05 April 2012

Blogger Problems?

Is anyone else having problems posting pictures on their blog? Or having problems with comments?

Has anyone upgraded to new Blogger yet? I have not.

Baby Guillotine

Not really, but it works great for chopping.  And since I bought it with a gift card and a %40 off coupon, my out of pocket cost was zero, zip, zilch. 

I love that.

Then we hit Wegmans last night and guess how much I paid?  Only $1.91 for the soaps and everything else was free.

I really, really love that.

04 April 2012

Cornbread Muffins

Ages ago, I wrote a formula for cornbread.  I wrote several.  Tested them, one by one.  Then back to the lab for another draft.  Only this time, I accidentally doubled my butter.  Even though I wrote it for half the amount, I still doubled it.

Turned out to be the best cornbread muffins, I ever made.

I love it when stuff like that happens.

I Married a Meat Shield

Yeppers.  When that 04-04-04 date came up, I grabbed myself the biggest meat shield on the block, and married him.

Now some girls play it tough.  They get pissy when guys open doors, call them babe or protect them when needed.

Not me.  Nope.

Even had one lady tell me that I shouldn't cook for Tim.  Yeah, me not cook for my husband.  I don't think so.  It's in my blood to cook for people, especially my husband.

Just like it's in his blood to protect me and if needed, rip someone's head off, should they ever fuck with me.

And I believe that makes this the second time I've F-bombed my own blog.  And again, I'm keeping it in.

03 April 2012

I Love Bagels

They are so yummy.

Before I made my own bagels, I felt intimidated by the recipe.  Years later, I can make them with my eyes closed.

And this past weekend I made a nice big batch.

Eight everything, five salt, and three chili flake.  Felt damn good to be in my own kitchen again.  I love making things.

Hot Dog

I'm on semi-vacation this week and lovin' it.  Headed to work now and then I don't go back until next week.

Hot dog. 

In couponing news, Tim bought me a big-ass binder.  I grew out of my other two already.  But this one should hold me for a bit longer.

Normally, this binder costs 14 bucks, but my guy got it for 2.  2 bucks.  Holy crap on a cracker, that's a good deal.

You Boogerbutts have a good day.  I'm off to chop veg.

But before I go ... check this out.  Last Saturday I still had a wee bit extra in the budget, so I used Olay coupons and rain checks that I'd been sitting on, just in case I could afford them on the last day of my challenge.

And looky here, I got me a great deal.

Six 4-packs of soap: $38.10
After coupons and sales: $6.30
Total Amount saved: $31.80