31 January 2013

Fresh Tea, My Ass

This tea maker sucks monkey balls, is what the blog post title should be.  By far the crappiest tea maker I've ever used.  Absolute crap.

Back it goes.

So tonight I hit the Big K and picked up these bad boys.  I've never made tea in these before, but the non-chicken stock pots I have now are too small, and I got these for a good deal.

The new pots are below, where you'll see Tim making scary hands.

Meanwhile, I'm off to make a big thing of tea, the way my Hungarian Gram taught me, on stove top boiling away like a witches cauldron. Then cooled and sweetened.

I can't wait until sun tea season, because that's my MOST favorite.  And that folks, brings me to post 20, which means I hit my goal for the month of January.

Hot dog.

Until next month, cheers and boogie boogie.


30 January 2013

Is That Romance or What?

I'm trying to hit 20 posts by the end of January.  Only I don't have all that much to say right now.  Unless you want to hear about the avocado I just ate.

It was yummy.

I'd show you a picture but as soon as I cracked that baby open, I had to take a bite.  No self control.  But at least now I have post eighteen.  Only two more to go.

Meanwhile tonight on our ride home we stopped at the post.  That's where I get a good number of coupon inserts because people toss them aside like the coupons aren't even money.

But the best part was watching Tim picking though one of the bins.  I ask you.  Is that romance or what? 

This is My Scary Hand

Looks like my old prep job might be bust.  Turns out that before me and my old prep buddy talked with the big boss, he'd already promised the full-time gig to another girl.  Last I heard, she wasn't sure if she wanted it, but did want a second interview to talks things out.

Blah blah blah.

Meanwhile, it was great to get out today.  Had lunch with a friend and her mom.  They want to learn couponing, which is cool with me.  It's a fun little hobby.  And they told me about another full-time job opening, which comes with insurance, weekends off, and nights home.

No Cinderella shifts.

As for the neck, it's healing.  I'll be off work for a bit more.  But we've got our stockpile.  Speaking of which, I hit Kmart today for stockpile items and new cleaning gloves.  Two pairs.  One for the crappers and the other for dishes.

And I didn't even use a coupon on them.  Look at me, spending money like someone who has a job.

This is my scary hand.
I am going to get Miss Wiggy.
But wait, there's Baby Bug.
I'm going to squish her head.

27 January 2013

Spidey Sense

Not only good for sensing danger but also when browsing the cookery section of Barnes.  Because that little spidey sense told me to go around the corner and when I did, I saw this.

How about that?

Meanwhile, I'm drained, and my skeleton feels heavy.  Though overall, the neck does feel better, and my back hasn't fallen asleep in two days.

Both good things.

And while it was nice to go out yesterday, I think the trip mixed with the excitement of possibly getting my old job back, just has me pooped.

Pooped, I say.  Pooped.

But I've got a nice honkin' stack of Sunday coupons, two snuggly dogs and nowhere to be.  And with any luck, by this time tomorrow night, I'll know if I have my old job back.

Wonder Woman on the left-side pages.
Wonder Woman on the right (notice the RED boots).
The back cover that turns into a pocket.
And what's better than having one Wonder Woman book?
That's right.  Two Wonder Woman books.

26 January 2013

Frozen Turd

I want my old job back.  I don't know for sure how it will work out but I talked with my old prep buddy yesterday and there's a full-time opening.  So I put a call into my old boss.

Now I wait.

If you know me, you know I frickin' loved being a prep cook.  Everything about it, but I left because of hours and we believed the pizza shoppe was going to go a lot differently.

It didn't.  

So now I wait to hear back from the big boss.  Fingers and eyeballs crossed.  Meanwhile Tim just let Baby Bug in and she's running through the office with a frozen turd on a leaf.

I wish I was kidding.

24 January 2013

Tired of the Pain

Hey Boogerbutts - Just a quick post to check in and let you know that I'm still alive, though in pain.  The spinal problems flared up again and I'm off work for a little bit.  It's not all that bad though, just lots of resting.  Though I'm moving about a bit today, and that feels nice.

And if all goes well at the doctors tomorrow, I'll get to hit Barnes cafe for some light reading and rest. 

In baking news, I'm still at it, though I do cheats.  Like yesterday's croutons made from leftover homemade bread.  Just simple stuff for now, to get me through.

As for couponing, I haven't been to the market all that much in past weeks.  I think I'm at about $100 spent for the entire month, which include toiletries and foods.  My January budget is $200 so to keep it at half, thrills me.

And that's about it.  I can't sit too long at the computer so I best be going.  I'll be about soon though, to play catch up on all your blog posts.  Wishing you well.

Mini sub rolls topped with everything seasoning.   I later used these for homemade croutons.  Stay tuned for easy recipe.

Cheers and boogie boogie.

11 January 2013

My Latest Bakes

I love baking.  And since I don't go to work until later tonight, I've got plenty of time to bake, bake, bake.

This whole 100 Days of Baking challenge has really made all those Cinderella shifts better.  Now I don't feel so trapped and worthless - which is nice.

Instead, I'm writing bakes each day and testing them.  At the end, I'll have 100 sheets done, click Best Husband Ever, if you want to see the progress sheets.

Meanwhile, here's a few things I've done so far.

Garlic Cheese Blobs
Horseradish Cracker
Horseradish Cracker (no topping)
Chocolate Almond Cookies

10 January 2013

Me & The Pups

Today I'm home from work and couponing from the couch.  Easy day.  Haven't even gotten dressed yet.

But who can blame me?  Look at these pups.  They make it nearly impossible to get anything else done.

PS: That wee bit of green robe at the bottom right is me.

09 January 2013

Best Husband, Ever

Check out these progress sheets Tim made me for my 100 Days of Baking.  Now I'll have proper documentation and at the end, 100 pages of bakes that I wrote.

I love my husband.  He's definitely getting some tonight.

And, and, and, look at the space up top.  Perfect for writing oven temps, times, yields, title and all that stuff.  This works for me because I have numerous pages of formulas without titles and temps.  And I'm always writing on whatever pages I can find, sometimes even on backs of old coupons.

Well no more.

Good bye mad scientist.  Hello organized baker.  Even better, hello organized food writer.  Yeppers, that's me.

08 January 2013

Wham Bam

I think we discovered the reason for sore ribs.  This is wedged between us at night.

She does this pose and then Wiggy does the full dead dog as we call it.  It's when her limbs extend and go stiff as a board.  Toss in her snoring and you've really got a party.

Meanwhile, I'm off to work.  Just a quick wham bam shift - four hours.  And thankfully, no flu yet.

Fingers and paws crossed.
Image Expands

07 January 2013

I Feel Achy & Blah

Maybe I overslept, maybe it's all the coupon hoopla from the weekend, but I feel achy this morning.  My ribs hurt and I feel blah.

So I'm wrapped in my robe with a nice cuppa, watching Neverland on NetFlix.  And thanks to the best husband in the world, I don't have any chores this morning at home.  Noppers.

Yesterday when I was at the pizza shoppe, Tim cleaned the house and even scrubbed the kitchen.  And believe me, after all this baking, the kitchen really needed a good scrub.

He's such a good egg.  Meanwhile, that's all from me.

Signed Your Friend,
Achy & Blah

PS: I made garlic cheese blobs for last night's bake.

05 January 2013

Coupon Extravaganza

It's mega coupon weekend with some newspapers having upwards of six, count 'em six inserts.

In my hot little hands I have four early editions, carrying three inserts each.  It ain't six, but I'm okay with that.

Then tomorrow morning, I'll head out and see what the various Sunday papers have.  

Last year I missed out on all this hoopla because I hadn't started couponing yet (started Feb 4th).  But I'm happy to be a part of it this weekend.  And, I don't work tonight.

Meanwhile, it's Saturday night, we're having buttsteak, fried eggs and breakfast potatoes with a big side of coupons, coupons, and more coupons.

Plus tonight's bake, which I have yet to do.  I'm thinking something easy like dog treats.  Or maybe I'll toss together a brown loaf to go with tomorrow's stew.

Enjoy your night & as always, boogie boogie.

04 January 2013

Who Wants Cookies?

Because I baked buttload. Yeppers I did, and there's plenty to go 'round, if you don't mind eating experimental batches.

For last night's bake, I used high-fiber instant oats.  Not something I normally bake but when I get a ton of it couponing, well then you can bet I'm gonna bake with it.

And bake I did.  Two batches last night using maple oats, peanut butter and chocolate.  The first batch I went with a crispy sort of treat and the second a more fluffy texture.

And for today's bake, I went with chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.  Not an oat or groat in site.

So many cookies and only one belly.

02 January 2013

Didn't Suck Monkey Balls

It must be the magic of baking before work, that makes things much better once I'm there.  Because tonight didn't totally suck monkey balls. 


Instead it whooshed by and I was happy to be saving for a house.  And before I left for work, I put today's bake on the table, for Tim.  There's a few mistakes but I'm happy with it.

I did what Paul Hollywood suggested which was put a roasting pan of cold water at the bottom of the oven, before baking.  And use oil for kneading instead of extra flour.

Worked great.  Cannot wait to get my new book.

Well, it's getting late and I need to shower and get to bed.  You Boogerbutts have a good night, or depending on where you live, have an excellent morning.

Thanks for reading and boogie boogie.

My Book Shipped

Tim just called me from work to tell me that my book from the UK shipped out this morning.  Woohoo.  I've been watching The Great British Bake Off and videos of Paul Hollywood baking, and I am so happy to soon have How to Bake in my hot little hands.

I've already improved my baking just with a few tips.  Like today's bake (still rising), I used oil instead of flour to knead and Paul was right.  It's a brilliant technique.


Meanwhile, here's a shot of last night's bake.  My bread split on the sides (bad baker, bad baker), but still tasted mighty good this morning.  I toasted it and topped it with cream cheese and lekvár (Hungarian jam - homemade).

100 Days of Baking has me feeling MUCH better about work.  Sure, it's not my culinary dream job.  In fact, I still miss my old prep cook job, but the pizza shoppe gives me steady full-time hours.  And that's what we need to do to get a house.  So I just have to keep on baking whilst I keep my eyes of the BIG PRIZE (a house).

Our house.

Anyway, I wrote a ton here, long blog for me.  So thanks to those who are still reading and thanks to the two Bloggers that pushed me over the 300 reader mark.  Cool beaners.

Until next bake, cheers and boogie boogie.

01 January 2013

404 Posts & 100 Days of Bakes

Holy crap, 404 posts.  Can't believe it.  And, I'm nearly at 300 readers.  Very cool.

In baking news, I'm well over a week into my 100 Days of Baking.  Since I can't find a local pastry class, I thought I'd toss myself into a 100 Days of Baking, challenge. 

I'm excited to see how much my bakes improve during the challenge.  And it's already made me feel better about all those crappy Cinderella shifts. 

And that about wraps it up.  We're off to watch the finale of my most favorite baking show, The Great British Bake Off - Tonight we see who wins.  Very excited.  Love this show.

And, and, and, guess what? Tim just now ordered me Paul Hollywood's How to Bake from the UK.  Cannot wait to get my paws on that book, and start learning.

Thanks to all you Boogerbutts.  I appreciate your time and often funny comments. Thanks for reading.

Until next post, cheers and boogie boogie.

Last Night's Bake

It's a plain loaf with a mixture of brown and white flour and topped with egg wash an organic everything seasoning.

Then for today's bake I'm going with another plain loaf, only this time I'm using a loaf pan.  Been awhile since I baked with one, so I'm curious.  The dough is rising as I type.

Meanwhile, it's New Coupon Day, which means lots of new coupons available to print from home.  It's like printing money from my computer and I love it.

And in other news, I don't have to go to work today.