02 January 2013

Didn't Suck Monkey Balls

It must be the magic of baking before work, that makes things much better once I'm there.  Because tonight didn't totally suck monkey balls. 


Instead it whooshed by and I was happy to be saving for a house.  And before I left for work, I put today's bake on the table, for Tim.  There's a few mistakes but I'm happy with it.

I did what Paul Hollywood suggested which was put a roasting pan of cold water at the bottom of the oven, before baking.  And use oil for kneading instead of extra flour.

Worked great.  Cannot wait to get my new book.

Well, it's getting late and I need to shower and get to bed.  You Boogerbutts have a good night, or depending on where you live, have an excellent morning.

Thanks for reading and boogie boogie.


  1. How could I say no to a post title like this?

  2. Gotta admit, I was a bit worried when I read that title!!

  3. Oh that looks beautiful. - The bread that is. I've also read, but have not tried ice in a pan in the oven.

  4. Mmm, that bread looks yummy. I'll just stick to eating it instead of baking it, though. It's more fun!

  5. Hanny: That's a true saying in our house. When I got home Tim asked me how work went and I said, "it didn't totally suck monkey balls."

    Ray: Worried? What's wrong with balls in the title?

    Alex: It's a true saying in our house. When I got home Tim asked me how work went and I said, "it didn't totally suck monkey balls."

    Bam, blog post title.

    Southpaw: The baking book I use now suggests cubes but I haven't tried it yet. Figure I will try all three ways, with the same dough. Just to see the difference.

    Stacy: Oh, but making it is the most fun part, I swear.

  6. I would love some homemade bread. I need to become a baker!

  7. is pastry softer and nicer if you put water in the oven?
    But it should be used only by those who have really clean ovens, because the steam will start peeling the dirt and grease off of the walls and some of it could drop onto the cake :(

  8. mm, that twisty bread looks delicious. Man, if you were my neighbor I'd be over all the time.

  9. Twisted...bread looks yummy. I made some banana bread...it doesn't help my die...t at all ;)

  10. I have to try the oil kneading thing. I have used the pan of water in the bottom of the oven.

  11. Dana: Have you baked much? It's so much fun, I swear.

    DEZMOND: I didn't get to eat any of it until it was much later and already been bagged. But from a sound standpoint, it sounded like a better crust.

    Sherry: Thanks.

    mshatch: That would be fun.

    Kim: How'd the banana bread turn out?

  12. Susan: It didn't take much oil at all. Just a wee bit but I loved how it worked.

  13. I have no idea how you get the bread to end up looking like that....