03 November 2011

Life is Good

My cheesecake pumpkin pie, DR-1 is in the oven.  The kitchen looks like a bomb went off, and it's nearly time to strain my carcass broth and make doggy treats.

Plus ... there's three more days of Halloween staycation.

Life is good.


  1. Did you say... cheesecake? :)

  2. James: I did, I did. Don't know if it will work being a first draft and all, but it sure smells gooooood.

    Tim gave me gift cards to Wegmans for ingredients only (no tin foil or crapper paper). Going to try mascarpone a try.

    How's the cooking?

  3. Mmmmmmm Cheesecake. It's not pie but close enough ;)!

  4. Does sound good...

    Save me a slice.

  5. yummm, pumpkin cheese cake! I made that once for a Halloween party when I was pregos with #1. I ended up being too tired to go to the party, but not too tired to eat the cheese cake....Now where is that cheese cake pan?

  6. Pumpkins are the devils nuts I'm afraid, I'd rather have doggie treats that you make so well.

  7. That is one hell of a staycation you are having my friend! LOVE IT! Presents, cooking, baking? All my favourite things! Enjoy the rest of your staycation!

  8. Ooo! When can we come over and have a slice, after it cools? We'll be there to be your taste testers!! Enjoy your staycation. :)

  9. Johnathan: It's the best of both worlds. Only DR-2 didn't work as well, I'll have some fun in the next experiment.

    Brendan: More of a scoop as my experiment didn't pan out. But there's plenty to share.

    Daisey: I love fall things to make. Also going to make another apple pizza. Cooking the apples now while I type. Save them in the fridge for later.

    Lurker: The devils nuts. Well, I can understand you not wanting to eat the devils nuts. Teleporting you some doggy treats. They are human-friendly.

    Lo-mo: It's not a bad way to spend a week. We've hit the bookshop a few times as well and that's fun. Pumpkin Spice drink there. So yum.

    Carol: I think I can come up with a good tasting gluten-free one for you. Working on a gluten-free lemon biscuit/cookie/sconey kind of thing.

    Hope your writing is going well.

  10. MMMMMMM Good! Nice selection of stuff. Hope your doing well!

  11. Needles: Was a good night. The broth came out by far, the best. Although the chicken meatballs were pretty darn good as well.

    Just nice to be home, cooking.

    What are you up to today?

  12. Got anymore of that cheesecake left that we can swipe through cyberspace?