25 February 2019


Hello Boogerbutts! It's been a weird month of being sick and I'm thrilled to be all the way back.

In other news, we moved the living room around last week and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! What a difference. To hear more about it click my podcast, FUNCTION OVER FORM.

Two years later, living a clutter-free life is FREEDOM.  We have to space to make new compartments and works stations. Hope you give it a listen.

In other, OTHER news, Tim got me and my friend Jo Instant Pots for Valentine's Day. Best hubby, ever. So fun. So, so fun. I can't stop making stuff. Jo made pork tenderloin and you can read about it by clicking her blog, JO ON FOOD, LIFE AND A SCENT OF CHOCOLATE. And me, I've made more beans than I can count. LOVE THE BEANS. I dunno why I'm shouting.

And now ... I'm just waiting for Tim to get home. I'll be around this week to see what you've all been up to and lemme tell ya', I'm so FREAKIN' happy not to be sick anymore.  Thanks for your patience.

Whisk, out.

04 February 2019


I hate being sick but then, I don't remember the last time I heard someone say, "gee, I'd love to catch a bug and be out for the week."
The good news is, I'm on the end of this thing and able to do light work. Which leads me to the last installment of my 3-part podcast.


I gotta tell ya, it feels good to finally be comfortable with self-promotion. Took me forever to get here but now that I am, I feel lighter and free to do the jobs that I need to do without the clutter that comes with feeling uncomfortable.

Goodbye scary monster. Goodbye emotional clutter. You can suck it.


In other news, it's freakin' BEAUTIFUL here today and has been all weekend. I tell you what? I'll take being sick on a sunny day over any other kind because at least in the warm sun, I can sit on the porch, close my eyes and suck in some healing rays. Makes me breathe better, too.