04 October 2015

Tired and Pissy (be gone)

Yesterday, Frankenberry was gone most of the day. My plan was simple. Stay in my jams and watch Harry Potter movies until my brain oozed onto the pillow.

Instead, I cleaned, organized, unpacked and washed ALL the winter sweatshirts, wrote a new broccoli and millet dish, and completely ignored my original plan.

What a dumbass.

I awoke cranky, tired, hungover and food moody. I'd say that I did too much but really, it was a combo. Did too much (but had fun), and didn't go to bed at 9:30. Instead, I stayed up until nearly 2AM.

But back to food moody. This past Friday, more foods have been removed from my menu, due to a chronic infection, which is better, but not all the way gone. Without going into detail, I can do better and work smarter to heal.  I'll also add that my past idea of healthy, is vastly different from what I know today.

With that, I've started over and am writing ALL new foods and bakes. That part I love. But that doesn't mean that I don't get cranky, moody and pissy about foods. I do. I miss my apple, organic peanut butter and medjool dates for breakfast. The good news is, I'll be able to eat them again. The better news is, not having a year-long breakfast staple, pushes me to write new foods.

The best yet, Cinnamon Millet Porridge with Pecans and Sorghum. It's bland by modern breakfast standards, but wow, does it pack a punch in terms of sustained energy. Then today, I brewed-up a Tomato & Spinach Millet Special. That was pretty good, and it was enough to kick my butt back where it needs to be.

Writing new foods that are safe, provide medicine to my body and allow my colon/gut/digestive and immune system to heal, which is a good thing.

And a necessary thing.


  1. When I first started dating Daisy, she was excited to learn that I had never watched Harry Potter and she got her movies out.

    1. Boogerbutts: Thanks to EVERYONE for the great comments. I loved reading them all. You guys are the bestest Boogerbutts, ever.

  2. What you did sounds much more fun than watchin HP movies (although they are fun too, but maybe not all day).
    Hope you get your diet and health sorted out, sounds like it is really difficult, not many people would do what you are doing.

  3. Cinnamon Millet Porridge with Pecans and Sorghum! Good Grief!
    Toast and butter for me I'm afraid, with butter (proper butter) as thick as the toast!

  4. Jerry Seinfeld talked about Nighttime Jerry and Daytime Jerry. Nighttime Jerry always wins and convinces Daytime Jerry to stay up late. Daytime Jerry always has to deal with the consequences. He tells Nighttime that it won't ever happen again. And then...Nighttime Jerry wins again.

  5. Tomato, spinach, and millet sound like a good combination!

  6. Oh Ivy, all the best with finding the foods that work for you.

  7. 2am? Whoa!

    And look at you! Always bringing the bright side. You rock!!

    The tomato spinach combo sounds good! Happy writing and cooking!!

  8. I'm having a "whoa-I've been busy" day myself, hope the fallout tomorrow isn't too terrible. Glad you are recovering and looking on the bright side! Sounds like you have some recipe reconnaissance ahead of ya! (took me 5 times to spell reconnaissance right FYI) ;)

  9. I had to google MILLET...have never heard of it in my looong lifetime. Seems to have a lot of carbs....
    Little Whisk, I do hope you get your foods all lined out for a healthy you again. I eat such junk foods and you just block out the pics of my junk when you come to visit me. Too many...waaay too many SWEETS at my place...and yep, Maple is my favorite, too.
    Sorry in advance....

  10. Sorry you have such struggles with food. You do get to try things that most people never will.
    You do need to get to bed earlier though!

  11. I had to smile at how you described your waking up in a cranky mood, Ivy, because I think we all have at one point or another. I know I have! Take care of yourself and try to get some adequate sleep and rest. Sending you a warm hug. The heat was not on here today but it is on now. It is thermostat controlled so it comes on when it needs to and it is cozy in here. Not hot, but comfortable, which is great for me. :)

  12. Hi Ivy, by the way, thanks for voting on my polls. I just edited my post to explain that it seems like your vote is not registering when you vote, but it does, it just takes a few seconds or so to show. :)

  13. What's with that going to bed at 2AM? You need your sleep young lady... don't let me get there and ground you!
    Yes I'm scolding you :-))

  14. I'm so sorry you're struggling with food again. I thought that was almost a thing of the past. A gentle hug to you. If anyone can beat this thing and figure it all out - it's you!

  15. 2am? That is late for me now in my older years :) I used to be a night owl...feels like a lifetime ago.

    And yet, you find the positive no matter your situation. Must be the wonder woman in you!

  16. I would have enjoyed the HP movies but can totally relate with preparing for fall/winter. Hope you catch up on your rest today.

  17. Sorghum. Ugh. I went to the Sorghum Festival in West Liberty, KY one year (yes, it's a real thing!). Nasty tasting stuff. Doesn't smell all that good, either.

  18. Hope all is well toady! And your recipes are making you healthy!

  19. ... well I gues 2am could be a very late night or a very early morning!

    Hope you're feeling a lot better now.

    All the best Jan