30 January 2013

This is My Scary Hand

Looks like my old prep job might be bust.  Turns out that before me and my old prep buddy talked with the big boss, he'd already promised the full-time gig to another girl.  Last I heard, she wasn't sure if she wanted it, but did want a second interview to talks things out.

Blah blah blah.

Meanwhile, it was great to get out today.  Had lunch with a friend and her mom.  They want to learn couponing, which is cool with me.  It's a fun little hobby.  And they told me about another full-time job opening, which comes with insurance, weekends off, and nights home.

No Cinderella shifts.

As for the neck, it's healing.  I'll be off work for a bit more.  But we've got our stockpile.  Speaking of which, I hit Kmart today for stockpile items and new cleaning gloves.  Two pairs.  One for the crappers and the other for dishes.

And I didn't even use a coupon on them.  Look at me, spending money like someone who has a job.

This is my scary hand.
I am going to get Miss Wiggy.
But wait, there's Baby Bug.
I'm going to squish her head.


  1. love the gloves! They're my favorite color :)

  2. Hmm, you're going to have to work on the scary hand, neither of the girls look overly impressed. :-)

    The second job sounds like a wonderful opportunity.

  3. mshatch: A buck eighty-five and Kmart. They're comfortable, too. Not as bright as the Warehouse 13 gloves, but still pretty neat.

  4. I love the color....

    Just don't mix up the potty gloves and the dish gloves.

    And about the job issue? We'll keep sending good karma and prayers your way!

  5. Boric: Yes, good point. Mixing the two could be bad. Thanks for the good wishes and prayers.

  6. I like your scary hand. I need one for my son's robotic science project hand. I hope you get the other job, it sounds better. Unless of course you get to be Cinderella after she marries the prince :D

  7. I crush your head! I squish your face!
    Sorry the job might be gone.

  8. Jenn: Thankfully, I have a fantastic Hubby. Really the best.

    Alex: That's okay, things will work out. Besides, we didn't do all this great work this year, to fall backward.

    I squish your face, I just told Bug. She's under my desk and not at all scared.

  9. Why is you scaring those poor little pups? :)

    Hope you get the other job if the first one doesn't end in your hands :(

  10. DEZMOND: Thanks, there's a few places to try that might bet better than the current gig.

  11. OMGoodness. Poor pup looks so concerned!

  12. Great gloves. Good for the dishes, good for the toilets, and good for scattering ice melter on the driveway.

  13. Lurker: Thank you, Sir.

    Southpaw: They crack me up.

    Ray: That I am.

    Bard: I never thought about the ice thing. Might have to get a third pair.

  14. Purple hands are scary. A job with benefits is good.

  15. Don't mix up the crapper gloves with the dishes gloves!

  16. Hi, oh...purple glove!!! Look nice but your innocent dog look a bit frightful with your scary hand. :)

    Have a nice week ahead,regards.

  17. Susan: It's not a great job but like you said, having benefits is good. Real good.

    Debra: I may have to mark them.

    Amelia: Thanks for dropping in. You have a nice week ahead.


  18. Jen: Love your Wonder Woman sneakers. So fun. Thanks for stopping by.

  19. Wiggy and Bug are thinking you've finally gone crackers.