05 January 2013

Coupon Extravaganza

It's mega coupon weekend with some newspapers having upwards of six, count 'em six inserts.

In my hot little hands I have four early editions, carrying three inserts each.  It ain't six, but I'm okay with that.

Then tomorrow morning, I'll head out and see what the various Sunday papers have.  

Last year I missed out on all this hoopla because I hadn't started couponing yet (started Feb 4th).  But I'm happy to be a part of it this weekend.  And, I don't work tonight.

Meanwhile, it's Saturday night, we're having buttsteak, fried eggs and breakfast potatoes with a big side of coupons, coupons, and more coupons.

Plus tonight's bake, which I have yet to do.  I'm thinking something easy like dog treats.  Or maybe I'll toss together a brown loaf to go with tomorrow's stew.

Enjoy your night & as always, boogie boogie.


  1. Enjoy the break and the coupons, hope the hubby is getting over the postseason without the Steelers. I am just about :-(


  2. You've only been doing coupons a year? Seems like much longer.

  3. Ian: Thanks Ian - yeah, he is not happy that they aren't in the playoffs. Here's hoping next year is better.

  4. Alex: My first shop was on Feb 4th - and it was an exciting day. That's the first time I went to the register with my coupons and my little list.

    It was tons of fun.

  5. Can honestly say I've never heard of BUTTSTEAK. I giggle just thinking of it! :)

    Enjoy couponing!

  6. Stacy: It's cheap but that's why I bought it. The first time I bought it, it read Pork Buttsteak, two bucks for two steaks.

    I totally had to try it.

    Hanny: The pups love them.

    mshatch: Thanks :-)

    Lurker: Thanks. I got most of them cut and tomorrow I can start filing them.

    Hope your meal was good, and I won't tell Ray's wife. We can't have Ray getting into more trouble.

  7. Oh my gosh, the cookie pictures below are making my mouth water.
    Couponing is huge at work.
    Take care.

  8. nom nom for coupons, wish I had them :( I so love me saving money and shopping for bargains, and even though we have no coupons in my country, I do always had supplies and stashes since I love to shop while things are on discount. I have enough canned veggies, toothpastes and pasta to survive a zombie outbreak.... which is happening any time now....

  9. I KNEW I forgot to get something while I was out..I don't get the paper delivered. Grrr...gotta get myself in the habit. Plus...I blame the flu. It will happen! Keep up the encouragement!

  10. Sandra: Welcome to my blog. No one at my job coupons. Do you coupon?

    DEZMOND: I think we'll be okay for the upcoming zombie attack as well.

    Melanie: There's still plenty good coupons online. It's like printing money from home.

  11. I didn't get the inserts like you, I relied on my computer and had a blast. Now, I just have to face the store - boo hiss! LOL

  12. Elsie: Wonderful that you got a good batch of printables. Those are always fun. Did you get a cutter yet? I found one at the fabric store, used for cutting quilt pieces or scrap booking. Either way, it works great for printables.

  13. I just discovered the app called 'checkout 51'. They post new deals each week and if it is something you buy, you buy it, take a photo of your receipt, submit it and the amounts accumulate in your account. When you reach $20 you can Chavez them send you a cheque! Today I bought a taco kit for $2.99 and I will get $2.00 back! Sweet!

  14. Lori: That is WAY cool. I don't use the cell phone all that much, we share one but it sounds like a fantastic way to save some green.

    Always a groovy thing.