28 January 2012

Dig My New Banner

I've been waiting for a snowy weekend to post my new banner and hot dog, it's here. 

Meanwhile, the girls made another new hole in the front yard and Tim hasn't seen it yet.  Good thing the pups are cute.

And in food news, writing a cookery book takes money.  So to help finance things, I'm learning extreme couponing.  Only not THAT extreme, just enough to help and then some.

That's all from me.  You Boogerbutts have a yummy day.


  1. Trey: I've been sitting on this since last season. So much fun.

    Hope your Saturday is going well. I'm pretty much doing nothing and I love it.

    Cheers & Boogie Boogie.

  2. I don't think you could've picked a more fun banner! I like it!

  3. Mary Mary: I had a pretty cool Christmas one with Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman. Fun stuff, these things.

    Thanks for the drop in.

  4. Great banner, I love the Golden Age heroes!

  5. love it. Most of our snow (what little we have) is gone - except in the woods. I'm guessing it must be in the low 40's here today. Not very wintery!

  6. Brutorz: Thanks. I've been saving it.

    Sean: They are pretty cool.

    mshatch: Yeah, we didn't get a lot either but what we did get, sure looks pretty. And if I wait any longer to post this banner, by gosh, it'll be spring.

    bliss: He does at that.

    KarenG: And what's even cooler is all your hard work over at Celery Tree. Go you. Rah.

  7. Digging is a very satisfying thing. Maybe it's something primal? I don't know. But Wiggy and Bug ought to be careful with those CP - cuteness points - and keep topping up with things like snuggling spells. The banner is cool, but that snowman looks like he's biding his time - look at that smile... They could be building a nemesis with a cold heart, and a cool name - Bill Chill, S. Noman, or maybe Dr Blizzard.

  8. Porky: I think you are dead on with the pups. And they are lucky to have scored so many CP and SS.

    Dr Blizzard? I love that. And I can see it now. What great fun. Three superheros against Dr Blizzard.

  9. LOVE IT!

    Like you, a total classic.

    Pet the pups and drip a cup Whisk,


  10. Barking: As always you are so kind. Thanks for the drop-in. The pups are passed out from all that hole digging.

  11. I noticed the new banner right away. It jumped right out at me. It is so cool, I love it.

  12. So this is what the Justice Society does when they're not busy saving the world... and when Wonder Woman isn't busy getting herself tied up with her own lasso. She does that a lot....

  13. what is the flash doing near the snowman's junk... kidding.