03 April 2012

Hot Dog

I'm on semi-vacation this week and lovin' it.  Headed to work now and then I don't go back until next week.

Hot dog. 

In couponing news, Tim bought me a big-ass binder.  I grew out of my other two already.  But this one should hold me for a bit longer.

Normally, this binder costs 14 bucks, but my guy got it for 2.  2 bucks.  Holy crap on a cracker, that's a good deal.

You Boogerbutts have a good day.  I'm off to chop veg.

But before I go ... check this out.  Last Saturday I still had a wee bit extra in the budget, so I used Olay coupons and rain checks that I'd been sitting on, just in case I could afford them on the last day of my challenge.

And looky here, I got me a great deal.

Six 4-packs of soap: $38.10
After coupons and sales: $6.30
Total Amount saved: $31.80


  1. That's a good deal Whisk. Olay makes a great product that is usually out of my price range. You are now dubbed Queen of the Boogerbutts and Queen of Coupons. You rule in two realms. Have a good day at work!!

  2. Jealous me...on the work front AND the savings front! I do not have the patience to look for really great deals...I am all about instant gratification!

  3. Hey, you have a great semi-vacation! Any cool things planned?

  4. Good deal! I like the soap on the left (it's the kind I buy).

  5. Anne: I tried them this month for the first time and loved the soap. I haven't tried the purpleish looking one yet, so I only went with one of those. But I love the orange.

    Hope you have a safe trip home.

    Melanie: No patience for good deals? I am not programed to understand, because I love a good deal.

    Trey: Thank you, Sir.

    Ray: I did indeed have fun. I haven't been out on the blogs yet. Hope your game at Lurker's went well this past weekend.

    Bard: We both have tomorrow off for our anniversary, and we still haven't settled on what to do.

    The past weekend was nice though. Just being home, chillin'.

    Stacy: I have only tried the orange so far. But I bought a purplish one to test. For 99 cents, I'll test anything, once.

  6. Happy anniversary, and best wishes for many more!

  7. Bard: Thanks Bunches :-)

    Alex: Well, he knows how much I wanted that big binder and even better, for two bucks.

  8. Hope you have a blast on your semi-cation!