24 February 2011

Charlie's Angels Cards

I found these cards while cleaning the sewing room gone storage unit.  Love these things.  I'd watch the DVD and hit pause when they came to a scene that I had on one of my cards.  Then I'd show Tim both the card and the screen. 

He's such a good egg.

And now, I best get back to work. I'm playing in the kitchen and cleaning.  So I'm still far away from being done. 

Meanwhile, here's the results for Wonder Woman Quiz 9.

Tim bought me this from the gaming shop. He's the best.
Never know when you'll be in your jams, on a boat and need a gun.
Might even need to stop a bomb.
Bomb stopping is hard work.  Time for a new outfit.
And let's not forget Bosley.
Or the grilled cheese I ate yesterday.  It was nummy.

23 February 2011

Wonder Woman Quiz 9

To win a double cheeseburger, two pickles and a bucket of rotten peaches, answer the following.

When Diana Prince spins into Wonder Woman for the first time, what is she wearing prior to the spin?

How does Wonder Woman earn her first wad of dough?

And for the bonus round, along with a second bucket of rotten peaches, what was the first crime Wonder Woman stopped and what did she nearly steal?

I'll see you all sometime tomorrow, at the end of comments.

And now, I'm supposed to go clean the sewing turned storage room.  But since I'm home from the shop, I'd much rather write a new pizzelle or muffin formula.

Who will win, the sewing room or the lab ... hmmm ...?

22 February 2011


I wish I had smell-a-blog. If I did then you could smell this chicken breast seasoned with Frontier's Organic Italian Seasoning. You'd also smell the organic tomato sauce I simmered all morning. And Miss Ethel has mozzarella and seasoned ricotta waiting for me. I'll layer these goodies in a big dish and we'll have it tomorrow night.

The plan is to spend all day tomorrow cleaning the sewing room and not have to stop to cook. We used to do craft shows every weekend but now, the room has become storage. But with Poopyhead selling his adventures, it's inspired me to get my Etsy site going for the blankets we have left.

Meanwhile tonight, we're headed to take a look at a graphics tablet and try a new place to eat. It's another steakhouse, supposed to have good prices and good food. 

Click to enlarge the photo below and have a yummy night.

I cut this breast from a whole bird.  Best way to save a buck.

21 February 2011

Bumbles Belly

Today I made my first Borders caramel mocha Javanella.  I'd show you a picture, but it's done gone in the Bumbles belly.  Meanwhile, here's my formula for the caramel.  I reduced the formula by half.  Used some for the shake, added some to my bowl of vanilla ice cream and then stashed the rest in Ethel.

It's about time for Bumble to start his game night and me to head back to the kitchen.  Back to work tomorrow. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a yummy week.

19 February 2011

Best Hubby

I love my husband.  Got home yesterday from the shop and he'd done cleaned the house and moved the living room into summer mode.  It's early, sure, but we're ready for the living room to be open again.

We have two modes, summer and winter.  For the winter mode, we have a snuggly couch corner and for summer mode, we have the space open and free flowing.  Got home yesterday and the place looked great.  And I have three days off with Tim.  Woohoo.

The only bummer to the weekend is that our bookshop is closing.  Most of those workers have been there forever and I'm sorry they're losing their jobs.  It's also got a great cafe and Tim does a good deal of writing there, while I read jogging magazines and flip through cookery books.  I love, love, love, metric cooking and only buy metric cookbooks.  Borders offered a wide selection of those - and for bargain bin prices.

I'll miss that.

Just finished yoga and mediation, now it's time to hit Texas Roadhouse for some steaks, honey butter rolls, and the best house salad this side of the snow belt.  Total cost for two with tip: 25 smackers.  Love that.

You all have a yummy weekend.  And if you missed it, the Wonder Woman Quiz 8 results are posted.  Great job guys.  Safety pins and gum drops for everyone.

You guys rock.

Click to enlarge volcano clouds.

16 February 2011

Wonder Woman Quiz 8

To win a chicken leg, three safety pins and all the gum drops in the world, tell us what this little piggy has to do with Wonder Woman?

Good luck and I'll see you back here sometime tomorrow, in comments.

15 February 2011

This One Goes to Eleven

Check out my new reading light. It's a portable quilter's light used to match fabrics.  I bought this bad boy for 9 bucks instead of 20 - and I love it.

I'm home today and chores need done.  Might even get to draft 3 and 4 of my mocha pizzelle formula.  Meanwhile, check out the monster print I found in our front yard yesterday morning before going to the shop.

Have a yummy day.

Click to enlarge monster print.

10 February 2011

Calling All Gamers

Grab your dice and hire some henchmen, you're gonna need 'em. Tim released Knowledge Illuminates and I'm super duper proud of him. So buckle up that helmet, sharpen that sword, and bring an extra pair of iron spikes -- this adventure is for the big boys.

Meanwhile, we're celebrating tonight with hot ham and cheese subs made on homemade bread and my special sub dressing. 

Life is good.  Until next time, eat well.

07 February 2011

Little Vader

Playtime in the kitchen is about over.  All that's left to do is dust my mocha pizzelles with icing sugar, take a few pictures and then close the lab for the day.

Meanwhile, here's the FULL version of Little Vader in my favorite Super Bowl commercial.  Enjoy and until next time, eat well.

05 February 2011

Movie Pop Quiz 1

For 2000xp and all the ogre maggot lollipops you can eat, name this movie and the lead actor. 

Good luck and Happy Eating.

03 February 2011

Clean Sheet Day

Done finished my chores and our house is clean for the weekend. Woohoo. Just have to adjust the seasonings on my homemade onion dip and then it's bedtime for me. 

Meanwhile, check out all the chickens Ethel can hold. That's four whole chickens (on half a shelf). And I can fit four more chickens on that same shelf. 

Now that's a good fridge. 

Click to enlarge Ethel's half shelf.