08 January 2013

Wham Bam

I think we discovered the reason for sore ribs.  This is wedged between us at night.

She does this pose and then Wiggy does the full dead dog as we call it.  It's when her limbs extend and go stiff as a board.  Toss in her snoring and you've really got a party.

Meanwhile, I'm off to work.  Just a quick wham bam shift - four hours.  And thankfully, no flu yet.

Fingers and paws crossed.
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  1. Sounds like you need to get the pooches sleeping at the foot of the bed instead of wherever they feel like it, hehe.

  2. Sleeping on the floor for them would be better!

  3. Your dog looks adorable. I'm not sure I could share a bed with anything that hogged the space that dramatically.
    You'd be proud: last Friday was family dinner out - I went hunting for coupons on-line! I have never felt the need to look for bargains. I thought it was so funny handing over a paper slip and getting money off. It's an amazingly fun idea - I think I may have caught a different kind of bug ;)

  4. Dogs do belong on the bed at night... the obvious solution is to get a bigger bed.

  5. fingers, paws and claws (I have my penguin squads, you know....)

  6. Hey, whose house is it? Yours or the dogs? Sorry, I know the answer, LOL!

  7. Got to respect the Steeler towel, still sore over the end of the season LOL


  8. I hope he didn't drool. I would hate sleeping in a puddle of doggy drool!

    Hope you're feeling better, too!

  9. Yay to no flu! And a short shift. Almost a perfect day, huh?

  10. Brendan: The little one sleeps that bottom and sometimes to big one, but then as night crawls on, things shift.

    Lurker: NOOOOOOOO :-)

    Elaine: This is a fantastic comment. Way to go, you. It's is a funny weird feeling. I still feel that way, but it's so exciting to get deals.

    Alex: It's a sad thin blanket. That's Wig on the couch.

    Tammy: No drool. Most nights.

    Mr. Blue: We did get a bigger bed, but next time we're going for JUMBO sized.

    Dezzy: I'm crossing everything that I don't get the flu.

    Debra: It's theirs, duh.

    Ian: Tim is too. Sucks.

    Sherry: I am feeling rather well, thank you.

    Stacy: Not too shabby.

  11. Stay away from that flu. I hear it's bad stuff. Never get it myself.

  12. Luv ur bed buddies; I have 4 myself.

  13. My dog and my cat sleep with us and it's the right thing to do. We just make room for them!

  14. How funny. My little Shih-tzu, Caesar, thinks he's supposed to sleep on a pillow and under the cover just like his mommy and daddy. Of course, Daddy thinks little Caesar should too. I usually have the doggy on one side and my huge cat, Miss Ella (Cruella De'Vil) laying across my feet. Thank goodness we own a king-sized bed.

  15. Susan: Someone told me today that there's a nasty bug going about. Ick, ick, ick.

    Mohamed: If we had a house with land, I would get two more.

    What kinds do you have?

    Anne: I agree :-)

    Savannah: Isn't it funny how they know how to use pillows and blankets? Love that.

  16. That dog reminds me of mine

  17. Adam: This is before she goes all dead dog-like with extended limbs that are stiff as a board.

  18. Love it! So adorable and full of character. I love Wiggy!

    I love Bug too but Wiggy reminds me more of my girl, Delilah. ;)

  19. Of course it's the dog's house. You just live there with them.