22 November 2011

Wimpy Kid - Cabin Fever

Dig me.  Last week I stood in line with a bunch of kids, just so I could get my brand new copy of Wimpy Kid.  I'm saving it for a snowed-in day off.  All snugged in my jams, cup of tea, and nowhere to go. 

Who says winter sucks?

Meanwhile, it's my day off and I'm about to hit the lab for another batch of of doggy treats, along with peanut butter chocolate chips for Poopyhead.  Just as soon as I finish a round of dishes, wearing my Warehouse 13 gloves.

Until next post, have a groovy day and eat well.

Bring on the next big snow storm.  I'm ready.


  1. Lurker: This is the 6th book, aside from the movie book and the diary itself, of this series and it's just so funny.

    Love these books.

  2. My dear friend
    The more times than the bad translation I do not understand much.
    But the humor you, I understand and I am happy:)
    many kisses

  3. magda: Χρησιμοποιώ ένα μεταφραστή, όταν μιλάω μαζί σας και μερικές φορές δεν καταλαβαίνω ούτε. Αλλά κατανοώ τις φωτογραφίες σας και καλή ψυχή. Καλές διακοπές. Αγκαλιές.

  4. Diary of a wimpy kid is such a classic! brings back the grade school memories!

  5. I've not read any of them. However, I love a good book on a snowy day.


    p.s. I squish your head!

  6. Chip: Brilliant stuff, I say.

    Pearl: I squish your head, back :-)

  7. Not looking forward to snow, but I do like the excuse it gives me to stay at home!


  8. Stacy: Thanks. I might read it during on of Hubby's gaming nights. Or ... just save it for that wonderful snow day.

    Alex: Best books. So much fun.

  9. I'm sure daughter 3 and 4 would like the look of this book!

  10. Ray: It's a series. Go for book one, first. Great stuff. Congrats again on hitting your milestone hits.

  11. I could use another giant snow storm :)

  12. Ray: I just emailed you the link for Amazon UK. Not sure if your girls will like it, but I love the series. I heard about it from an eight year old, way back and she loved it as well.


    Kim: More storms, headed our way.

  13. I've heard of it, but never read these books.