25 January 2012

Wanted: One Magic Whisk

If I had a magic whisk I'd wave it in the air and poof! All my dishes would be done. 

But since I don't have a magic whisk, I'll have to do them myself. 

Only not tonight.  Noppers.
Instead I'm going to sit on the couch and watch dust gather around me.  Then tomorrow it's my last day of basic training, followed by three days off, after a ten day run.

My big plans? To collect as much dust as possible.


  1. Ten days solid? Ugh, never great. I suggest a marathon dust-collecting session.

  2. Hmmm, I'd use a magic whisk in Operation Fort Knox... er, have I said too much?

  3. aw, if I lived next door I'd come do your dishes for you. I actually like doing dishes.

  4. I intend to collect dust this weekend but it's still two days off.

  5. If I had a magic whisk I'd make it fix me dinner.

  6. Alex: That's right. Dust City.

    Brendan: Me and the other preppy traded so that we could both get two days off with our hubs. She worked just as long the week prior.

    William: Gold?

    Baur: Rest is always good.

    mshatch: And I would make you any lunch you wanted.

    Susan: Here's to all the best in collecting dust.

    KarenG: I'll fix ya dinner.

  7. It wouldn't take long to collect dust sitting in my house! Enjoy your three days off. Seems like you earned more, though!

  8. After my fifth Christmas at Hallmark, I know EXACTLY how you feel. Enjoy your dust collecting!

  9. Dust collecting - kinda like dream collecting. . . a worthy endeavor

  10. Well you do!
    To do that in our likes and collected a lot of dust!
    many kisses

  11. Join me and Ray in the Dust club....

  12. What?! Timothy hasn't bought you a dishwasher yet? Get on to that, Whisk! Dishwashers are the best invention since sliced bread!! :)

  13. Stacy: Three days will feel like being on holiday. And it was totally worth working the ten to get the three.

    How goes you?

    Suzan: Yikes and thank you. I shall indeed.

    Kim: Worthy indeed. I dig all jogging toys. Nothing like the right stuff to make a job even better.

    magda:Γεια σου φίλε μου. Έτσι, χαίρομαι που σας βλέπω. Ελπίζω ότι έχετε χαλαρωτικό σαββατοκύριακο. Αγκαλιές.

    Lurker: Sounds good. I'll bring potato pancakes.

    Niki: Sadly, we cannot fit one in our kitchen, unless we do a remodel.

  14. Potato pancakes sound fine to me!!! Happy dust collecting!

  15. Ray: Hope you're having a great weekend and congrats on the followers. Very cool.

    Travis: Thank you, I am. Didn't do a darn thing today and tomorrow is looking like more of the same.

    PS: That sweet potato thing is just weird. I wonder if they were cooked or raw?