19 February 2011

Best Hubby

I love my husband.  Got home yesterday from the shop and he'd done cleaned the house and moved the living room into summer mode.  It's early, sure, but we're ready for the living room to be open again.

We have two modes, summer and winter.  For the winter mode, we have a snuggly couch corner and for summer mode, we have the space open and free flowing.  Got home yesterday and the place looked great.  And I have three days off with Tim.  Woohoo.

The only bummer to the weekend is that our bookshop is closing.  Most of those workers have been there forever and I'm sorry they're losing their jobs.  It's also got a great cafe and Tim does a good deal of writing there, while I read jogging magazines and flip through cookery books.  I love, love, love, metric cooking and only buy metric cookbooks.  Borders offered a wide selection of those - and for bargain bin prices.

I'll miss that.

Just finished yoga and mediation, now it's time to hit Texas Roadhouse for some steaks, honey butter rolls, and the best house salad this side of the snow belt.  Total cost for two with tip: 25 smackers.  Love that.

You all have a yummy weekend.  And if you missed it, the Wonder Woman Quiz 8 results are posted.  Great job guys.  Safety pins and gum drops for everyone.

You guys rock.

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  1. Sorry to hear your beloved bookshop is closing :(

    Although we have a a couple of second hand book stores in Tonbridge, and WH Smiths (which stocks books and magazines, as well as sweets, toys, a few DVDs etc), I don't think the town has ever had a dedicated new bookstore like a Borders.

    Sadly, I think the time has passed that anyone would consider opening a new bookstore these days.

  2. Tim mentioned the bookshop on his blog, it's a bummer alright and the apple gum drops were lovely. Have yourself a good three days.:D

  3. That was a nice surprise from your husband. Sorry about your bookstore. That sucks.

  4. Borders does have those great metric cookbooks. I have a few. I'm not ready for 'summer' mode but the warm weather yesterday had me wanting to clean out the flower beds.
    The nearest Borders to me is staying open. I do a lot of writing in their cafe too.

  5. Bridgewater is staying open and it has a cafe. You guys can always come down here. Woodbridge Mall Borders Express is staying open too.! That surprised me. That store is so tiny all they have are the best sellers and you have to park outside and walk a lot to get there.

    It was 71 here yesterday and sunny with snow still on the ground. Man that summer rearraging sounds good. I might to that also.

  6. Let's hope two more bookstores spring up in its place, and two so good you need to visit both, with plenty of cookbooks.

    I hope you know too that reporting all Tim's good deeds puts the rest of us under pressure, and that posting a cartoon like that makes the trick harder to pull off.

    Anyway, have a wonderful three days!

  7. wow, you do have an awesome hubby :)
    soory about the bookstore closing. I feel fortunate my small town still has its own book shop. I frequent it as often as possible! Enjoy your days off.

  8. So sad about bookstores closing everywhere. Tim sounds like an awesome guy! I hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Sad about Borders. My daughter works at Borders and I am worried about her job. Still dont know what is going to happen. awww lovely hubby :o)

  10. OMG, those honey butter rolls are the devil (as in, they're so darn good!)

  11. Sad to hear about your Borders. A victim of the amazons and e-readers of the world.

    Here's hoping you find something to replace your fortress of solitude and tranquility!

  12. It's so lovely that your husband is such a domesticated person. Girl, you have it good!


  13. Hey Guys: I feel bad for the workers at the bookshop. The place was packed. Where were all those people before?

    Cafe was shut down for drinks and writing. Just sold product. Lines were so long and the deals weren't great. In fact, we paid more for our two books than we would have, had we bought it last week. But we had gift cards to burn up. Tim bought a gaming book and I bought a cookbook.

    Lurker: Glad you liked your apple gum drops. And thanks again for the great review on Tim's game. Sending you a second bag of crisps, straight away.

    Flea: We have a second hand bookshop in town, but it's been sold to a new owner. Haven't meet the new owner.

    Thanks Alex. I feel worse for the girls. They've worked there for so so so long. They're a great bunch.

    Susan: Glad your Borders is staying open. That's fantastic.

    Pat: Wow. 71 degrees. That's fantastic. Glad Bridgewater is staying open. That's a great little cafe. The Bridgewater Wegmans has a great cafe too. Wish we could teleport ourselves and meet you there. Our Express will remain open. It's dinky. No cafe.

    Thanks, Porky. Good wishes are very nice. Cheered me up, this blog did. You guys are the best. I read Tim what you wrote and he said if I keep telling you all about the good things he does, you guys will take him off your blog rolls.

    mshatch: I do indeed. He's a keeper.

    Todd: Thanks for the weekend wishes and congrats again on finding a good writing partner. That's exciting stuff.

    Niki: I hope your daughter doesn't lose her job. I'll be thinking of you guys.

    Jess: OMG is right. Those rolls are fantastic. And I love the cinnamon butter. Num num num.

    Paladin: Fortress of solitude and tranquility. I love that. Perfectly said. Thanks. Happy Family day, to you.

    Jai: I love him bunches. Thanks for the drop-in.

    Thanks to everyone for stopping by. And remember to eat something yummy.

  14. Thanks for stopping by, thanks for the promise of chips (how did you know baked organic with sea salt is my favorite? No really), and thanks especially for posting pictures of the most delicious-looking foods.
    As a writer and a cook myself, I am more than happy to follow!

    Also, that's a bummer about the bookstore. Around here, at least, we already have so few. Sad to see another one go.

  15. Sure thing. You wrote a funny post. I liked it a lot. When I saw your comment at Lurker's about the chips, I had to check out your blog.

    Yeah, it's sad to see another go. I know ours was a chain but with all the great workers there, it felt more like a personal bookshop.

    Thanks for joining. You make 180. Holy cupcakes, Batman. 180. Neato.

  16. Sorry about the bookshop. Everything is also closing down in the UK.

    Hope you had a nice weekend so far.

    Take care.

  17. @ Whisk - Tim needn't worry about the nuclear option. We'll just have to be more secretive about checking your blogs..!

  18. Tim sounds like a wonderful hubby:). Sorry to hear your shop is closing:(. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! BTW, how was that steak dinner?

  19. Your husband is good man and you wonterfull !!!
    I'm sorry for the bookshop !!
    Have a nice week !!!

  20. Porky: Love the nuclear option answer. Good stuff.

    Maria: Thanks. Yes, the steaks were very nicely done. I'm still new to eating meats but so far, Texas is the only place I like the steak.

    Magda: Thank you for your kind words. Kisses.

  21. Aww..that was a lovely surprise from your husband :)

    I'm so sorry to hear about the bookshop though :(

  22. I'm always sad to hear of a bookstores closing. I wish the best for you and yours.

  23. You do have a great hubby!

    Are you positive your location is closing? Borders is only filing a chapter 11. That just means a reorganization not a liquidation. They will close some locations but not all of them. In the process their lease agreements will become void and then they will go around and negotiate their lease agreements for maybe half the cost. It's a great negotiating tactic. However, if you're certain your location is leaving then I'm really sorry about that. I hate to see bookstores fall. That's why the movie You've Got Mail always makes me sad.

  24. Hi WritingNut: It was great to come home to the living room in summer mode. Love it.

    Hi Travis: Thanks for the good wishes.

    Hi Patty: I hope the one by you gets to stay open. We really enjoyed our cafe. The Express is supposed to stay open but it doesn't have any place to work.

    So we're on the hunt for a new cafe ... let the adventure begin.

  25. Yay for hubby! And so sad about Borders. I am praying they don't shut mine down because it's my fave and closest.

  26. Sorry to hear about the bookstore.

    Love that toon, by the way....