30 January 2015

Friday Question

There's only one thing I love about the Super Bowl, and that's the great sales on avocados. Good golly, Miss Molly. Love me some avocados. I could eat one a day.

Any avocado fans out there?

29 January 2015

Planning My Kill

Whew. My body is just a tad extra tired this morning. But I've got my hair up, sneakers on, and it's time to chop chickens, and stash the parts away in freezer boxes.

Other than that, I'll get a few chores done but today is all about planning my kill.

Wegmans accepts doublers from my local Tops. That means every $1 coupon will double to the tune of 2 smackers, each.

For Christmas, Tim gave me 4, $25 gift cards. This weekend, I get to break into our stash and buy some fun allergy-friendly ingredients, organic baking ingredients, and GOOD vanilla extract.

Been sittin' on this money since Christmas. But now, I'm gonna make my kill.

Best Hubby, EVER

28 January 2015

Writing & Coffee

It's Wednesday night, after supper. Me at the kitchen table with pencil and paper, Tim tip tapping at his keyboard. I LOVE being married to a writer.

Know what else I love?

Local maple syrup with vanilla biscotti coffee.

Life is good.

27 January 2015


Hot dog. Got another walk done using Monster. I even jogged, today. Just a wee bit of a jog, and only for one song but so what, I'll take it.

As for the dog treats, Martha hit the nail on the head.

It was my fault. I made a frozen dog treat that smells so good, it put Wiggy into, bat crap crazy mode.

Smells darn near the same going in as it does coming out. Thanks to it being freezing outside, treat looks about the same too.

Won't be doing that again.

Cookie Crumbles

Tim and I are about to close the lid on another good day.  Even though supper got ditched and Wiggy won't stop eating her own poop.

But that's the way the cookie crumbles. Some meals get ditched due to bad meat, other times, dogs eat their poo.

What are ya' gonna do?

26 January 2015


I was in my apron by 7 this morning and out of it by 2:10 this afternoon. That's a solid set, and I'm happy with my day.

Now, I'm sitting at the kitchen table, listening to music, as both pups take turns going out in the snow, every four minutes. Also, last night I cut my own bangs.

It didn't end well.


23 January 2015

Friday Question

White, gold, orange, blue, purple, yellow or red, potatoes are one of my favorite foods. They're low in cost (at my markets), nutrient-rich, and versatile.

If I had to give up potatoes, I'd be one unhappy and cranky whisk.

Is there an ingredient or food group that you'd be sad to give up? Or, have already given something up that you miss?

Do tell. Do tell.

21 January 2015


My day whooshed by, and not one darn chore, completed. As an incentive, if I get my butt in gear now, then tomorrow, I'll get to bake dog treats, as I practice making videos and talking to myself.

New Day - New Fun

I'm offline this morning, no doubt, getting myself into trouble. While I'm away, please enjoy the walrus.

So flippin' cute.

20 January 2015

Coffin Lid

This past weekend we were gator-deep with expanding Tim's publishing area. We dialed out for pizza, regular for him, cheese-free veggie explosion, for me. And don't you know it, my face broke out in a blotchy rash.


Ah well, live and learn. That about wraps it up. Time to drop the lid on this coffin and get some shuteye.


19 January 2015

Ding Dong Done

We just finished Tim's office. Now he can run his printing press on one side, as he draws maps, on the other.

Not too shabby.

The answer to Friday's Question was, organic yellow corn tortilla chips. Aldi sells them and for not being homemade, these little crispy treats are pretty good.

If you played, please enjoy your three ice cubes, two pipe cleaners, and a great BIG bag of dust.

As for us, we're enjoying our three-day weekend. Awake all kinds of hours, got dial-out dinner, and today, with any luck, we'll have a great big fat snow storm, and a freshly baked batch of homemade bagels. But for now, we're headed to watch Ghost Adventures.

Ah, the good life.

18 January 2015

Zines, Maps & Writing

It's after two in the morning and our double office is torn up and moved about. I'm sitting at the kitchen table, and Frankenberry is moving the last table in place.

When Tim left earlier today, I decided that I no longer needed my second workbench, so I broke that down to give him more room for his zines, maps and writing.

I just realized I stopped writing this post and was zoning out. I might be the worst helper, ever.

Tim just put on CHOPPED. Now I don't have to stare into space. He's such a good Honey Bunny.

I think I'll make him pancakes.

16 January 2015

Friday Question

To win three ice cubes, two pipe cleaners and one big bag of dust, tell me what this is?

I'll be back tomorrow or Monday with the answer and prizes. Until then, have an oogie boogie weekend with lots of good foods and fun.

Cheers & thanks for playing.

14 January 2015

SketchBook & Smooches

If all goes to plan, by the time this post is publishes, I'll be apron-deep in bakes, messes and all kinds of food writing fun.

If not, then I'll be resting and using my new SketchBook program that I downloaded for free.  Love that.

It's about that time of year when I take over Hubby's blog, and turn Gothridge Manor into Valentine FUN.

Nothing like a new art program to girly up the place.

13 January 2015

Food Moody

I'm hanging out in the movie room, suckin' on garlic like some witchy women, trying to heal this thing growing on the inside of my cheek.

There's two passed out pups and one Christmas movie playing. I still haven't eaten yet because I'm food moody, so I looked through my photos and found this one.

Sweet potatoes cooked in refined coconut oil and topped with good honey. This is one of my go-to quick fires when NOTHING else sounds good.

Meanwhile, I still need at least one more day of rest. Thanks for the all the well-wishes yesterday. Hope to be back in my lab tomorrow.

Eyeballs, crossed.

12 January 2015

I Feel Like a Big Fart

The plan was simple. Spend Sunday cooking and baking meals so that today, I could write dog treat and practice making videos.

Instead, I feel like a big fart because my throat is swollen, sore and I'm gonna stay in my Valentine's Day jams, and hide in the Lemon Tart Room.

Anyway, here's a picture I took last week. Only now, the top box is jam-packed with homemade calzones, and that white-lidded box has pizza slices.

Having these homemade frozen meals, makes days like today, so much easier. Because even if I didn't have food made in the fridge, we could live off these.

I love that. So much.

And that my Boogerbutts closes my Monday post. After I hit publish, I'm gonna snuggle between two pups and watch New Zealand's Masterchef, along with The Great British Bake-Off. Because if I can't be in my own kitchen, at least I can watch a these two killer shows.

Eyeballs crossed that I'm back in my lab tomorrow, making peanut butter treats, and practice videos.

Until then, have an oogie boogie day.

Homemade Frozen Waffle Box
Freezer Ingredient Boxes

11 January 2015


Here's one of the things that Frankenberry surprised me with, on Christmas. How great is this shirt? I flippin' love it.

Meanwhile, it's nearly 7pm on Sunday night and all my Sunday Bakes are officially done. Only thing left is to clear down my kitchen.

Then tomorrow, I get to write and bake dog treats all ding dong day long. Know why? Because I've got meals made straight up until Wednesday lunch.

Yeah, baby. Life is good.

Frozen Poop

08 January 2015

Skull & Bones

Yesterday, I had a great day writing recipes. Best part, the kitchen was cleared down by three and I was showered and taking notes at the kitchen table, by four.

Other best part, I get to do it all over again, today.

I love that.

Know what else I love? My husband. So after food writing yesterday, I made him these skull & bone chocolates with crushed candy canes.

So fun.

07 January 2015

What to Bake? What to Bake?

I just had a bowl of clean chicken stock, with shredded carrots and organic baby spinach.  So flippin' good.

Meanwhile, it's a new day and I've got dried cranberries, toasted coconut and dark chocolate on the brain.

Hmmm ... What to bake? What to bake?

06 January 2015

Smacked in the Face

I did some good recipe writing. Found a way to increase the peanut butter taste and smell of the dog treats, with less product. Instead of adding the peanut butter into the flour, now I make peanut butter milk using 2TB of peanut butter and 100ml of water. Blitz in the food processor, as my blender is out of commission.

When I open the tin of dog treats, I get smacked in the face with peanut butter. Which is perfect because the pups go nuts for peanut butter.

So much fun.

Okay, break is over. I'm headed back to the kitchen to refill my waffle box. Today, it's vanilla spelt waffles. Tonight, waffles and bacon (I'm out of chicken).

Cheers and boogie boogie.

PS: Dig my new Wiggy banner. She's a great pup.

Meatball Nose

Today was going to be my Valentine banner but when I saw Wiggy's sweet little face and her meatball nose, I had to go with this.

Besides, I've got plenty of time for smoochie face hearts. Though last week I made my first batch of Valentine heart dog biscuits. I'd show you a picture but the pups gobbled them all up.

That's all from me. Boogie boogie.

05 January 2015

No Milk, No Butter, No Problem

I'm not here today. I'm writing allergy-friendly bakes. This wasn't the direction I planned on taking my food writing, but as it turns out, I'm a good fit for the job.

Which makes sense, I've been doing this forever - creating recipes to fit our needs at the moment.

This week, I'm writing a cookie recipe for a friend who has food allergies that are worse than my snot-filled, gummy-throat dairy allergy. His allergy list is also more challenging, but I'm determined to write a safe bake.

What a fun challenge.

You Boogerbutts have a yummy day & boogie boogie :-)

04 January 2015

What's for Lunch?

It's lunchtime and I'm not sure what to make. Maybe a batch of homemade chicken meatballs and sauce. Although, sweet potatoes sound good, too.  Or maybe pancakes.

Yep. That's the one. Pancakes sound the best. How about you? What's for lunch, at your house?

03 January 2015

Pooped, I Say - POOPED!

I'm pooped today. Thinking, no bakes for right now. Maybe later. Hope so, because last night I bought spotted nanners for an allergy-friendly waffle idea.

Tim just walked past me, looking for socks to toss in the wash. Wiggy loves socks. The stinkier the better. Bug loves Tim's hat, same rule applies.

And that my Boogerbutts, concludes my Saturday post. Frankenberry has great music on. I'm gonna catch up on blogs and daydream about waffles.