23 November 2011

My Blogger Challenge ...

... is to hit 204 posts before the end of 2011.

Not sure about this, as I am not a daily blogger.   But I'm going to give it a try. Yeppers. I am.

50 more posts to go.  Rah.

Meanwhile, it's butt-ass early morning and I'm off to prep soon.  Shouldn't be too a long shift because we're closed Thursday, and aren't allowed to over-prep for Friday.

That's all from me, but with 50 more posts to go, you'll hear from me again soon. Boogie Boogie and Happy Eating.


  1. Go for it my Queen, have a damn good day.

  2. Hey good luck on all your posts! You can do it!! And happy holidays!!

  3. Ah, you can make 50 posts easy. It is a pretty busy time of year, so you'll have lots to talk about.

  4. No rule about how long a post has to be, is there? ;)

    I hope you, Tim, and the dogs have a good Thanksgiving.

  5. I'm not sure how many posts I've written. I tend to obsess instead over followers :) Have a great day!

  6. Good luck achieving your goal. It's hard to stay motivated sometimes, but it's rewarding to see your work in pixels and to get feedback from others.

  7. i play the rocky theme for motivation.... hit those stairs running... and i don't mean rocky horror or do i...

    happy gobble!

  8. Why 204? That seems like such an odd (although even) number. Does it signify anything in particular?

    Good luck in reaching your number!

  9. good luck reaching your goal and have a yummy turkey day :)

  10. It's funny, I was think what Stacy said. Why 204 and not 200?

  11. That's more than one a day on occasion - good luck!

  12. Lurker: And a damn good day, I had. Hope you did as well. Boogie boogie, to you.

    Pk Hrezo: Loved that you taught the kids writing. That was very cool. Thanks for dropping by.

    Brendan: I'm not a daily blogger, but I will be until I hit goal.

    Trey: I've got two puppies, a pair of feet, and a camera.

    KarenG: Blogger counts the posts.

    Desert Scribe: I'm motivated by the number 4.

    iZombie: I hear that music. That's great. Thanks.

    Stacy: Because I love 4's. Love 'em.

    mshatch: Hope your day is yummy.

    Southpaw: Love those 4's. Can't get enough.

    Alex: Which for you, is probably easy, but I'm not a daily blogger. I will be now though. Bring me the head of 49.

  13. Counting down and keeping my fingers crossed!

  14. Bard: One per day, with those extras tossed in should do the trick. But honestly, I've never put that much into my blogging.

    I blog, I don't blog. That sort of thing.

    Big Hello to Mrs. Bard.

  15. Fifty posts... you've got a bit of work to do to get there!

  16. Have a happy Thanksgiving, Whisk...you and those two pups!

  17. Good luck I'm sure you have it in you! :D

  18. I'm sure you've got 50 spare recipes laying about that you could share with us, so long as they don't include honey on fish....that is!!!
    And thanks for the Amazon link!!!!!!

  19. Happy Thanksgiving Whisk and congratulations on your set goal. I am sure you will make it and YOU can be sure we'll be cheering you on.

  20. Chuck: Thanks bunches. Happy Eating, to you.

    Chip: That would be good, as I'd love to see 204 in my archive.

    Ray: Just so happens, and this is for real, I just had honey and organic cinnamon in my yogurt. So good. Sure thing on the link.

    Mo D: Thanks bunches and enjoy your special treat tomorrow and have a groovy day.

  21. Go for it!!!
    Baby pictures of Tim will make us laugh. Especially any childhood photo of him writing (colouring), so he can get his very own newbie blogger award.

  22. Jovial: Hahahaaha. I just read that to him. Great fun. I do believe I have a few baby shots of him. Funny stuff.

    Thanks for the support and funny comment.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.