01 January 2013

404 Posts & 100 Days of Bakes

Holy crap, 404 posts.  Can't believe it.  And, I'm nearly at 300 readers.  Very cool.

In baking news, I'm well over a week into my 100 Days of Baking.  Since I can't find a local pastry class, I thought I'd toss myself into a 100 Days of Baking, challenge. 

I'm excited to see how much my bakes improve during the challenge.  And it's already made me feel better about all those crappy Cinderella shifts. 

And that about wraps it up.  We're off to watch the finale of my most favorite baking show, The Great British Bake Off - Tonight we see who wins.  Very excited.  Love this show.

And, and, and, guess what? Tim just now ordered me Paul Hollywood's How to Bake from the UK.  Cannot wait to get my paws on that book, and start learning.

Thanks to all you Boogerbutts.  I appreciate your time and often funny comments. Thanks for reading.

Until next post, cheers and boogie boogie.


  1. Congrats on 404 babe. And I am enjoy the 100 day of baking. Although I am going to need to dust off that treadmill beside me and go for more walks.

  2. Happy New Year! You can bake for me anytime ;) Enjoy your challenge and your book!

  3. Congrats on the over 400 posts! I'm two years into blogging and just hit 200. I resolve to blog less next year. Christ, I'll hit 400 in 2015 sometime!

    Happy Baking!!!

  4. Good news about the 404 posts. Great fun with your Baking Challenge. May 2013 be all you wish it to be!

  5. Tim: You and me both. Thanks again for the book. Smooch.

    alexia: Thanks, can't wait.

    Anne: Hahahaha, your comment made me laugh. Glad you're out there though. Good blog, fantastic blogger.

    Roland: Thanks bunches for reading. Cheers and boogie boogie.

  6. Happy baking! Congrats on the post count as well. Great stuff!

  7. You've been baking a lot recently, but I didn't know you were doing 100 days of it - that sounds like a challenge. The again, I'm guessing you'll be in a rhythm very quickly if you're not already, and the project almost drives itself because of the rewards in good food that come out of it.

    There's been a lot more baking than usual here too lately, not least because having the oven on so much makes the place much cosier. One or two of the things you've posted pictures of so far lit up my eyes and triggered the idea of making a version, or something similar at least. Baking is a fine thing, and it can be healthy for body and mind both.

    Anyway, Tim's still got it very good. Even feeling a stronger urge to go on the treadmill is a pretty useful spin-off.

  8. I wish I had time to bake. That used to be my favorite part about running a restaurant.

    Congrats on 404!

  9. I've heard about the Great British Bake Off, and I think they even have some nice hunks in there?

  10. So what kind of baking party are you planning for post 444?

  11. You do the baking, I'll do the eating, then we will boogie, boogie. How's that for a plan?

  12. Tim Knight: Thanks. I'm having more fun this past month than I have in a long time, blogging.

    Porky: Thank you for the kind and thoughtful comment. I just sent you a private email.

    Yes, you are right, I'm in the rhythm and that pretty much happened right way. Just something so fun about all the experiments and the learning.

    Love it, love it.

    Anne: No time to bake? I don't even know what that means, because it's my bliss. I love writing bakes and then testing them.

    DEZMOND: They have wildly talented home bakers, who inspire me to be a better baker. Just a fantastic show. Fantastic.

    Stacy: That is an excellent question.

    Keepin: We'll need to boogie to burn off all these bakes.

  13. Wow, that's a lot of baking! Best of luck and Happy New Year!

  14. Southpaw: I can't find a good class to join, so this felt like the right kind of challenge.

    Happy 2013 :-)

    PS: I still can't post a comment on your blog :-(

  15. Congrats on taking on 100 days of baking~ I look forward to hearing about lots of yummy baked items :)

  16. Jess: Thanks bunches. I look forward to writing about them.

    How's the baby bump?

  17. Tim is such a lucky fella, good luck on the 100 days, that simply sounds awesome. I recently have started cooking more around the house and just made my first tarts over the holiday for visiting family. It was a simple recipe but went over fairly well. I gather much inspiration from your amazing baking skills.

    Good luck in your challenge, I look forward to watching your blog!

  18. matt: So great to hear that you are cooking more. I remember you wanting to do that. What kind of tarts did you make?

    Thanks for the wonderful comments. You are very kind.

  19. I seem to write about 120-160 blogs in a year, so I think I'll hit four hundred at some point this year.

  20. So interesting, I love baking and wait to see how things are going with you and this challenge ;)

  21. Food Lover: I am learning a way lot about myself as a baker, and the bakes themselves.

    Thanks for the interest.

    Happy Cooking & Baking :-)