31 December 2012


Dig this bad boy.  Been playing around with pork butt steaks, shoulder butts, and any variation that I can buy for under two bucks.  And today, I landed me a big ol' buttload.

So far I've made butt steaks with fried eggs and breakfast potatoes.  Pork and beans and butt soup.  The soup was my favorite, so far.  I'll take pictures when I make it next time and post the steps.

Meanwhile, I'm off to my Cinderella shift, but thankfully, we close at eight.  And tomorrow, I get to play with all this meat.  That's right, break out the FoodSaver, it's party time.

Cheers and boogie boogie.


  1. Mmmm...I am thinking Carolina Pulled Pork with some awesome home baked rolls.


  2. Oooh, pulled pork! Yum!! I could go for that, too.

  3. Got my giant butt too ready for sauerkraut, PA Dutch style.

  4. talk real slow... when you cook this beast... i am all ears.

  5. Now that is an attention-getting post title! Glad you'll be out of there early tonight. And I'm not touching that play with the meat comment for anything...

  6. I like big pork butts and I cannot lie, you other carnivores can't deny.

  7. oh, poor little animal who went into that :((( He/she was someone's mother or father :(
    Did I tell you I'm a vegetarian?

  8. Happy New Year darling Whisk!! :) xxxxx

  9. I use the term buttload all the time. :)

    Have a Happy New Year!

  10. First boobs, and now butts. What is the Whisk's page coming to?

    Happy New Year, Ivy, and Tim as well!

  11. I don't believe I've ever had butt before. Lemme see the piccies first, then I'll decide whether I'll eat it.

  12. Ken: I've never had that. Sounds yummy.

    Stacy: It does sound good.

    Ray: I swear, I was in the meat isle a few weeks back and I got two steaks, that read butt steak.

    Had to try it. It was only two bucks for the both of them.

    Keepin': Cool beans. Never had it with sauerkraut before.

    Lurker: Me too!

    iZombie: I will post pictures and the steps.

    Alex: Thanks, I was glad to get done early. Was a treat. And a slow night, which wasn't too bad.

    Jason: I was just signing I like big butts song. Catchy little tune.

    DEZMOND: Hello VegHead. I was a VegHead for most my life until recently.

    Gloria: Happy New Year :-)

    Matt: It's a great term.

    Boric: I know, boobs and butts. That'll have to be another post.

    mshatch: It's super cheap when it goes on sale. And I swear, it's not as bad as the name.

  13. We've been experimenting with pork shoulder a lot...never thought I'd love shoulder as much as butt, but it's been close a few times!

  14. I don't cook a lot of pork but I am interested to see what you make of it ~ My family is half vegetarian that is why ~

    Happy New Year ~

  15. Jess: Shoulders, butt shoulders and butts have been on big time sales lately. Hope you're getting them for a good deal and making lots of nummy things.

    Grace: I was a VegHead most my life, and would cook a meat meal and a meatless one. Does your family like to cook?

  16. I took my youngest to the store with me once. As I was perusing the meat section I looked down to see him BITING! a pork butt. There it was, full of his little teeth marks. I laughed and asked him what the hech he was doing and he replied, "Uh, I'm biting the meat!" like I was an idiot for asking. So funny!

  17. christian: I laughed at the last part, like you were an idiot for asking. It's like duh. Kids, they crack me up.

  18. Add in some honey mustard into the baking process, and voila....