30 January 2017

Operation Chicken Shit

Yesterday, I made two short videos (see below) and today I'll make another. I'm not ready to put my face on video but I'm also tired of feeling stuck in my fear. This is my way of moving forward. I call it, Operation Chicken Shit.

27 January 2017

Less Stuff (more mice)

I'm long past done with decluttering. Now I'm enjoying our new space and figuring out where things go here and there. The kitchen/lab is the room I've moved about the most but as of yesterday, by George, I think I've got it. Not to even need those bottom cupboards, at all ...

Heaven, I tell you. Heaven.

PS: Here's the cartoon I posted earlier. Have a yummy weekend and boogie boogie.

13 January 2017

Who Wants Muffins????

Normally I bake muffins in a WagnerWare pan. The cavities (where the batter goes), are more popover-shaped. But I wanted to see if my writing also worked in mini tart-shaped cavities. Spoiler alert, it did. Which means when I start sharing these online, bakers should be safe using any shape pan. How flippin' cool is that?

10 January 2017

I Look Like a Cheese Puff

For lunch I made flatbread/crackers. From that I got an idea for a dog treat. Next draft I'll adjust oven time and temp, but that should do it. Thanks to decluttering, drafts are faster and my brain works better. My body though, is dealing with allergy issues from last night. I look like a cheese puff.