30 April 2015

What's for Lunch?

I just had a bowl of root vedge soup, using leftover bits. It was so yummy and I still have one more serving for tomorrow. Hot dog.

In other news, I took two naps yesterday but zero face rash. I'm one happy camper right now, because even with a few allergic setbacks, overall, it's been a fantastic April. I am right on target with my Spring Equinox goal and really, could not be happier.

But now, move aside fourth month of the year because I'm ready to jump into May and kick even MORE butt.

Suck on that, immune system. 

Fun Fact #2022

29 April 2015

Clean Sheet Day

Just whipped up a batch of Apple Cinnamon & Flax Jacks for Tim, and now I'm about to kick him out the door, wash the bedding and do chores.

Maybe blast music and do a little boogie. After that, a movie or a nap. Maybe I'll go hog wild and do BOTH. Or, maybe I won't need the nap. Too early to tell.

And that my Boogerbutts, concludes another broadcast day. Exciting stuff, here at the Manor.

PS: Clean Sheet Day, is one of my favorite days.

27 April 2015

4 Years of Wiggy (The Sock Monster)

I believe that the dog picks the owner, not the other way around. And that's just what happened, four years ago today when I waited in the shelter yard. Here she came, running and full of life. Plowed into me with the biggest hug, then flopped on her back, off for a quick pee and bam, right back with another hug.

The worker said, "I've never seen a dog do that before."

Tim named her Wiggy because she wiggled so much as a pup that she'd fall over. And she still wiggles all the time. This is one happy, happy pup. Her hobbies include digging holes, snuggling, stealing Tim's socks and punching her sister.

25 April 2015

Adventure Time

It's Saturday afternoon and we're soon to be off on an adventure. Big plans too. Hit the post, hit the groat sale in town, then off the Barnes. Now that might not sound like much to some, but it's heaven to me.

In other news, Tim made breakfast today and it was super duper yummy. I am one lucky chick. Yeppers.

24 April 2015


Friday Q: Sardines, Marrow & Tastebuds

My tastebuds have recently changed. I no longer like cream cheese or my once favorite, vanilla coffee. Even my own bagels, once frozen and reheated, taste of glue. Yuck.

Instead, I enjoy baked bone marrow with garlic. Another new one for me is wild sardines (cold or cooked). Now I'm thinking of ways to incorporate both yummy treats into different meals.

How about you? Any new tastebud changes? Do you eat sardines? How about bone marrow with garlic?

Do tell.  Do tell.

23 April 2015


Just about to dive into a hot bowl of organic chicken soup, with locally raised organic chicken legs. I like leg and thigh meat best for chicken soup. Tastes better to me, and it's less mess than simmering an entire bird.

What's to eat at your house today?

Day 2, NO NAP!

We got caught in a snowstorm on the ride home today. Not a blizzard or white out, but an honest to goodness, can't see that well, Hello Spring, snowstorm.  Even as I write this, the snow on the back deck, still hasn't melted.  

In other news, the house is quiet and I'm about the close the lid on this day. It was such a fun day, with Tim getting home early.  And dig me, two days in a row, no nap.

I'm gettin' stronger. Little by little by little.

PS: Today I ate my first sardine. 
PPS: And I loved it.
PPPS: Now I'm really going to bed.

22 April 2015

Such a Big Girl

Yesterday was darn good, I managed to stay awake ALL day, no naps. Such a big girl. Now I'm off to practice yoga, then Tim is leaving early for a fun afternoon out.


Also yesterday, I baked bone marrow with garlic and liked it. Tomorrow, I'm making a big honkin' cauldron of beef stock, to use for all kinds of healing magic.


21 April 2015

How Have I Gone My Entire Life ...

How I've gone my entire life without using one of these before, I don't know? But I tell ya' what, I love this thing. Haven't used my glass pie pan, since.

And you know what? I think I might even have a few onions rolling about. I could make a big onion tart. Yum!

Christmas Gift from Frankenberry

19 April 2015

Snow Goblins

Yesterday out and about and today, home working on Tim's Mini Manor (I'm making homemade envelopes and he's running the printing press). Then later, we're having locally raised beef. Money back guarantee. I'm good with that.

And lastly, dig my bag of onions for six smackers. I don't about ya'll but we eat A LOT of onions, here at the Manor.

PS: I love this day.

Num, Num, Num, Num

18 April 2015

Bionic Nose or Super Power?

We're wrappin' up our visit at Barnes. Hit the antique store earlier but the smells were irritating my bionic nose. Then I started to breathe through my mouth only by time we got in the car, I was tasting EVERYTHING. Though that wasn't as bad as later at the craft store where my bionic nose picked up the smells too horrible to mention.

Of all the super powers to have, a bionic nose is not on my Top Pick List.

Tim just read this and said it sounds like I picked my nose, bionically. He even made the sound effects. I love him. He cracks me up.

He's one funny Frankenberry.

Think Twirling

Here's a few more frames to help out with Friday's Question. And in other news, it's antiquing day. That is, once I make a big pile of waffles, bacon and eggs.

PS: Not a single snowflake in site. Just sun, sun, sun and MORE sun.

Cheers & Boogie Boogie :-)

What is THIS?

16 April 2015

Fun Fact #1654

I tried this one last night and it worked. Cool beaners.

15 April 2015

Occupancy Full

There's rattling in my chest and my throat hurts. What the flip? These germs can suck it. Occupancy full.

14 April 2015

I Passed the Cream Cheese Test

I made these today and was able to eat whipped cream cheese. Small step. Big smile. Which I needed because when I woke this morning I was exhausted. I still wanted to bake and boy am I glad I did because baking makes me happy, and happiness is a HUGE factor in me getting better. Just knowing that my immune system is improving (even though I'm still pooped), gave me that extra boost that I needed today.

Immune System 2 - Infections & Allergies ZIP!

13 April 2015

I'm Making a Life Size Puzzle

These infections make me sleepy. I'm working smart to get them gone, and there's good progress, but it's taking a LONG time. I keep a good outlook though because for all the things I can't do, there's plenty that I can.

Like the patch quilt I started this past weekend. Doing this one by hand because I don't want to be tied to a sewing machine. And I'll tell ya' what, I'm enjoying the freedom to quilt ANYWHERE.

Basically, I'm bored with the digital jigsaw puzzles. So I decided to make a life size puzzle out of fabric, and I'll piece together the individual pieces when they're done. Will post them another day.

For now, I'm gonna close my eyes and dream about bagels and cream cheese.


12 April 2015

Treasure Hunting

Saturday we stopped at another antique store and found this treasure. Slightly bigger than mini muffins but smaller than today's standard size. Perfect for test batches.

Next weekend, the store is having a spring fling where different sellers set up tables. Very much excited to go, provided it's not snowing (it's happened before). As for this weekend, it was perfect treasure hunting, sunshine kind of fun.


Then today, we stumbled into a new cafe'. We didn't stay but for a second, just wanted to see the inside. Small joint, but might serve for when Barnes is packed.

And that my Boogerbutts concludes this post. Time for me to close the lid on both my coffin and this tablet. I am pooped. But I can honestly say, it's a good pooped.

Thanks for reading and boogie boogie.

LOTS of THIS Today - How 'bout You?

11 April 2015

Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero (that's four)

It's after midnight here at The Manor and I gotta say, I'm pretty happy with this day. Then for supper we ordered pizza and again, zero face rash.

Zero baby, zero.

Immune system 1 - Infections 0

10 April 2015

Friday Question: Double Shot

Hello Boogerbutts: Who wants to win a bag of dead ants and two fresh pickles? All ya' gotta do is tell us what these are, and the prizes are yours. Don't worry, we have plenty of dead ants to go around.

Click to expand image.

Here's another question for you. I have to drink decaf coffee for a few weeks and I'm having a bear of a time finding one that I like. Most taste like a twice baked ashtray. 

Any suggestions?

09 April 2015

Hot Dog - Today I Woke Hungry

This morning I woke early and with an appetite, which is a very, very good sign. As I type, nitrate-free bacon is resting to come to room temperature (as it bakes the best at room temp), Tim's lunch is started and soon, a nice pot of decaf.

Once I feed and shove Frankenberry out the door, it's onto cleaning the bedding and making a big pot of mushroom and potato soup. If all goes well, I'll be finished by noon and working on a new quilt.

Fingers crossed.

In other news, yesterday I took another dairy test. Slight belly swell and headache but NOOOOO face, neck or lip rash. Zero gummy throat and nose, as well. Which is also a very, very good sign.

That's about all from me, it's going on 6AM and I'm fixin' to close this day out by noon. Wishing you all the best and boogie boogie.

08 April 2015

Immune Bustin' Griddle Cakes

I started my fourth round of antibiotics for one of my infections. I'm at that point where the smell of the liquid medicine makes my nose wrinkle.

On the bright side, the new spice grinder is super healing because it allows me to turn organic seeds into flours and meals. From there, I create allergy-safe, immune bustin' griddle cakes.

Do you know how cool it is to mill fresh seeds and then use them straight away? So flippin' cool.

I love using whole foods as medicine and writing my way around a problem like this. Helps keep me sane. But I'd also like to be a lot stronger and get back to normal, so here's hoping fourth bottle's the charm.

And now, I'm headed offline for the day and to my lab, for another batch of immune bustin' griddle cakes.

Num, num, num.

07 April 2015

Cinnamon Maple Quinoa or Griddle Cakes?

I can't decide if I want to eat a bowl of homemade cinnamon maple pecan quinoa, or if I want another batch of immune bustin' griddle cakes, packed with homemade flaxmeal, millet flour and groat flour.

Both sound pretty good.

What's to eat at your place? Have anything yummy today?

06 April 2015

....but that would be a lie ... well, fib.

Writing done. Chores done. Whole bird in the oven. Best part, today I used my new spice grinder to make homemade flours. Then I wrote and tested a batch of Flax, Millet & Oat Griddle Cakes. I'd like to say that I left one for Tim to try, but that would be a lie.

And now, I'm headed for a nap. Well, really, I'm headed toward the Lemon Tart Room with a cuppa licorice root tea and a book, but to say that I probably won't nap, is another lie.  Well, fib.

That's all from me, hope you Boogerbutts had a good Monday. This concludes another broadcast day.

Cheers and boogie boogie. 

Monday Morning Cartoon

05 April 2015

I Love This Toy!

Frankenberry bought me a coffee/spice grinder for our anniversary and oh my gosh, I love this machine.

Last night I made millet flour, chia seed flour, flax meal and cashew flour. I made so many different samples, that I can't even list them all.

I love this toy!

04 April 2015

I Love Being Married

It's the fourth day of the fourth month and that means it's also our anniversary and we're hanging at Barnes.  I love being married and I love this cafe'.  Tim has his caramel, caramel, caramel overload and I'm sippin' on peppermint tea. 

Before this, we stopped off and Tim bought me a spice grinder. I'm going to use it for homemade paprika and all kinds of neat things but first up, organic millet flour. Never used millet flour before so I'm excited to give it a go.

That's all from me. Catch you Boogerbutts on the flip side.

03 April 2015

Friday Question: Remember This?

Remember these? Coated in white glazed-sugar and sticky fruit filling? I also remember the wax wrapper.  Now I make my own but back then, I probably went with cherry or lemon as my top pick.

How about you?

PS: It's our wedding anniversary weekend and we are headed out soon to have some fun.

Have a groovy day and boogie booogie.

01 April 2015


My body is filled with various infections, that we're dealing with. In theory, once I'm cleared out, I should no longer have an allergic reaction (face rash, burning throat, gummy running nose), to dairy.

I don't miss the dairy but I still want my immune system strong enough to be able to melt cheese on Tim's pizza, without me looking like a character from Willy Wonka. Though, I wouldn't say no to a cream cheese and lox homemade bagel, either.

Anyway ....

It's the first of April and that means a month-long celebration of the New Year, Spring. I do this each year only this time, I'm starting with infections, and a whole lot of tired.

I don't want to be sick. I want to celebrate, get herbs going, take spring pictures and boogie naked under the full moon.

But since I'm not strong enough (yet), at least I can enjoy my new Spring Equinox broom. Isn't she pretty? I love her. She gets the floor cleaned in half the time of my old broom.

Seriously, I love this new toy.

Six Bucks at Dollar General