14 January 2012

Have You Seen This Movie?

I haven't seen it in ages, and NetFlix doesn't have it.  I remember it being a spoof, back when I showed it to my little cousins.  Only they got scared, which was even better.

In other news, we have snow today.  Woohoo.

Even better, my work week is behind me which means that now, I get to do whatever I want.  So I'm going to make veghead chili, hang with Tim, and give Ethel a good scrub.

Wishing you all a yummy day.  Cheers & Boogie Boogie.


  1. Haven't seen that movie since the 80's.

  2. That first pic looks familar but can't remember the movie.

  3. Your fluffy slippers are gone again???

  4. I saw that movie years ago on TV. Don't remember much about it.

  5. I think I saw the movie - not sure, but I always enjoyed Richard Benjamin's movies. Funny guy!

  6. Alex: I remember it as being goofy.

    Niki: I love the title.

    Niki: Yes, but they are sure to return.

    Dan: I saw someone had it on uTube.

    Stacy: He is a funny guy. Cheers.

  7. Haven't seen that but definitely it will go on my list of must sees. We had a threat of snow down here in Alabammy. Some of the schools delayed due to "flurries". Gotta love it. Have a wonderful snow day(s)!

  8. Savannah: Great new reading chair, you've got there. And funny about the flurries.

    Baur: I always liked the title. Enjoy.

  9. "That's like closing the barn door after the horses have eaten the children."

    One of my geek-tests: if you recognize the quote, you've seen the movie. I love it.

    I found it on Hulu once. Don't know if it's still there.

  10. It looks like a spoof of The Creature from the Black Lagoon, which I watched as a kid. :)

  11. classic film... like the monster squad... it was just a good time... please tell me you have seen "zorro: the gay blade"

  12. I remember watching a trailer for this a long time ago. Wasn't sure if it was for real or not...

  13. I've heard of it at some point, but never saw it.

  14. Boric: Hahahaha. I have to find this movie and give it another watch. I saw part was on uTube but sadly, not the entire thing could I find.

    Kim: He's in Monster Squad as well.

    Zombie: Monster Squad, just mentioned that above. GREAT MOVIE. I own that one on DVD. Never saw Zorro.

    mshatch: We enjoy B movies.

    Vegetarian: It be for real.

    William: Have you seen Monster Squad?