31 October 2015

Oogie Boogie Boogie

I'm writing this post ahead of time because today's plans are to uplug, stay in my jams, eat good foods and snuggle with my honey bunny under a Halloween blanket, while watching lots and lots of FUN spooky movies -- on a big screen TV that's covered in orange lights.

Have a spooktacular holiday and oogie boogie boogie, until you can't oogie boogie boogie, no more.

30 October 2015

FQ: Halloween Mask - Who Are We?

Answer correctly and win two slightly dead maggots, a bloody toenail and an unidentified sticky substance.

29 October 2015

Eye of Newt

Wiggle Dance

Yum, yum, yum. I just ate a great big bowl of pomegranate seeds for lunch and boy, was it ever yummy. Taste, texture, smell, I love it all. So much, that I did a little wiggle dance at the table. No lie.

In other news, as soon as Frankenberry gets home, we begin our 10 day Halloween staycation. Yeah, baby. That's 10 honkin' days of, do whatever the flip we want. And when we're good and done with that, we'll do more of whatever the flip we want.

10 Day Halloween staycation starts in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...


I post this comic each year and I still love it.

27 October 2015


Here's my favorite thing about running low on groceries. Brewing up whatever mishmashbagosh, I've got on hand. And today, it was all about black beans with lots of spice. Some folks are tossing aside beans, nuts and legumes like they're the worst things in the world, but not me.

No way. Love me some beans.

Know what else I love? Ground clove powder. Up until today, I hadn't ground my own. But then I got a hold of some organic whole cloves and man alive, let me tell you what, toss that powder in with black beans, garlic, tomatoes, spinach, carrots, onions, paprika, cayenne and cumin and wow.

So flippin' good.

Local & Delicious

26 October 2015

Poor Dude

The Munsters

Good gravy. I've been so busy today, doing NONE of the things that I said that I was going to do, that I forgot to answer Friday's Question. So, for those who said The Munsters, you win one fresh turtle turd, one gob of alligator spit and three bloody toothpicks.

If you don't like those prizes, there will be no cash equivalent.

Thanks for playing and ...


25 October 2015


I slept-in late and now I'm ready for breakfast, a short walk, shower, then plop on the couch for a movie. I'm thinking, Back to the Future. Then after the game, we might hit Barnes.

As for my waffle adventures yesterday, the millet base part worked, but the 100 percent cacao over-powered. Draft 2 coming up.

And that my lovely Boogerheads, concludes this post.

24 October 2015

I Miss Waffles

It's been forever since I wrote a new waffle formula and now, I'm ready to get back to it. Only this time, the ingredient list will be even smaller than before. But that only gives way to imagination, creativity and an overall, let's give this a go and see if it works.

My idea, to use a homemade millet flour combined with sorghum flour. I love how these two work in griddle cakes, so I'm curious how they'll play out in waffles.

Have you ever eaten chicken and waffles? Oh my good gosh, so yummy. If I get this new waffle formula right, I might just skip the Sunday roast, and make this instead.

In other news, Frankenberry just ran to the post and I'm about to drink a healing concoction too gross to tell you about. But it works, so ding dong, me.

23 October 2015

Friday Question: Who Lives Here?

Hello and Happy Flippin' Friday. I've enjoyed my last two days unplugged and now I'm ready to jump back in.

But first, eyeballs and earwax to all who said pumpkin seeds (pepitas), last week. As an added bonus, raw pepitas help expel pinworms and other intestinal parasites. The parasites aren't killed outright but become paralyzed by a compound found in the raw pumpkin seed, which makes it impossible for the parasites to cling. Which means goodbye suckers. And that's your gross lesson for the day.

Enjoy and boogie boogie.

PS: Friday Question: Who Lives Here?

PPS: Hey Guys. I just posted the answer, here.

22 October 2015

Double Dippin' Fun

I spent most of yesterday in the yard and out ingredient shopping. Very restful and fun. In fact, I enjoyed my unplugged afternoon so much, that I'm gonna double dip and go for another one today. Only this time, I'll wash the bedding, clean the house and make stock. Then, later tonight Tim has game and I'll vegout in the clean Lemon Tart Room.

Heaven, I say heaven.

21 October 2015

Ain't Gonna Happen

Those of you who read Debra's blog, saw this already. But I loved it so much that I asked her for it. Thanks, Debra.

In other news, I'm pooped. So I'll be spending most of my day unplugged and recharging because I'll tell you what, I WILL NOT be sick for Halloween staycation.

No way. No how. Ain't gonna happen.

20 October 2015

And When I Say We, I Mean Tim

This past weekend I ate butternut squash. Then I turned into a swollen boiled lobster face freak. But that's how healing goes. Win some, lose some.

Here's hoping for more wins.

In other news, we just finished moving the last of the office furniture. And when I say we, I mean Tim. And boy, does it look nice in here.

So that's it. The air conditioners are away, the writing desk is back to its original spot (quiet bedroom), and the stockpile closet, is downsized and heavenly.

As for the bats? It's Halloween, duh.

19 October 2015

2 Figs and a Flip

Today is Mamam's birthday. She is long gone but this comic would make her laugh. Because of her, I brew up all kinds of fun, and I don't give two figs and a flip, if I get it wrong.

It's the best lesson she ever taught me.

18 October 2015

Big Fat Ones

At first it looked like we were just gonna get a mix of stuff but soon enough, I stepped outside and saw this. Big fat snowflakes all over the place. So great.

In other news, we just got home (after midnight), from Barnes and Wegmans. I bought more seeds, green goodies and Kosher dill pickles from the organic cold fridge. Next year, I'm gonna make them at home because 3.50 per jar is too high. Lucky for me, I'll soon learn to ferment lots of things because for Halloween this year, Tim got me a book about fermenting. Can't wait to play.

And that my Boogerbutts, wraps up this post. Nearly time to get into my jams and hit the slab.

16 October 2015

Friday Question: What Are We?

I've eaten a bunch of these guys this week. I don't have any pictures with the legs still on but trust me, once you clip the hairy legs off and bake the bodies (with a little cayenne, virgin coconut oil and pink salt), they are yummy.

Friday Question: What are we?

PS: I might be lying about the legs. Or am I?


15 October 2015

By George I Think I've Got It

Back in the day, my writing desk housed an Internet-free laptop, paper, pen and a Wonder Woman mug. As our bills increased along with coupons and Tim's mapping business, that once simple set-up, got not so simple. Add to it my formulas and study materials and we're talking, yikes. Last night, I hatched a plan to resolve the cross contamination issues.

Here's-a-whadda-I'm-a-gonna-do (say that tens times fast and with an Italian accent).

Since, bills, budget and Tim's business don't belong in my writing space (I am a minimalist writer), and my writing doesn't belong in the house, budget and bills area (not so minimalist) - I'm going on the hunt for a second desk, low-cost, nothing fancy. Time to check thrift stores and sales. Once located, my writing desk will return to the quiet area of the bedroom, where I can wake and get straight to work on a few new super secret projects. Insert, muhahaha here.

PS: I don't know where my legs are?

PPS: Legs or no legs, I'm very happy with this plan.

14 October 2015

Wonder Woman Mode

Today, I've gotta get this stockpile, or what little is left of it, extracted from the movie room closet and sorted. I don't coupon as much these days due to many reasons. But I've still got leftover bunches of stuff that can either be donated, given to friends or kept. If I can find enough room in that closet, then I can store what little fabric I have left, in there.

With the fabric boxes gone from the bedroom side wall, it's time to lug my writing desk back to it's original spot in the bedroom. Can't have it there during the summer because the room gets too dang cold. In the winter however, it's the perfect Internet-free writing environment with lots of good heat from the register.

Let's see, then after that, ditch the funky wallpaper in Tim's bathroom, paint it and get him a shelfy-thingy for all his man products. He's bald, so he doesn't have much in the way of man products, but there's enough there to warrant a shelfy-thingy.

Since I'm on my own clock, the speed at which this is done, is up to me, but I'd like to get the bulk of it finished, prior to our upcoming Halloween Staycation. I think I can manage that. Although, I might have to spin into Wonder Woman Mode, because I'll be your back teeth, other projects will pop up, along the way.

But before I do ANYTHING today, I'm gonna drop cooked millet seed into a beautiful cuppa soup, swing my feet at the kitchen table and plan my attack.

Wish me luck. I'm gonna need it.

12 October 2015

Maggot-Free Menu

It's been a pretty darn good Monday. Got the entire yard raked, along with those stinky-ass black walnuts. I don't know if it's normal or not, but ours are filled with maggots. So I don't bother to dry them out and eat them, as maggots are not on the menu. I guess I could wipe them away but no thanks.

In other news, we're getting closer to our Halloween staycation. Yeah, baby. That's the good stuff. 10 or 11 days (not sure which), of Frankenberry not having to go to his job. Woohoo. Our plans include, enjoy, enjoy and enjoy. And when we're good and done with that, we'll enjoy some more.

In other news, Tim's got the game on and I'm thinking about putting on my jams and crackin' open the Kindle.

Happy Harvest, to all who celebrate.

11 October 2015

5 Years of Blogging

This past Saturday Barb and I went to the Lumber Jack and Jill competitions and we also walked the fair grounds. Back in the day, her and I used to run our own tents. She made candles and I made blankets. This was our first time back in many years only this time, we were guests.

It was so nice. Though the craft side of things has died down. Not as many compared to back in the day. But we enjoyed watching the Lumber Jack and Jill competitors who come from all over the world, to chop, saw and beat the clock.

Pretty fun.

And guess what? No autoimmune response. Some slight itching at one point but nothing to write home about. Then today, we hit the Halloween store, Staples and Barnes and STILL no outbreaks. Which means the work that I'm doing to heal from the inside out, is working. And whilst I'm a loooooong way from healed up, I'm a heck of a lot closer than I was three-fourths of a year ago.

Pretty flippin' cool.

That's about all here. We're nearly ready to close the lids on our coffins. But before I go, thanks to all who read this blog. Today completes five years of blogging.

You guys are the best Boogerbutts, ever.

Snug as a ... or Maybe Not

09 October 2015

Friday Question: CHESTNUTS

This past week, I bought and tasted my first ever, locally grown, chestnuts. So far, I've only eaten them raw and wow, so flippin' good.

Although, this very minute, there's a small batch roasting in the oven. I'll also try boiled and mashed. Along with chestnut flour, chestnut butter and chestnut frosting. But for now, I'm loving them raw. I tell ya, these little things are swing my feet under the kitchen table, good.

Friday Question: Do you like chestnuts? And if so, how do you like to eat them? Have you ever eaten them in stuffing? How about as a frosting? Anyone try chestnut butter? Or even chestnut mash?

PS: I think I finally stumped your asses in my earlier Friday Question. The answer: Ground hemp seeds.

A big tray of roasted flies for all who played.

Friday Question: What Am I?

06 October 2015

Best Chicken Stock, Ever

Right now, I can't eat carrots. I'm not allergic, but must stay away to due to the infection I talked about the other day. But never mind about that bit, because guess what? The chicken stock that I made without the carrots was BETTER than ANY stock that I've ever made with carrots.

Same thing happened a long time ago when I stopped using garlic and onions in my stock. I did it because the pups can't eat onions or garlic (and part of the stock is for them). But I had no idea that the stock would taste cleaner as a result.

I love when stuff like this happens.

And now, I'm about to have breakfast. A cuppa chicken stock with some cooked millet tossed in, served in a Halloween mug. After that, it's me and Harry Potter for the morning, followed by light chores throughout the day.

Low-key. Unplugged. Rest Day. 

05 October 2015

I Love ONIONS !!!!

Oh my gosh. I love onions. I should save this for a Friday question but man alive, how good are onions? Raw, cooked, caramelized, baked, boiled, roasted, grilled, I don't care. I love them any which way AND, more important to me right now, onions don't wonk-out my belly. Hot dog.

So get this. Today, I brewed a killer batch of chicken stock, then I used the stock to hydrate millet seeds (on low simmer with lid). About one part millet to nearly four parts liquid (the ratio depends on if I want a fluffy rice-like dish or a porridge, or somewhere in the middle. Then, I caramelized onions to go as a side, to the side of millet and YUM.

So flippin' good.

I think that's about all here. Dish is done, supper is prepped for tomorrow, and soon, I'll be unplugged, in The Lemon Tart Room, watching something fun. Or maybe something scary. Or maybe something fun AND scary.

Yep, that's the ticket.

04 October 2015

Tired and Pissy (be gone)

Yesterday, Frankenberry was gone most of the day. My plan was simple. Stay in my jams and watch Harry Potter movies until my brain oozed onto the pillow.

Instead, I cleaned, organized, unpacked and washed ALL the winter sweatshirts, wrote a new broccoli and millet dish, and completely ignored my original plan.

What a dumbass.

I awoke cranky, tired, hungover and food moody. I'd say that I did too much but really, it was a combo. Did too much (but had fun), and didn't go to bed at 9:30. Instead, I stayed up until nearly 2AM.

But back to food moody. This past Friday, more foods have been removed from my menu, due to a chronic infection, which is better, but not all the way gone. Without going into detail, I can do better and work smarter to heal.  I'll also add that my past idea of healthy, is vastly different from what I know today.

With that, I've started over and am writing ALL new foods and bakes. That part I love. But that doesn't mean that I don't get cranky, moody and pissy about foods. I do. I miss my apple, organic peanut butter and medjool dates for breakfast. The good news is, I'll be able to eat them again. The better news is, not having a year-long breakfast staple, pushes me to write new foods.

The best yet, Cinnamon Millet Porridge with Pecans and Sorghum. It's bland by modern breakfast standards, but wow, does it pack a punch in terms of sustained energy. Then today, I brewed-up a Tomato & Spinach Millet Special. That was pretty good, and it was enough to kick my butt back where it needs to be.

Writing new foods that are safe, provide medicine to my body and allow my colon/gut/digestive and immune system to heal, which is a good thing.

And a necessary thing.

03 October 2015

I Love Veggies

Not long ago we got back from Wegmans and today, I bought hemp seeds, never had them before. I also bought Swiss Chard. Never had that before either, but boy oh boy, it was calling my name. So I took a taste and YUM. And guess what? The organic broccoli and radishes were also heavenly. Tomorrow, my belly is gonna be so happy.

But for tonight, we've got the heat on (as of this morning), and I'm about to hop into my jams, curl on the couch and look through my many wholefoods books, and learn about chard and hemp.

PS: Right now, I have the radish tops in the oven on super low, along with some chard and lots of yummy spices. Just to see if it works.

PPS: I also scored some killer good arugula (rocket).

I LOVE that stuff. So flippin' good.

02 October 2015

Friday Question: Kale Chips (yum)

Thanks to Christine from Christine's Blog, I'm now a super duper fan of kale chips. Funny thing, I eat tons of organic kale but I've never made the chips before recently. Now, I'm gobbling them up with a little cayenne and pink salt, or cumin and Hungarian paprika, or mix of all three. I'm just loving these little buggers.

Speaking of which, it's time for a late lunch and another round of yummy homemade kale chips. Thanks, Christine. You brought a new treat into my kitchen.

Second Friday Question: Do you like Kale Chips and if so, do you like them spicy or salty or sweet or what?

I like spicy with a wee, wee, wee bit of good salt.

PS: You all win a tray of dried booger chips and earlobes for correctly answering my first, Friday Question. Well done. I'll have to work harder next time to stump your asses.

Friday Question: Who Lives Here?