Friday Question: LIVE (from my cutting board) Wild Edibles

It's been a week of plant-walking (because that's a thing), and a few minutes ago I dug these up. Behold, the prettiest cutting board our the trailer park. I just made myself giggle.

Let's get back to Friday Questions, shall we?

Friday Question: What wild edibles have you eaten, either now or as a kid? How did/do you eat them? What did you fancy? What did you not enjoy?

Or... anything you'd like to add/ask.

I had violets yesterday. Enjoyed the blossom but the leaves tasted of perfume. Phew. Not a fan. But the wild onions and garlic. Yeah, baby. That's the good stuff.



Foraging (I'm Hooked)

Last Friday, I ate my first dandelion flower. I didn't know the flowers were edible or sweet. Before this, I've only had store-bought dandelion tea but stopped buying it due to the inflated price tag.

They can suck it, I'll make my own.

Guess what else? In the woods behind our trailer I found wild garlic, wild onions and garlic mustard. All edibles. Today, I spent two hours in the woods and it felt like 20 minutes. I'm hooked.

PS: Here's Bug. Taken today.



Last Friday I hit a new grocery market and my immune system went nuts. I looked like a boiled lobster with braids. Thankfully, I recovered quick.

Up next, we had cupboard ants. I placed everything on folding tables and waited for the queen to die. I struggled to put the kitchen back together. I farted around, wasn't focused and then it hit me, I hate those upper cupboards.

Hate. Them.

So I put my kitchen back together without using the cabinets above the oven and hot dog, those suckers are next on my demo list. Suck on that.

PS: I made ice cream.



Wigglin' Fool (that's me)

Did you ever hit the coffee house, cafe, bookstore or doughnut shoppe, sit at the table with a cuppa something good and earbuds that insist on playing the best songs, as you wiggle in your chair? Whelp, that's me right now. I'm a wigglin' fool and I don't care who knows it.

Guess what? Wouldn't that be weird if you knew the answer?

I woke up today with no breathing issues, which happens when I sand walls (even with my good mask). But yesterday, I used the damp bandana trick along with several sips of raw apple cider vinegar and they worked.

Hot dog!


Hello Monday (your ass is mine)

After a week of on and off health issues, I'm happy to report that this is morning three, of me feeling normal. Which means, I mud for the next few hours in attempt to get all the bedding coats down.

Hello Monday. Your ass is mine.


Spud 'n Mud

Inspired by the air fryer craze, I baked spuds in the oven without oil. Took me three tries to get what I wanted. For today's bake, I changed the shape, lowered the temp and coated with an arrowroot chili-style powder.

Up next, The Husband Test. It's when I make one or more changes to a dish but don't tell Tim. Then I watch him. Sometimes his face gets scrunchy.

As for me, I ate the entire lot. They had a crispy outside and tender fluffy innards. Eww. Innards might not be the best word. Now my face is scrunchy.

In other news, check out my new mud.