29 November 2018


Hey Boogerbutts! I don't know what to do with this space? I'm lost and mildly frustrated.

The idea was to turn this into a central location for everything, blogs, MeWe, videos, podcasts... but that doesn't feel right either. So, I'm just gonna come back to blogging for now until I figure it out.

In other news, it's a beautiful snow-filled day outside but not so cold that my toes freeze to the fabric of my socks. So that's a plus. And in other, OTHER news, I'm podcasting and I freakin' love it. My last cast is about how I protect my creativity. If that topic interests you, please have a listen.

Protecting My Creativity by The Happy Whisk (direct link podcast)

As for what I'm up to today .....

Protecting My Creativity by The Happy Whisk (podcast direct link)