31 July 2013

I Triple Dog Dare Ya'

I just sent this picture to Rayolla's email and I'm thought, hey why not share it with you guys? As I told Ray, it's green, chunky and oh so good.  Who wants a glass?  Any takers?

I triple dog dare ya'.

29 July 2013

28 Day Reboot

Hello Boogerbutts - My gosh how have you been?  Me, pretty frickin' good.  As some may remember I was gaining each week and feeling super duper pooped.  Well, I'm happy to report that today is Day 9/28 of my reboot and as of Sunday to Sunday, I'm down FIVE HONKIN' pounds.  That's 20 sticks of household butter or 5 bricks of restaurant butter or marge.

Since I don't have any pictures of restaurant butter/marge, let me show you these transparent apples from the Farmer's Market, which are now part of my new favorite drink. 

Raw Ginger
Summer Cucumbers
Organic Raw String Beans
Transparent Apples
Flat Leaf Parsley

Such a fantastic drink.  In fact, I just made 500ml to take with me on second shift prep.  Then home to make some nummy apple sauce with these babies.  Check them out.

Meanwhile, how'd you do this week?  Anything to share?  A new drink?  Snack?  Did you drop? Gain?  Feeling better?

Do tell. 

A yummy juicing combo.  LOVE IT.

28 July 2013

Dig My New Juicer - She's so Pretty

Got it last weekend.  The Omega Vrt 350 HD.  She's one mean machine.  And dig this, we got a store coupon that took 76 smackers off the bill.

Last night I made string bean juice with a few black cherries tossed in.  It was weird, but I liked it.

I'm having fun playing with combinations.  So far I've found the drinks with two or three ingredients taste the best.  Like organic carrots, raw ginger and green apple.  So yummy.

And now, I best be getting on.  I'll be back Monday with the Chubba Bubba Report for anyone that wants to join me.

Until then, cheers and boogie boogie.

18 July 2013

Who owns a Juicer?

After two days, I'm finally showered and dressed.  I've been THAT worn out.  But thankfully, little to no spinal pain.  But I know things aren't right, so onto the doctors for blood work.

Meanwhile, I'm looking super cute in my zombie-tee (see last post).  And after I finish writing this, I'm off to my chores.

Then tomorrow, if all goes right, I'll start an eight day work week and be rewarded with a weekend home with Tim.  Hope so, anyway.  Won't know until I see the schedule tomorrow.

As for my blender, it's on the way out.  I had wanted a professional Vita-Mix (restaurant page, not home cook), but the cost is far beyond my grasp.  So it's might be onto a Breville juicer with blender attachment.  If you have one, I'd love to hear what you think of your machine.  Or what you think of your dedicated juicer, should you have one of those.

As for me, I'm still not sure if I'm going stand alone juicer or the dual package.  Still watching video reviews. 

That wraps it up.  Take care and boogie boogie.

17 July 2013

Nothing Says I Love You like Matching Zombie Tee-Shirts & FREE Crapper Paper

That's right.  Tim and I now own matching zombie tees.  But even better than that, soon we'll have FREE matching crapper paper in both our bathrooms as well.  How you say?

Why I'd be happy to explain ...

Kmart register spit out a coupon.  Spend $75 on apparel and get $20 in FREE Kmart Money (points).  Only the coupon printed AFTER we nearly spent that much already.  So we returned the shirts, added a bright yellow work shirt for me and BAM - $20 in additional points.

Might sound like too much work, but for one extra work shirt (which I needed anyway), it means FREE crapper paper and whatever other useful stockpile goodies we need.

But dig this.  My new prep shirt is two sizes smaller than the pink one I wore to the store.  That's two sizes smaller.

Count 'em, two sizes.  Smaller.  Hot dog.

16 July 2013


Boy, I am dragonass again today.  The past few days have been harder on my body than the days before that.  And yesterday I trained more on hot side.  I'm pooped.

Had hoped work would call me off today, but with this new promotion we're running on burgers, looks like I gotta go.

Most of the morning I spent on the couch.  The great thing about the pups is when they know I am not feeling well, they just cuddle close and use their snuggle powers.

Such good pups.

And with that, I gotta get into my prep clothes, wrap a babuska around my noggin, grab my knife kit and head out.

PS: Last night I ate half a sandwich when I wasn't hungry. 

15 July 2013

I Gained 1.4 Pounds

Hello Boogerbutts and Chubba Bubbas.  I'm at another gain this week of 1.4 - and here's how I feel.

Last week I hit all my exercise goals.  That's the first time I've been able to do that.  Add to it that I only stress ate once and tired ate once.  That's two times.

I love that I know that.

But probably the silliest moment was last night when we bought new shirts.  I was able to fit into smaller shirt than last time and I will tell you this, I did a boogie dance right there in the dressing room.  Ask Tim, he was there.

So scale shh-male.  I'm gonna keep going.

12 July 2013

Friday Question: Chubba Bubba

Who wants to join my Chubba Bubba Club?

On Mondays I post how much I've lost or gained.  Last week for example I went up, but down the week before.  Since posting, I've heard from others also trying to lose the chubba bubba.

So, I figured I'd ask if anyone wants to come back on Monday and tell us what you lost or gained.  We don't need to know your weight, unless you want to share that.  And this won't be a post where we try to fix each other.

Just a fun Monday Weigh-in Report.  Any takers?

11 July 2013

My New Culinary Challenge

Yesterday I trained again on hot side - it's different than the prep I do now, but in the same kitchen.  Hot side is 12 burners at once, with everything due by 11:00 AM.  And let me tell you, it frickin' flies by.

And I mean whoosh.

Mentally, I love the challenge of this new culinary puzzle.  Physically, I not allowed to lift anything heavy.  Long time Boogerbutts may recall it was hot side water jackets, that threw my back out and landed a 2 months on the sidelines.

But that's when I started studying coupon from the couch, thanks to YouTube and TLC.  So all in all, not a bad thing, but still not what I want to happen again.

Today is the day after my hot side training and my head is pounding and I want to call off.  But I won't because either I can do this job, or I go back to cold side only.

I don't want that to happen.

Instead, I'll continue to work on my weight gain, get stronger, and keep moving forward.  At the end of this culinary challenge is a higher raise and better hours.

Having said that, my outlook early this morning wasn't good, because all I wanted was to do was hide under my pillow.

09 July 2013

Butts & Fronts

So here's some butts and fronts.  Why I didn't shoot them together, I really don't know.  Probably too busy dealing with the rash that I broke out in, just being on the lot.

08 July 2013

I GAINED 1.6 Pounds

Whew.  Monday weigh-in report: Up 1.6 pounds.  How 'bout them apples?

Although, it wasn't apples that upped me.  It was these not-so-little processed cookie cream sandwiches, that I kept shoving in my fat face.

I just made myself giggle, writing that.

Anyway, I let tired and stress get me.  But here's the great news.  It's a fresh start with a new week.  So take that, tired and stress.  I'm gonna kick you right in the nuts.

03 July 2013

Who Needs Super Powers?

When I have pretty new sneakers to match my pink iPod.  Add this to my favorite pink jogging bra and I'm a force.  

Now, if I can just get rid of this big white fish belly. 

02 July 2013

Pile of Crap

Having a bit a struggle getting my game face and into work mode today.  Woke a little extra groggy.  But if I can just get through this next shift, I get another two days off.  And tomorrow, I gotta tackle this office.

Tim's side is neat and wonderful and my side looks like a pile of crap.  I don't like that.  So here's me with my game face, on.  You can't see but I'm making a stern go get'em look.

I don't think it's working.

01 July 2013

I Lost 4.6 Pounds

Yeppers.  And I'm pretty darn happy.  Might even add one of them there tracking thingys on my side bar, and update it each time I go down.  Just as soon as I learn how to do that.

Meanwhile, dig my loot.  Thanks for Greg That Dude (check out his blog), I snagged all these drinks for free at Dollar General.  I'll use ALL of these for Thank you gifts to the ladies who give me stacks of coupons inserts. 

As for the Bayer and toothbrushes, those were from Wally's.  I used the overage from the toothbrushes, in combo with Bayer coupons.  They paid me 16 cents.  So I put that wee bit in my overage jar for use another time.

So what else?  Today and tomorrow I'm second shift preppie.  Then two days off.  One with Tim.  Not too shabby.  I'm so glad I requested this past weekend off because after so many years of working weekends, it was just nice to have a proper weekend together.

My Plan: Request one weekend off per month.

My Other Plan: Drop 14 pounds.

My Other Other Plan:  Be able to jog again.

Dollar General Promotion:
Buy 3 Country Times @$1 each.
Promotion removed $2 @register.
Coupon removed $1.

Total Paid: ZERO

Same deal with the Capri Suns.  
For Wally: I had 3/$7 Oral B coupons, and 1/$4 off 2 Bayers.
They paid me 16 cents to leave the store.