27 January 2013

Spidey Sense

Not only good for sensing danger but also when browsing the cookery section of Barnes.  Because that little spidey sense told me to go around the corner and when I did, I saw this.

How about that?

Meanwhile, I'm drained, and my skeleton feels heavy.  Though overall, the neck does feel better, and my back hasn't fallen asleep in two days.

Both good things.

And while it was nice to go out yesterday, I think the trip mixed with the excitement of possibly getting my old job back, just has me pooped.

Pooped, I say.  Pooped.

But I've got a nice honkin' stack of Sunday coupons, two snuggly dogs and nowhere to be.  And with any luck, by this time tomorrow night, I'll know if I have my old job back.

Wonder Woman on the left-side pages.
Wonder Woman on the right (notice the RED boots).
The back cover that turns into a pocket.
And what's better than having one Wonder Woman book?
That's right.  Two Wonder Woman books.


  1. And what are you gonna do with the second book then?

  2. Ray: I don't know. I'm even afraid to use the first book. So right now they are on my desk.

  3. I was just going to ask what you were going to use them for. I have so many cool journals that I've never written in...

  4. Dana: It's crazy, us writers and our journals. I might use one for a food journal but I dunno.

    The pressure.

  5. I believe they may have the ability to deflect bullets if you strap them to your wrists.

    Legal disclaimer: this should by no means be interpreted as advice or counsel to strap said books to your wrists and attempt to fight crime and/or deflect bullets with said books.

    Such use of the books may cause nausea, gastrointestinal distress, carpal tunnel distress, baldness, eye strain, loss of hearing, sensitivity to sunlight, sensitivity to darkness, sparkling, migraines, increased thoughts of suicide, ED, some forms of cancer, loss of libido, among other side effects.

    Do not taunt the books.

  6. That journal is really cool!
    And I like the header with the pups. They look happy.

  7. I love that book! It goes so well with my WW apron.....the Boy bought it for me for Christmas! Love it!

  8. I saw a Wonder Woman journal at Books-a-Million Friday with "Girl Power" emblazoned on it in glittery letters. They would be right up your alley.

  9. Hi, oh...wonder women, that's a very lovely journal book. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a nice week ahead,regards.

  10. not bad, and it's the classic silver age artwork

  11. Boric: Holy cupcakes. Those are powerful books. I wonder how it works knocking a husband in the head who joins to many kickstarters.

    I'll let you know ...

    Alex: I couldn't believe it when I saw them. Even the lady at the register got excited.

    Thanks about the pups. They live well.

    Lori: I have one that I got two Decemebers ago. Love it. So fun.

    Lori: Girl Power. I'll have to use that a post title one time.

    Amelia: You have a wonderful week ahead, as well.

    Adam: And with RED boots. I cannot stand, CANNOT stand this whole blue boot bullshit thing.

    Hate it.

  12. Groovy find. Now I have the Wonder Woman theme song in my head.

  13. Ken: Tim said as long as you don't start twirling, you should be fine.

  14. Really hoping you get your old job back, I know you miss it and the only reason to leave was the extra hours, this way you get both which would be ace


  15. oooh, I will be on needles and pins until tomorrow... so exciting... Hope we all have successful business year since the previous one was rather crappy!

  16. Hope your next post gives us the good news that you're job moving!! Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Looks like you had lots of fun at Barnes. I don't go in their store too often, but am always surprised to find some little tidbit I can't do without when I do go! Maybe that's why I don't go that often. I'd be broke!!!

  17. Ian: Me too, and yeah, those extra hours will really make it for us.

    DEZMOND: I'm sorry to read that last year was so crappy. That sucks. Here's hoping you have a better one, this year.

    Stacy: I'm in limbo right now and I gotta say, not a fan.

    It is neat how Barnes has all kinds of little things like that. But I still miss my Borders.

    Just loved it there.

  18. What a great find. One of my sons bought me a Wonder Woman card just to say thanks for all the things I do for him. I keep it on my desk. I feel sorry for all those women without our super powers.

  19. Susan: I can't image life without super powers :-)

  20. Dang, girl! Great Hera, I want one! Now I've got to check my B&N tomorrow!

  21. I've got my fingers "X'd" for you that you get the job back :D

    But with your spidey powers you won't need any help from my twisted fingers :D

  22. Suzan: I could not believe my eyes.

    Kim: Thank you bunches.

  23. It's not as if you could pass on that, right?

  24. William: It would have been wrong.