02 February 2011

Guess where I live?


  1. Since I didn't have a blog, I went with a skeleton. Thanks for stopping by, girls.

  2. LOL. When I saw the link I was going to say someplace up north where they like the Steelers, but I clicked it and saw the skull. And that was an actual, real, externalized laugh that made vibrations in the air and everything, fyi.

    - Ark

  3. Τhis roommate is not nice, hahahaaa !

  4. Cleverly done! But are you using your powers responsibly? One of two of your younger viewers could have clutched at their faces in horror, screaming "No! It can't be true!"

  5. wow, i thought it might be snow related... i am loving the simplicity of it and how it is true... my favorite for years was [which i take claim for]...

    i know your naked under your clothes, and a devilish snicker...


  6. Hi Guys: Tim found this for me a long time ago and it was our computer wallpaper for awhile.

    I'm off from work today. About to do some chores, but first .... I want to finish reading this kid's book. I'm very nearly at the end and something scary is about to happen. Oh boy. Good stuff.

    Enjoy your day and I'll catch you guys and gals next time about. Until then, eat well.

  7. That was supposed to be a skull by the way.

  8. Heh, I was for sure it was going to be a picture of a snow yard ;).

  9. Hi Ray: I hope your kids like the caramel popcorn.

    Nice to see you, Carol.

    Great skull, Bartender. I joined C's blog. Great photos.

    Hi Johnathan. Is that your wife Daisey? If so, please tell her thanks for joining. When she gets a blog, please let me know.

    Thanks everyone. See you next time. Happy Eating.