30 January 2012

I'm Sick

Just when I thought I was safe, I caught Tim's cold.

I'm bummed about work, but at least I have a big fluffy couch, along with two pups to snuggle with.

Logging out for a day or two.  As sitting at the computer just makes my head hurt more.

Catch you Boogerbutts in a few days, or so.


  1. Oh no! And there we were thinking you were immune :( Hope you get better soon. Meanwhile, enjoy your snuggle time, plenty of hot drinks and some quality televisual entertainment. Take care.

  2. Sorry to hear that my Queen, look after yourself......

  3. Visiting my blog probably gave you germs, too (and by the way, I caught mine from my hubby as well--they need to keep their germs to themselves). I'm still sick, though things are starting to break up a little. Hope yours goes away soon!

  4. Oh, no! Not you, too! Sending happy, healing thoughts your way.
    Feel better soon!

  5. I'm sorry! Nothing like sharing a disease with your loved one.

  6. hope you are feeling better soon.

  7. You won't take crap from me, but you'll take my cold. Way to go.

  8. Sorry to hear it. Feel better soon!

  9. It's that time of year isn't it. Now is the time you need someone to cook for you. Hope you feel better soon!

  10. I hope you kick it in the guts real quick.

  11. Feel better fast! Or at least pass it on to the dogs!

  12. aw poor Whisky Poo. Have plenty of hot lemon honey drinks. Get better soon XX

  13. Sorry to here you got sick. Hope it passes soon.

  14. Feel better soon awesomely awesome woman of awesomeness!

    Puppy snuggling is the best medicine.

  15. Oh No! Hope you get better soon!!!

  16. It's that time of year to share germs. Snuggle and rest.

  17. Get well soon. I think I might be catching something as well. :(

  18. Hope you are feeling better soon! Sending you chicken soup thoughts.

  19. Very sorry to hear that. Are you over tired ? Get well soon :)

  20. Nothing better than pups to snuggle with when you're sick. Feel better soon!

  21. Miss ya Whisky, come back soon XX

  22. Hope you and Tim feel better soon!

  23. Flea: I know darn it, and I went so long without getting it. Hope Lady Rachel is still doing well. Thanks for the drop in.

    mshatch: Thank you.

    Lurker: I did at that, and today I've gone the entire day without a nap.

    Jess: Tim is back to work but part of it is still holding on. Haven't been to your blog since I got sick (or anyone's blog). Hope you are all the way better by now.

    Bard: Thank you for those happy healing thoughts.

    bliss: Thanks bunches. I'm almost better.

    Alex: True words, you write.

    Pierce: I am for sure getting better. Thank you.

    Ray: Thanks again for that fantastic flag. You made my sick day a billion times better.

    Poopyhead: And what a fun cold it was. Hope your work day is going okay and that you're home for the weekend soon.

    Joseph: Thank you for the nice words :-)

    Anne: I was craving a cheeseburger with fresh jalapenos the other night and Tim brought one home. I couldn't taste all of it but what I did taste was good.

    David: I am trying. I think I'm winning now.

    William: Not the puppies!

    Niki: I had lots of cuppas. Though right now I can't remember if there's two ps or one p. But I am drinking ginger peach tea now and by gosh, I can even taste it.

    Thanks and hugs back.

    Trey: Looks like I'm on the end of it now. Thanks for the drop in.

    Stacy: Thanks bunches :-)

    Barking Alien: I dig your new Blogger head. Thanks for the great words and good wishes. Today is the longest I've been awake. Woohoo.

    Brutorz: I tell ya, being sick sucks. But getting better, ah, now that's the good stuff.

    Susan: Lots of puppy snuggles and rest.

    Kim: Thank you.

    DWei: Oh no. I hope you didn't catch it.

    Daisey: Chicken soup wishes? Those are the yummiest.

    Bartender: That's the funny thing, I just finished an entire weekend of collecting dust. Darn it.

    Susan: And they just know, those pups. When we don't feel well. Best snuggle buddies ever.

    Niki: I sent you an email of the pups. Thanks for checking in on me.

    Boric G: Thank you. Tim is working but feeling better. Not 100% but he's massive headache from it all has passed.

  24. Sorry to hear that my Queen! get well soon;(