26 January 2013

Frozen Turd

I want my old job back.  I don't know for sure how it will work out but I talked with my old prep buddy yesterday and there's a full-time opening.  So I put a call into my old boss.

Now I wait.

If you know me, you know I frickin' loved being a prep cook.  Everything about it, but I left because of hours and we believed the pizza shoppe was going to go a lot differently.

It didn't.  

So now I wait to hear back from the big boss.  Fingers and eyeballs crossed.  Meanwhile Tim just let Baby Bug in and she's running through the office with a frozen turd on a leaf.

I wish I was kidding.


  1. i am crossed in a pretzel... good luck.

  2. I wish you were kidding as well.
    Praying for you, Whisk! It will happen.

  3. Alex: Thanks, thanks for the extra support.

  4. Why wouldn't you're old boss want you back? If they've got any openings, I'm sure you're in.

  5. Trey: Because I'm a dork and I don't think he'll want me back because I left. And I'm not sure about the hot side, since I can't lift any water jackets.

    But my prep buddy talked to him about that and he said he was willing to work around me not being able to lift.

    Fingers crossed.

  6. You do know that the title FROZEN TURD is now in my blogroll, yes? :)

    What does a prep cook do? Prepared food for the chef?

  7. DEZMOND: I don't know what prep cooks do for other places but at this joint, we make all the desserts (my favorite part), the soups, the salads, cut the veg and fruit for the salad bar. Most of our stuff goes directly to the floor.

    But there are some things like make the pasta, gravy and stuffings, or weigh the broccoli and meatballs that get sent to the main kitchen.

    But I generally start each day by making desserts. And that is FUN :-)

    As for the Frozen Turd, I can't help it, I just call these blogs as they happen. And Baby Bug was VERY happy.


  8. that is what I thought too - so you prepare all the other food that the chef doesn't make. I think we call it an assistant cook here in Europe.
    Making deserts is always fun :)

  9. DEZMOND: There are no chefs at the steakhouse. Just line workers and two kitchen managers.

    It's not a high-end place or anything but it's a really fun place to work. And the prep kitchen is sooo clean and organized. And the preppies (that's what we're called here), are super duper fantastic to work with.

    I've missed both them and the job since I left.

  10. LOL Aren't dog wonderful? I let mine out and she runs straight for the cat turds...

    What am I gonna do?

    Good luck on the position!

  11. I really hope this opportunity works out for you! It is really important to be happy where you work! :)

  12. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out for you, girl!

  13. matt: What can we do?

    Jen: Thank you.

    Suzan: Thanks, thanks, thanks.

  14. Frozen turds are the best 'cause they don't stink until they thaw. Best of luck with the job!!!!

  15. Oh nice. What a site that must have been.

    Best of luck with the job.

  16. Just: Excellent point.

    Southpaw: She happily pranced about.

  17. At least it's not a squishy turd. Bestie luck Whisk. Will cross everything for you. XX

  18. How can they not want you back. A frozen turd? You could be a sitcom.

  19. The suspense is going to kill me! Both to see if you get the good call and to see if you can get that poopcicle out of the house before it melts. Good luck, Whisk!

  20. I thought Frozen Turd was your new recipe or something?? Yuk!

  21. Prayers and good karma coming your way. If I need to kill a chicken too, well, just give me enough lead time, OK?

  22. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    And yes, be thankful that turd was frozen. So much easier to clean!! :)

  23. ...she's running through the office with a frozen turd on a leaf.

    What? No photo?

    Good luck with the job!

  24. Frozen turd... yeah, I have seen that one before. Maybe time for PETCO to came out with some type of doggie treat like that. Can't wait to hear the narrator of that commercial.

    "... Are you tired of your dog's continual searching of the neighbor's snow-covered yard as he wildly craves the taste for freeze-dried schnowzer crap? Well wait no more... we have JUST THE THING!..."

    Prayers for tolerance of the dog and the job!

  25. I hope you get your old job back, too; what a joy to be working some place you love!

    As for dogs and turds, eh, it's the nature of the beast. I have to keep my cat boxes out of reach of my dog otherwise...ick.

  26. Niki: Squishy would be worse.

    Susan: I just heard late last night that they already semi-hired someone else.

    Glad you enjoyed the turd.

    Hanny: It's killing me. I am supposed to get the word tomorrow night. Ugh.

    Ray: It's a new one alright.

    Boric: Thank you for the good karma wishes. Much appreciated.

    Stacy: Thanks. Yes, easier to clean.

    Adam: Thank you.

    Bard: Hahahaha, no photo.

    Charlies: Two very funny comments in a row. Love that, thanks.

    mshatch: Critters are just so weird. Ick, is right.