29 January 2012

White Collar

Have you watched this show?  It's got a good amount of cheese and I dig the actors.

Also, the one on the right looks good with his shirt off.  Not as good as Wolverine but still good.

So this morning, it's a marathon on NetFlix, while collecting dust.  And later I'll crack into some semi-extreme couponing.

That's about all for now.  Cheers & Boogie Boogie.


  1. I've watched a few episodes, and Matthew Bomer is ...quite attractive :)

  2. mshatch: Don't care for him in monkey suit, but without a shirt he is not bad.

    I would only watch this show without commercials. Love NetFlix.

  3. I followed your lead and collected dust most of the day yesterday, but today I'm shaking it off and getting some work done.
    I love White Collar and have watched it from the start.

  4. Susan: I love taking a break like that. Hope yours was wonderful. I'm dusted off as well, working on coupon stuff, bills and cleaning. Been to market as well.

    Never saw White Collar from the start because we don't watch regular television series stuff when they air.

    Back to my chores. Thanks for the drop-in.

  5. I don't own a tellybox. I got rid of it 4 years ago. We use Netflix exclusively now, hey it's only 7.99 a month as opposed to 60.00 for cable. And there are no adverts! I don't know this actor. I'll have to goggle him so I can see him without a shirt.

  6. Anne: I agree. Can't beat the price. And unless a commercial makes me laugh, I'm not interested in watching.

    Do you do marathons with NetFlix? We do, or we will watch a season of something, throughout the week until we finish it.

    Love NetFlix.

    Hope your weekend is well. I did coupon cutting today. There are more products that I don't fancy, rather than coupons for products I do. But thankfully I did find some deals.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

  7. Ray read our comments on my page. He's going to make us a flag!! I can't wait to see it and I'm going to fly that baby at the top of my page!

  8. Awesome series -- Mrs. Bard and I are big fans. Hope you enjoyed your Netflix marathon!

  9. Bard: If Mrs. Bard ever gets a blog, please be sure and let me know. I believe we would get along rather well.

    And thanks, I did enjoy the mini-marathon. Now I'm doing dishes and getting ready for the work week.

    Weekend sure went fast.

    How goes things on your end?

  10. If she does I certainly will do!

    As for the weekend, yep, it went fast, but it was a good, full weekend. Got some chores done, did some reading (fun reading as opposed to reading for work), made some maps, and spent a ton of quality time with the Missus. Doesn't get any better than that.

  11. Bard: Those are my favorite weekends.

  12. Major.Mack: I like your lion head. Very cool. The show isn't bad. But then I like the actors as well. The one on the left is from Carnival.

  13. I've watched a episodes, and Matthew Bomer its great movie...