20 October 2015

And When I Say We, I Mean Tim

This past weekend I ate butternut squash. Then I turned into a swollen boiled lobster face freak. But that's how healing goes. Win some, lose some.

Here's hoping for more wins.

In other news, we just finished moving the last of the office furniture. And when I say we, I mean Tim. And boy, does it look nice in here.

So that's it. The air conditioners are away, the writing desk is back to its original spot (quiet bedroom), and the stockpile closet, is downsized and heavenly.

As for the bats? It's Halloween, duh.


  1. ahaha...the bats. So sorry about the squash...hmm. Great job Tim did for you.

  2. Oh no, sorry about the butternut squash. It's perfect this time of year. Sounds like you have your space ready to roll.

  3. Scratch butternut squash off your food list.
    Air conditioners away? I'm confused...

  4. Christine: He's the best. No biggie on the squash, had it again after writing this post, and ZERO lobster face.

    Just Keepin It Real, Folks!: I ate it again after writing this post, no problems :-)

    Alex: You've been away. Lots of moving about of things, including air conditioners. Winterizing the house.

    Debra: That's okay, these things come and go. Had the squash again after this post, and no problems.

  5. My aunt would freak out. She's got a deathly fear of bats!

  6. My wife often uses 'we' in the same sense, as in 'we spent the weekend stripping wallpaper,' or 'we really need to fix that leaky faucet.' You know, things that usually have nothing to do with her. :)

  7. Hey, Williamn. Deathly afraid of bats doesn't sound good. Hopefully, she doesn't run into many.

    Hahaha to Sean> I like the way your wife thinks.

    And hey there, Boric. Long time no talk. I love bats, too. Happy Halloween and boogie boogie.

  8. Sorry, you had a break out! Hope today and tomorrow is much, much better!

  9. Linda: Me too.

    Yolanda: I tested it again after this post, no problems. But I still won't eat anymore for awhile.

  10. Sorry about the butternut squash but woo-hoo on the bats! Anytime of the year, bats are awesome :)

  11. You sure have a lot of allergies...bless your little Whisk heart...so sorry.
    and I LUV your little bats...

  12. HBF: Win some, lose some. I'm able to eat it now, had it again. No problems. Yes, bats are awesome.

    bj: Yes, I'm sick but making good healing progress, with just the right amount of set backs along the way. And since writing this post, I've had the squash again with zero problems.

    And wow, I still cannot believe you only got ONE jar. But dang, it sure looked good. What great photos.

  13. I love the bats. Bats are really cool. And I'm just popping in to say a quick hi. I've barely been on the internet today. Polished up the house, got everything ready for tomorrow. I'm so excited... As soon as the dust settles I'm going to shoot you an email. Blogs and emails are waaaay behind. I'll catch up eventually. Hope you had a super day.

  14. Martha: Oh my gosh, it's nearly Thursday. Or, it is now. Very exciting stuff. So happy for you. This is an exciting time for sure. Thanks for dropping in and boogie boogie.

  15. ... I'm only just catching up on blog reading, don't know where the week has gone, but it's Friday already (well almost!)

    Love those bats.

    Hope you are feeling loads better now.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan