29 January 2012

Boot Camp

Dusted off and back into the groove.  And tomorrow, no more boot camp training, as I'm working full hot side.

Gonna boil me some Little Jimmy's.  Yeppers, I am.

But today I made veghead chili for the week, along with tonight's supper of roasted chicken with corn and mash.

Then before bed, I'll watch Extreme Couponing.  And that will wrap up my weekend.  See you boogerbutts, next post.

Eat well & dance often.


  1. like the 'bring it' pic :)

    what are little jimmy's?

  2. shake... shake... shake, your booty.
    and what is a little jimmy, are you boiling little people again.

  3. My adult son who is living with us while shopping for a house made dinner tonight for the family. Mac'n Cheese out of the box. I think I'll mix in a salad.

  4. Roast chicken sounds so good! I'm heating up a frozen pizza as we speak. I used to cook ahead for the week to come. I need to start doing that again. I'm thinking lamb stew right now.

  5. mshatch: Little Jimmy is a clickable link. But Zombie is right, I'm boiling little kids again.

    Zombie: You got it. More boiled children.

    Susan: I like to have a box or two of those on hand, myself. Hope your salad was good and that you have a super duper good week.

    Anne: I am newish to eating meats. Still learning them. Never had lamb before but I sure would try it.

    I cook for Tim's lunch the night before. But I still have yet to make a bunch of chicken meatballs for the freezer, because we keep gobbling them up.

  6. I'll eat well, but I'm not promising any dancing.

    Ok, may I'll just eat and not promise well.

  7. Hope you had a good one, they showed white collar for a while her and then stopped it.....

  8. I got your comment and saved the address. Thank you so much for trusting me with that. You married an Irishman while I married an American! Angry just did a post on making his own country, Franonia. I think he should paint two female figures, name them after us and make us Queens of his empire!

  9. Trey: No dancing? Okay, well at least you're eating. I'm going to ignore the part about not eating well, and pretend that you're eating all good things.


    Kim: That is a great title. I'll have to use it sometime. Thanks for the idea.

    Lurker: I hear you have your own country. That is great stuff. Weekend wasn't bad, rested but now I have Tim's cold.

    Anne: Sure thing. Thanks for letting me know about Franonia. I was just going to log out because I'm sick but I first went over to check it out. Maybe Ray would make him a flag as well.

    And yes, I think we shall both be queens. Ha. That's great stuff. Cheering me up even now that I have this crappy cold.

    See you in a few days. Logging out to rest.

  10. There's a show called Extreme Couponing?

  11. I agree with you "William Kendall"