're actively trying to extract me from salad bar.

And that makes me VERY HAPPY.


  1. Wowzers! Christmas sure comes early round these parts. Over here we have the all-important "Sir Tim's Birthday" holiday first THEN we start the Christmas planning ;)

  2. Flea: A most Happiest of Birthdays, to you. As well as, lots of Christmas planning fun.

    Headed off to fill in for salad bar. One of the newbs starts today.

    Happy Almost Weekend.

  3. It's the nature of the catering industry, a lot of turnover I'm afraid, holding on to staff was difficult even when I was a chef.

  4. What are you guys putting on that salad bar, anyway???

  5. we don't do much christmas, sad... my wife works both holidays this year since her dad was in the hospital, she didn't get in on the schedule... boo. i have a plan for a simple decoration this year, that is all the pumpkin king... we will share if it works out.

    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
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  6. Happy Holidays Whisk (albiet a tad early)!

    Sorry I haven't been around to comment here much but I've been crazy busy.

    I am always alone on Xmas day (have been for the past 8 years or so). :(

    My Mom goes on vacation at that time since her business is quiet and we celebrate a sort of 'Chrismukah' a week or two earlier to accomadate. My girlfriend won't even be in town, travelling to India to go to a friend's wedding.

    Please post up some Xmas-y recipe to something around that time as that will cheer me up but good. That and any pics of the puppies. I do love puppies.

    OK, talk to you soon - Later days!

  7. Oooh, real snow or decorative snow?

    Normally I'm not fond of the real variety (unless I get to stay home and just look at it), but we just bought a 4WD vehicle and I'm dying to test it out! :)

  8. Lurker: Worked with the new girl a bit today. Hope she works out. Seems nice, at least but as far as staying ... I can't even guess anymore with these kids.

    Alex: Toes, fingers, and whatever we find on the floor.

    iZombie: Sorry to hear she didn't get the time off, in time. Our restaurant closes for Christmas day.

    I like simple decorations. That's how we do it.

    Barking: Sorry to hear your girlfriend won't be in town. You getting excited about the new Muppet movie?

    If I come up with anything good Christmas cooking-wise, I'll post it. So far, I'm still making apple and pumpkin things. So nummy.

    I love the puppy photos as well.

    Bard: Real snow. Yes, staying home on a snow day is the best. For me, even better if there are tons of ingredients available for play.

  9. Hope the job works out for you. I turned in my notice this week. Should start my new gig in two weeks.

  10. Brutorz: I hope so too, because I LOVE my prep job. Congrats to you for getting another gig. Hope you love it.

  11. Holy crap! Ready for Christmas already? We left the halloween zombies in our front window but put a Santa hat on one of them....that's it for now! Best of luck with the newbs on salad bar!

  12. Lo-mo: Zombies with Santa hats. I love it.

  13. love the new header pic; it's pretty AND delicious looking :)

  14. mshatch: Thanks. That's Nutella stuffed French toast with icing sugar sprinkled on top. So yummy.

  15. Ha, love it!!! Rock on with the Christmas joy :)

  16. Hi my friend
    I feel wonderful in your Christmas blog!!!
    Many greetings and kisses

  17. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh how I love Christmas. And, those bars look so yummy.

  18. Alexia: Woohoo. Christmas Joy.

    magda: Thank you. Hugs, back.

    Kim: That's Nutella stuffed French toast. So so so so yummy.

  19. Belated 'thank you' for my birthday wishes. It was a doozey this year (hence my absense from the Interwebz of late)!

  20. Flea: Glad you had fun. You deserve it. Big Hellos to Lady Rachel. Cold here today. Burrrrrrr.

    PS: Loved the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman post.