17 November 2011

House Rules ...


  1. It's funny how we all frantically clean our houses when visitors are expected, because we don't want guests to see our house in its normal state of disorder. Of course, if you were going to their house, they'd be the ones frantically tidying up.

    Perhaps we should all just accept that we all live in disordered chaos (more so if you have children) and not worry about trying to impress each other with the temporary tidy facade.

    On the other hand, if it weren't for visitor-inspired house-cleaning entropy would soon take over and we'd be making garbage-angels on the floor :)

  2. Well said as who wants to clean the house for visitors?

  3. Lost my first comment. Take 2.

    Sean: A good friend of mine says this and I love it so much, that I made a sign.

    Did you ever see the episode of Mad About You when the tape their lives.

    So funny. Love it.

    Lurker: I'm a mad scientist prep cook. Some mess required. But I will clean for the weekend. Love going into a weekend with a cozy clean space.

    William: I think so. Happy Weekend.

    Trey: Did you see my new gloves? Now I have pink, yellow and purple. Had orange, but they went missing.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  4. You sure we can't have them make appointments for seeing us as well?

  5. Alex: Hahahaha. Sometimes, that would be good as well.

  6. So, here's my thing: Why can't we just clean for ourselves? The wife and I snipe about this all the time, as she cleans frantically for playdates and such, but it much more laid back about general disorder most of the time. And, yes, we have two small kids. One of which is just a force of chaos. I just want to keep things at a reasonable level most of the time, playdates or no, rather than clean for other people, then let things slide, then clean for other people, etc.

  7. Professor Pope: I have to side with you on this one, as I'm not big into frantic rush-like cleaning for company. But ... I do fancy a clean house for the weekend.

    When I kept house as a second job, the lady originally wanted me to clean on Mondays. I told her I would but suggested cleaning for her on Thursday afternoon or Friday mornings. That way, she could enjoy her house all weekend with her family, instead of worrying about cleaning.

    So we switched and she loved it. She didn't clean a thing on the weekends and got to spend more time with her kid and hubby.

    And I do the same thing for us because it's clean and cozy for the weekend.

    Speaking of which ... time for another load of bedding. It's also Clean Sheet Day.


  8. So true!

    Hey, what's that yummy looking thing in your header these days?

  9. Southpaw: Nutella stuffed French toast sprinkled with icing sugar.

    So good.

    Elaine: It's a fun sign. Happy Weekend.

  10. That is a good rule! The messes around here have been know to reach epic proportions...

  11. Daisey: When I get working in the lab, things sometimes get messy. Other times, not so much. Just depends on how many experiments I do in a session, and how tired I am at the end of that session.

    Great oven mitt, you made.

    Happy Cooking, Sewing and Eating.

  12. Too right 'an all!!! I must say its looking very festive on your blog!!

  13. Ray: Hey, I bought imported malt vinegar for my potatoes/fries/chips. It was surprisingly refreshing. Didn't get to try it on fish yet. But I only have crappy fish in the freezer and it will be hard for me not to put honey on that.

    Still, did like the malt vinegar. Used it in homemade barbeque sauce. And now I'm on the hunt for what else I can use it with.

  14. My wife keeps our house clean enough to eat off of any surface. It's therapy for her as much as anything, plus 3 of the family have major allergies and 2 have asthma, so it helps for that too. I'm spoiled now.

  15. Yeah, I like to keep my house pretty clean also. I do it by always cleaning, and never making a big production out of it. When something is noticed, it is cleaned.

  16. One tactic is to get people over every time the place needs cleaning...

    I've missed some posts again. I hope those new people at salad bar are staying so you can get back to doing what you like. And I hope Wiggy's head and Bug's body have popped back into their original shapes.

  17. Todd: Major allergies for three of you? Yikes. Sounds like your wife is on top of things. Go her. Rah.

    My mom always says rah, so now I do.

    -C: Clean homes are nice. Big productions, I'm not a fan of either.

    Porky: The girls are back to normal looking. No more glowing eyes. I hope the new girl stays, too. They say another one is coming but none of us have met her yet.

    Thanks for the drop by.

  18. I only really use it on fish'n'chips, try it on some chips (fries), with some salt sprinkled on first then shake the vinegar all over them, mmmmm tasty!!!!

  19. I actually like it when I'm having not-so-close friends or family over, or a party or something, because that's the only time I ever get my house super clean. Of course, that doesn't happen very often :)

  20. Ray: Very refreshing, it was.

    alexia: Super duper clean?