04 January 2012

No Blog Today


  1. If you made it the answer is yes.

  2. Of course you can. Pop tarts are always welcome.

  3. I think Pop tarts should be our currency... guaranteed to circulate!

  4. Yes, dinner is not ready yet and I could do with a pop tart.

    Or two.

    - Ark

  5. mshatch: These aren't mine, though I am working on my own. These are from Nature's Path. Raspberry filled. So good.

    Southpaw: Hello Miss Holly. I've not been getting your updates. Will check and see if it's on my end. How have you been?

    Happy Cooking & Writing :-)

    scottsz: I second that idea.

    Ark: They are nummy little things. Best of luck in your upcoming project. Sounds like a big one, but a fun one as well.


  6. I'll take a pop tart! Always down for a good one!

  7. Only if it's not a Dollar Store knockoff! ;)

  8. Raspberry - YUM! I'll take one, or two, or a dozen! :)

  9. But wait...If there's no blog today...What am I commenting on?!!!

    Oooohhh! A pop tart!

  10. I LOVE the Nature's Path "toaster pastries" (let's be real here, they're pop tarts to everyone - just like q-tips, bandaids, etc).

    When I became a vegetarian (almost 11 years ago) I was upset to learn that Pop Tarts had gelatin in them. It wasn't until only 2 years ago I found the Nature's Path brand (that's a long time without pop tarts). Unfortunately I can't find the chocolate ones anymore, but I still love the rest!

  11. Hells yeah! Pass one my way!

  12. No thanks, I'm still waiting on my snow and potatoes.

  13. Yes I would like one. Haven't had one of those in a while.

  14. What in the love of arse water is that flavour...it looks purple from here!

  15. You don't see them so often here in the UK. The ones we do get are nasty too... I'll trust those are nicer, they look nice! I'll take two.

  16. Mmmm... pop tarts. I just had some of the organic Nature's Path toaster pastries (the ones the Angry Vegetarian mentioned) for breakfast this morning. Tasty, tasty, tasty.

  17. It's the evil Friend Connect. I'm moving to wordpress very soon and hope to clear all that up.

  18. Anita: I never ate real pop tarts but these Nature's Way ones are pretty darn tootin' good. Have you ever had one?

    Alex: I don't, bummer. No.

    Tenkar: I miss read at first and thought you requested the Dollar Store knockoffs. But nooooo, these aren't them.

    Stacy: I love raspberry. I use to always get the blue berry Nature's Way but now my store carries raspberry. I'm so happy.

    Trey: lolol. Good point. I had no idea this blog would get this many comments. I just seriously didn't have a blog. But I did have a pop tart.

    VegHead: I agree and I would have wrote but can I interest you in an organic Nature's Way pastry without gelatin but ... It's just not as good as, can I interest you in a pop tart.

    Nature's Path has so many neat things. And yeppers, that gelatin. It's in many things. Glad you got that fixed.

    matt: Teleporting now.

    Damon: Thanks & Happy 2012.

    Daisey: But I sent the snow FedX. See, I knew I should have gone with teleporation. Duh.

    Lurker: Arse Water will some day be a blog post title. It's too good not to use. That was an organic pastry from Nature's Way, all part of their Princess Pop Tart series.

    Brendan: Teleporting two now.

    Bard: That's what these are as well. Love them. What's your favorite flavor? I use to love the blueberry but now I'm totally grooving on the raspberry.

    iZombie: And I honestly, just didn't have a blog.

    Southpaw: I'm not a fan of WordPress but I do wish you bunches of luck with it. Please send me your new link when you have it.