03 January 2012

Snow Day

Our first big one of the year, very late but here none the less.  Woke to no power, water or heat.  But everything is back on and we're headed to work, just a teeny bit late.

Have a groovy and safe day.

Thanks again for yesterday's support and kind words.



  1. Lovely snow-photo my dear friend!
    I wish you all the best for you and your family in 2012!
    And i wish you to have allways, this wonderful humor!
    Many kisses

  2. All we got was high winds and torrential rain for half the day. I'd trade that for snow ;)

  3. Be careful out there Whisk and Tim!

  4. snow angels... i want photos of snow angels...

  5. We got a dusting between Sunday & Monday (and lots of wind, too). It's the first time the yard has been white this season for us, too.

    Ah, but it will warm up this week (back up into the high 40s), so all that whiteness will be gone. I might not like the work snow brings, but I do like to look at it. It can be very calming (provided you aren't out there killing yourself!)

  6. Enjoy your snow!
    Happy New Year! In honour of my blog’s first anniversary, I have an award for you on my site. Stop by to share the magic. Hugs.

  7. Enjoy it! We're lucky to ever see snow here.

  8. magda: You are always so kind and wonderful. I wish you the best 2012. Hugs.

    Flea: Yikes, that's bad. Hope things are better by you now.I don't know what knocked out all our power and water, but it didn't stay off for too long.

    Lurker: Thanks, Lurker. Tim drove me in and a friend drove me home. Our second car died last night, but it's a beautiful snowy and sunny day.

    iZombie: I don't know if they are angels but you'll be seeing snow covered pups, soon. In fact, one just ran into the washer as I'm writing to you. They are full of energy. The LOVE the snow. Love it.

    Stacy: We've only had a wee bit of snow so far. But this is real snow now, not the dustings we've been getting.

    I agree that it can be calming. I am home now and I love how it looks outside. Might even go do a little shovel before hitting the shower.

    Hope whatever comes your way this winter, that you stay safe and warm.

    Tanya: Thanks for thinking of me. I'll be right over.

    Alex: I do love a good snow storm, provided everyone is safe and warm. Or, warmish.

  9. I want some snow! Can you send some my way?

  10. Daisey: FedX, UPS, or teleportation?

  11. brrrrr...
    It's going to be stinking hot here today. The shark water slide is all set up and he's hungry for kids! :)

  12. Niki: Shark water slide? Holy cow, I wanna play too. Looking forward to seeing some more great photos on your blog.

  13. Snow is the very best word in the English language, but for some inexplicable reason, some people hate it. I don't understand why....

  14. William: How many quarters do you owe?

  15. No power, water, or heat? Yikes. Glad that's back on for ya. The things we take for granted... Have a great rest of the week!!

  16. oohps I love this I love snow, but here is so hot (hate it)

  17. William: Love that snow.

    Gloria: Is it hot all the time where you live?