17 January 2012

Hot Side

Today I'm training on hot side.  That means lots of soups, chowders and chili.  And you should see the size of the cauldrons we use.  You could cook a monkey in one of those suckers.

That'd be weird, though.

At any rate, it's early and soon I'll be out the door.  Can you believe it?  Someone pays me to be in a prep kitchen.

My gosh, it is a good day.


  1. Have a good day and no monkey business......

  2. Wow - you posted this at 4:44 am. Is that another sign it's a good day?

    Have fun!!

  3. That would be weird - keep those monkeys out of the cauldrons!

  4. So are we having monkey soup for lunch?

  5. Before we took over part of our old lab from the physical anthropologists, they used to boil monkey carcasses all the time to prep the skeletal material. To make it more nasty they used a solution with ammonium hydroxide, which of course smells like cat piss. For months after we kicked them out we were finding orangutan arms, random macaque legs, and lots of maggot casings in the cabinets.

    Oh yeah, this is a cooking blog ...Sorry! Take home message: if you're going to boil monkeys, make sure they are fresh and avoid an ammonia-based stock.

  6. I love chillies, never had them with honey, but I've had them with fish!!!

  7. hehe I was gunna say I hope you have your witches hat! :)

  8. I love the hot side at this time of year. I'm making some chili later this week.

  9. Hope you had a great day on the hot side. Love the new header photo!

  10. Sounds like a good day! And I love hot stuff. I love experimenting with foods to see what I can add any type of habanero sauce/paste to.

  11. Soups and chowders. Yum. Yum. Yum. Have a great day. =D

  12. It definitely would be weird, and not least for that monkey. I love those moments when work feels like a thing it would be good to do even without the pay - it really does make for top days. I like your new comment format too - it's not obviously better than the others, but the proof is in the pudding, and after some time the flavour really grows with this one.

  13. Lurker: No sir. All business. Well, there was some dancing at work today, along with singing. But not monkey soup.

    Stacy: A good day at that. How went yours?

    Susan: I try to keep them out but they just keep jumping back in.

    Alex: With a side of fresh bread and good butter.

    Endra: Thanks for all those images. I'll be sure to only boil the freshest of monkeys with no ammonia-based stock.

    Ray: You've eaten honey? Why I don't believe you.

    Niki: I did and my magic wand. It's this HUGE whisk we have at work.

    Susan: Happy chili making. Do you freeze some as well?

    Bard: I got that banner last year. You are welcome to snatch it.

    VegHead: Those are my most favorite of hot peppers. I have an upcoming blog about the place I get my hot sauces from.

    RaShelle: I did indeed. Hope yours was just as groovy.

    Porky: True words. It's a great deal of fun. As for the comments, I changed because Blogger automatically set my other comments on this reply thing and I HATED it. Hated it. It's messy font and the sentences are wonky. Just wasn't digging it.

    Hope your day was grand.

  14. I'm not convinced by it either. I do like the nested replies, but it seems to indent only the first, so it's still quite limited. I'm also wondering what would happen to the nested replies if a user switched back later to a different format.

    The day's been a good one all in, and I hope yours is still going as well as it started.

  15. Porky: I did not realize that it only intented on the first one. In theory it's a nice idea to have the reply under, but with the font being so messy, it drives me batty.

    Training went well today. Pooped now and already in my jams and resting. Then back to hot prep tomorrow.

    Still can't believe that I'm working in a kitchen.

    Catch you again, Porky. Thanks for the drop by. Cheers.

  16. Indent. Duh. Bad spelling for me today.

    Back to the couch for a restful evening.


  17. I love chili! Never had chowder. Any good?

  18. Bartender: Some are good. But I like homemade the best. Corn and potato chowder, served with cheese popovers.

  19. One thing I am NOT good at . . . is making chowder

  20. If you're eating monkeys, try not to name them beforehand. It makes the meal awkward.