30 December 2012

Today's Bake

I wish you could smell our kitchen.  Cheese, onions, roasted potatoes and roasted corn.  Absolute heaven. 

Up next, smoked ham with a real maple, brown sugar and butter sauce.  So frickin' good.  And I'm not a big ham fan.

Then after that, it's off to my Cinderella shift at work.  There's four in the lineup this week, but the good news is, none of them followup with an early morning open shift.

And when I get grumpy at work today, I'll just think about tomorrow's bake.  What shall it be?  What shall it be? 

Until then, stay safe and eat well.

I made six personal sized potato bake bowls. 


  1. Just don't bake grumpy!!
    So, when's dinner.

  2. Alex: Okay dokey, I won't. Dinner is anytime you get here. Bring the wife, and I'll skip the pizza shoppe. Because, who needs a house?

  3. The ham sounds amazing! We just had some for Christmas, and I'm already ready for more. :)

  4. Just the thought of that sauce has me salivating...

  5. Dana: That's a lot of pins on your post. Oy, again.

  6. William: It's not too shabby. Even goes good drizzled over the potatoes. Yum yum.

  7. Stuck my head out the door and sniffed. I think you need to open your windows in order to send some my way.

    Our kitchen was fragrant last night...I did a stir fry riff on Szechaun chicken and cooked up some lightly seasoned brown basmati rice.

  8. I love me my potatoes...you know that.

  9. mmmm cheese and potatoes..... I'm singing an epic tune!

  10. Yum. My very pregnant belly wants some of this inside it :)

  11. My golly that looks yummy, Whisk!

  12. I'm a huge fan of ham. I always tell the Hubby "If I was going to have a love affair, it would be with a ham" Add maple and brown sugar and I just might marry it!

  13. Salty pork and maple were made for each other.

  14. Okay, I guess that makes ONE good thing about cooking. It makes the house smell goooooood. Unless, of course, you cook something stinky!

    Have fun baking!!

  15. Funny, but when you said, "big ham fan" I immediately though of Chris Farley going, "Da bears."

  16. You get grumpy at work? That neeeever happens to me. Never. Wait... what's happening to my nose? It must be an allergy.

    Anyway, I was reading this boring book when all of a sudden there was this whiff... this wonderful smell coming through my closed window... First I thought it was dear Gloria from, you know, Canela Kitchen, but it was you.

  17. Ken: I had the window open but Tim made me shut it. He was cold.

    I never ate Szechaun chicken, but I love brown basmati. So good.

    Lurker: I know you do. I love them too. One of my most favorite foods. Num, num.

    DEZMOND: That's a good tune.

    Jess: I wish I could send it to you.

    Ray: I bet you're happy to have Lurker back, even though you won't admit it.

    Elsie: Thanks bunches.

    Anne: We sell ham subs more than any other kind of sub, at work. People really dig it.

    Ken: They really were.

    Stacy: ONE good thing? ONE good thing?

    Trey: How goes you?

    Hanny: I'll have to Google that. But I do remember him.

    Grumpy: Cranky, grumpy, pissy, all those things.

    Gloria makes WONDERFUL goodies.

    mshatch: It was nummy.

  18. Many thanks for your wishes my dear friend!
    My kitchen smell beautiful today, beacause I made pie for Santa Claus!
    Into the pie there is a coin. Whoever finds the family, will be lucky and blessed in the new year.
    Cut the pie New Years Eve at twelve at night.
    I wish you a very happy new year!
    Many kisses

  19. Your blog is full of tasty delights...very nice to meet you ~

  20. I bet your house smells amazing!

    Happy New Year!

  21. Grace: Wonderful to meet you and thank you for the kind words.

    Sherry: Sometimes it does. Other times like when I burn stuff in the oven, not so much.

    Happy 2013 :-)

  22. I love your blog! This looks delicious. I don't usually like potatoes, but with all that extra stuff in there, I bet it hides the texture.

  23. Nicole: Welcome and thanks for the nice words. As for the potatoes, the texture is a lovely cubed and roasted potato. Simple but delicious.