01 January 2013

Last Night's Bake

It's a plain loaf with a mixture of brown and white flour and topped with egg wash an organic everything seasoning.

Then for today's bake I'm going with another plain loaf, only this time I'm using a loaf pan.  Been awhile since I baked with one, so I'm curious.  The dough is rising as I type.

Meanwhile, it's New Coupon Day, which means lots of new coupons available to print from home.  It's like printing money from my computer and I love it.

And in other news, I don't have to go to work today.



  1. Just add some cheese and a bottle of wine and call it dinner!

  2. mmmm bread nom nom I'd dip it in some mayo :)
    Do you have some nice recipe for a bread without active yeast?

  3. Dana: Thanks.

    Alex: I've got coupons for cheese.

    DEZMOND: What kind of bread are you looking for?

    I recently made an Irish soda bread that doesn't use yeast. But it didn't come out correctly because I accidentally did baking powder.

    Savannah: Nice to see you blogging, again.

  4. Boo to work but hooray to new coupon day!! My printer did it's rounds yesterday for the EOM.

    Be well!!

  5. Once again, I get cravings whenever I turn up at this blog!

  6. William: And we have a 100 days of it. Wish I could teleport some out to you Boogerbutts.