30 January 2012

I'm Sick

Just when I thought I was safe, I caught Tim's cold.

I'm bummed about work, but at least I have a big fluffy couch, along with two pups to snuggle with.

Logging out for a day or two.  As sitting at the computer just makes my head hurt more.

Catch you Boogerbutts in a few days, or so.

29 January 2012

Boot Camp

Dusted off and back into the groove.  And tomorrow, no more boot camp training, as I'm working full hot side.

Gonna boil me some Little Jimmy's.  Yeppers, I am.

But today I made veghead chili for the week, along with tonight's supper of roasted chicken with corn and mash.

Then before bed, I'll watch Extreme Couponing.  And that will wrap up my weekend.  See you boogerbutts, next post.

Eat well & dance often.

White Collar

Have you watched this show?  It's got a good amount of cheese and I dig the actors.

Also, the one on the right looks good with his shirt off.  Not as good as Wolverine but still good.

So this morning, it's a marathon on NetFlix, while collecting dust.  And later I'll crack into some semi-extreme couponing.

That's about all for now.  Cheers & Boogie Boogie.

28 January 2012


I've entered the extreme coupon game.  Only I'm not interested in  stuff like 50 free candy bars or 80 boxes of crappy white pasta.

Instead, I'll buy ingredients to help reduce the cost my cookery book, and save money for our household.

I'm ready to kick some coupon butt.

Dig My New Banner

I've been waiting for a snowy weekend to post my new banner and hot dog, it's here. 

Meanwhile, the girls made another new hole in the front yard and Tim hasn't seen it yet.  Good thing the pups are cute.

And in food news, writing a cookery book takes money.  So to help finance things, I'm learning extreme couponing.  Only not THAT extreme, just enough to help and then some.

That's all from me.  You Boogerbutts have a yummy day.

25 January 2012

Wanted: One Magic Whisk

If I had a magic whisk I'd wave it in the air and poof! All my dishes would be done. 

But since I don't have a magic whisk, I'll have to do them myself. 

Only not tonight.  Noppers.
Instead I'm going to sit on the couch and watch dust gather around me.  Then tomorrow it's my last day of basic training, followed by three days off, after a ten day run.

My big plans? To collect as much dust as possible.

22 January 2012

Who Am I? Quiz 10

On the day I died, what letter was returned to my typewriter? Who put it there? And who am I?

Gamers win 100 XP from Gothridge Manor for answering all 3 questions correctly.  Norms get 2 dead frogs and a turnip.

As always, I'll be back tomorrow with the answers.

But right now, I'm going to swipe the orange and pink markers from Tim, before Bug does.

20 January 2012

I Leveled Up

Meanwhile on Paradise Island ...

It's been a good week learning hot side.  My trainer is amazing.  Flat out fantastic.  I might not be able to afford culinary school, but that doesn't matter right now because I'm learning a ton.

And you know what else? 

I no longer feel like second string prep/salad bar girl.  I've been solely prep for awhile now and with my new training, I feel like a full fledged prep cook, who loves her team.

Tim calls us the ground pounders of the kitchen.  And we are.  We kick butt as a prep team and to celebrate leveling up, I bought myself four new pair of work pants.

Yeppers.  That's a total of fourty bucks, well spent.

17 January 2012

Hot Side

Today I'm training on hot side.  That means lots of soups, chowders and chili.  And you should see the size of the cauldrons we use.  You could cook a monkey in one of those suckers.

That'd be weird, though.

At any rate, it's early and soon I'll be out the door.  Can you believe it?  Someone pays me to be in a prep kitchen.

My gosh, it is a good day.

16 January 2012

Who Am I? Quiz 9

I'm a wizard cooking in my kitchen.  I use a hockey stick as a staff, and will give you three dead mice, half an eyebrow and something sticky, if you answer the following.

1) Who am I?
2) What do I use as a wand?
3) What is the name of the ghost I hang with?
4) Where does the ghost live?

PS: Click the image to see a wee bit more of me.

14 January 2012

Have You Seen This Movie?

I haven't seen it in ages, and NetFlix doesn't have it.  I remember it being a spoof, back when I showed it to my little cousins.  Only they got scared, which was even better.

In other news, we have snow today.  Woohoo.

Even better, my work week is behind me which means that now, I get to do whatever I want.  So I'm going to make veghead chili, hang with Tim, and give Ethel a good scrub.

Wishing you all a yummy day.  Cheers & Boogie Boogie.

06 January 2012

Honey is Yummy

Since I'm writing a book, I'm gonna have to buy a butt-load of ingredients and take many trips to the market.  It's part of my job now, you know.

And now, it's time for some battered fish with honey.  Because I don't care what Ray says, honey rocks on battered fish.  He'll tell ya vinegar but I tried that and while it added a bit of zip, it still can't beat honey.

That's all folks.  Best get to my chores.  Hope whatever meal your about to eat, is num num nummy.

Eat well & boogie often.

05 January 2012

It's Official

I'm writing a cookery book with intent to publish.

First Step: Make my lab notes and formulas understandable for others to read. 

Not sure if my book will sell or not, or even where this process will take me.  But right now none of that matters, because it feels like I'm doing what I should be.

And that feels good.

03 January 2012

If Only ...

Snow Day

Our first big one of the year, very late but here none the less.  Woke to no power, water or heat.  But everything is back on and we're headed to work, just a teeny bit late.

Have a groovy and safe day.

Thanks again for yesterday's support and kind words.


02 January 2012

Super Duper Flattered

Check it out, Bloggers that I've never met in person, are making my foods, their foods.  And I can't stop smiling.  It's just so frickin' cool.  In fact, it's a whole new level of cool.

Jen made my candy cane dust, candy and wrote about it.

Then a few weeks back Endra made my paprika chicken and he's going to post his pictures of that, too.  Can't wait.  So excited.

And I can't forget Matt who inspired my candy cane steps.

And last but not least, thanks to my husband for telling me a hundred and fourty times per day, that I need to write a cookery book and do more recipe posts.  

You guys all rock.  Much appreciated.