31 May 2013

Friday Question: Best Time

I'm stealing Tim's idea, where on Fridays he asks a question.  And my question to you Boogerbutts is this:

What's your most creative, energetic, productive, get it done, time of the day?

For me, it's mornings.  I focus better and I love the energy I get from getting something productive done first thing.

Makes the rest of my day rock.

Today, I woke ready to tackle both my morning bake, and chores.  I'll toss together bagel dough, and then get to this big honkin' pile of crap we have in our office.  Just stuff that we don't know where to put, but has been taunting me daily.

How about you? What's your most productive time?

29 May 2013

GoodFood BBC

I snagged the GREATEST magazine available in my area.  GoodFood by BBC, and it's jammed packed with goodies.

This month's issue has yellow rice, which I have yet to succeed at.  So I'm excited to give it a go.  Currently, I buy it my yellow rice from a local eatery and doctor it with onions, carrots, celery, peanuts and a Kansas-made habanero sauce that would knock the teeth out of a monkey.

It's that good.

See ... told you the habanero was THAT good.

Catchin' Flies

27 May 2013

2 Craps and a Cupcake

I hit my goal of posting for 27 days in a row.  Most days I liked it but there were a few where I really didn't give two craps and a cupcake if I posted or not.

Now that it's done, I'm glad that I made myself show up each day, even if I didn't have anything to say.

Onto staycation.  Oh my gosh, I LOVE BEING HOME.  Today I walked 30 minutes, cleaned bathrooms, mopped floors, Tim did dishes, and yesterday I sat outside and read.

You know what? I forgot how relaxing it is to read.  LOVED IT.  Meanwhile, time to grab some food.  And if you haven't already, check out Tim's gaming post.  I can't wait until Ken and Deb see the very last picture.

That's all folks.  Thanks for reading and boogie boogie.

PS: This is me reading and dig that Wonder Woman mug that Suzan from Wild Wicked & Wacky sent me.  I never formally thanked her on my blog but I use this mug ALL THE TIME.  It fits perfect on my coffee maker.  THANKS - Suzan :-)

26 May 2013

A Honkin' Mess

It's day 2 of our staycation and I am writing to tell you that I LOVE being home.  It's early afternoon and I am still in my jams.  And you know what?  I might stay in them all ding dong day long.  Or I might go work outside.

Too early to tell.

Meanwhile, here's a picture of our veg garden area.  It's a honkin mess.  The plan is to till the area and plant some peppers and tomatoes, since it's the hottest spot on our lot.

To Super Size, Click Image

25 May 2013

Gamer Widow

Tim and his gaming buddies rented a conference room today, and that makes me a Gamer Widow for the night.  Which I don't mind since this is DAY ONE of NINE DAYS off.

That's right, it's staycation time.

Click Trailer Park Spa, to read all about it.  Meanwhile, I'm thinking about braving the market.  Ken from the blogger world is staying the night and I'm fresh out of coffee.  

You Boogerbutts have a fun one.  Cheers.

24 May 2013

Trailer Park Spa

That's right folks.  For nine nights and nine days, we're staying at the luxurious, Trailer Park Spa.  The food is good and the dish boy is hot.

And with any luck, no more of our appliances will break down.  Leaving us to enjoy our stay as we bolt the windows, lock the doors and rip the phone out of the wall.

23 May 2013


I split my work pants.  Not good.  And last night at Kmart I had to buy fat girl pants.  FAT GIRL PANTS.

Also not good.

Only they aren't called fat girl pants.  They're called CURVY.  I don't care what they call them, it's still not where I want to be.  In the last two months, I've gained 14 pounds. 

That's 56 sticks of butter.

Now that I've outted myself, it's time to get back to where I was before.  I might even put a little thing on my blog to help me track my progress.  Not sure yet.

Either way, I won't be buying a second pair of fat girl pants. 

22 May 2013

Spoiled Pups

I am pooped today.  Even took a two hour nappy nap.  Right in the middle of dishes.  Just that tired.  But what's great about the pups is they are ALWAYS up for a nappy nap.  So we all piled on the couch, and went for a snooze.

Here's what they did before our nappy nap.  Such spoiled babies.  Each their own towel.  Bug would love to share.

Wiggy, not so much.

I love Miss Wiggy's little face.  Click image to expand.

21 May 2013

Homemade Creamer (it's so frickin' easy)

I concocted homemade tea and coffee creamer using sweetened condensed milk, almond milk and organic extract (essence).  I eyeballed the ingredients.

And it's so frickin' easy.

The first batch was vanilla and the second was vanilla almond.  Loved them both, but vanilla almond took the lead.

What's nice is the condensed milk adds some sweet, plus thickness, that almond milk alone just doesn't have.  And the almond milk (or soy, or regular milk), thins out the condensed and together, they get along really well.

If you give this a go, I would love to hear how you liked it.  Again, I eyeballed mine the first time out.  But once I sample all my flavors, I'll probably write up a formula.  Anyone who wants my final results, you're welcome to them.

As I was writing this post the doctor's office called saying they have a BIG stack of coupons for me.  But I have a flat tire and can't go get them.  So I best go clean the fridge like I was supposed to last week before we lost hot water.

Meanwhile, it was a kickass day at work.  Which I was relieved to have, and now I'm home until Thursday morning.

Not too shabby.  Cheers and boogie boogie.

Tim found this picture for me.  I love it.

20 May 2013


Been in a funk-a-monk most of the day, but feeling better now.  All showered and clean.  Our car savings is gone but I'm super duper relieved that we had the funds available.  

The bad news is I wasted the morning being in a funk over some stuff I can't talk about or change.  Nothing major major - just some crap at work.  Nothing about me losing my job or anything like that, just some stuff that best not be printed.

But, I gotta say, I'm feeling more like me again.  Thanks to both Tim and Ken who are super funny and know how to let me vent and then make me laugh.

So thanks guys for that.  And now ... I'm thinking about making homemade tea and coffee creamer, using condensed milk, almond milk and vanilla.  Not sure how it will work but who cares, that's part of the fun.

Game night for Poopyhead tonight.  Couponing for me.  Not sure about supper yet.  Something yummy and easy.

And looky there, it's about to turn 4:04 PM.  Best get this post wrapped up and published.  Have a good one, folks.

19 May 2013

504 Posts

Holy ding dong, that's a lot of posts for someone who thought she wouldn't like blogging and that no one would read her blog.  But you guys do, and that's pretty darn cool.

I didn't plan a giveaway, because I didn't realize I was hitting half a grand in posts, but I did want to say thanks.


Here's pictures from last Sunday.  I got out late like tonight so I was too pooped to go anywhere big.  So Tim and I drove around with the camera, sweet tea and a bag of Combos.

Tonight, we're gonna watch a cheesy movie and be stinky.  Thanks again for reading.  Cheers and boogie boogie.

The top image expands to 800 pixels.

18 May 2013

Happy & Stinky

It's garden time at The Manor.  Dig my new flowers.  Got some herb seeds, too.  Not only did I get done with work super duper early today, but we have plenty of day left.

I'm a happy girl.

But I'm also stinky, if you read yesterday's post, you know why.  But good news, the hot water tank guy comes Monday morning.  Meanwhile, after I get done working outside today, I'm just gonna wash my hair outside with a hose.

What the heck, why not?

That's all from me.  Nearly done with my Blogger 27 day challenge and I gotta say, so far, I'm liking having to show up here each day and spit something out.

Thanks for reading and boogie boogie.

17 May 2013

Remember the Car Money We Were Saving?

Well it's all about to go bye bye because our hot water heater crashed yesterday.  Yeppers, wave goodbye to our little savings.  Cuz it's Gonesville City, folks. 

Then just this week both our cars just got worked on.  Thankfully nothing major, but still money.  It's times like these that I am happy to have a stockpile of freebies. 

We might be eating toothpaste and deodorant sandwiches for a week or so, but that's okay.  I just made myself laugh.

I don't know if that's a good thing or not.

16 May 2013

Coupon BOOB

So ..... I never got to the fridge but that's okay, because I'm redoing our stockpile shelves.  Here's where I'm at.  I'll snap more pictures when it's done done.

As for supper tonight.  I got nothing.  Might run down the hill and grab an already roasted chicken and some store-bought baked bread, with good butter.

And then earlier today I went to the post to collect my freebie sample package but the clerks couldn't find it anywhere (for coupon posts, I use the name Coupon Goob).  So they looked and looked and nothing.  Then the guy comes back out and says, "It was under B, for boob."

That made me laugh.

Click to expand both images.
I still have more to fix but this is where I am so far.
So far, this is my favorite area.  So pretty.

No Post Title Today

Hello Boogerbutts.  Gonna try and squeeze in my post before I rip apart the kitchen and my coupon station.  The fridge needs cleaned and the top of my coupon station needs put away.  Click coupon station to see what it looks like.

But before I do any of that, I'm tossing together some homemade pizza sauce.  My freezer is out and it's great to have on hand for homemade pizza night.

I think that's it.  Not all that exciting but it counts toward my 27 blogs, so I'm keeping it.  Cheers and boogie boogie.

15 May 2013

Bet Your Butt Cheeks

How cool is this? Wonder Woman labels and checks.  You can bet your butt cheeks, that I'm ordering them. 

14 May 2013

What Nothing Looks Like

Here's what a bit of nothing looked like for me, last week.

As for today, I've got a small headache coming on, so I'm gonna deal with that, rest up and meet my husband for lunch.   Followed by tinkering about the house, then maybe do a mocha bake, with some free instant coffee, I scored.

But for right now, there's a couch with my name on it.

Close up of me working on my new FOOD ONLY binder.
Image expands.
Tim's 360 on the right.  YouTube coupon videos straight ahead.  Bake boxes to my far left and the BEST ORANGE PEN, in the world. 
Shot to my left.  That's my coupon station.  All the stuff on the top was free and needs put away.  The containers on the bottom are where I house my uncut and extra inserts, along with other coupon goodies.
Puppy number one on my right. 
And puppy number two on my left.

13 May 2013

Holy Frick, Batman

Holy frick, Batman.  I just let the pups out and I can see my breath.  It's THAT cold outside.  Burr.

Meanwhile, Tim came home with pizza, subs and coupon inserts from the postal bin.  And I gave him his gift (see last post).  It's a really neat desk lamp for when he draws his maps.  Got one for my desk as well.

And now, my hot tea with caramel creamer is ready.  So I'm going to coupon from the couch, until I pass out.  Which should be in about ten minutes, eleven tops.

Thanks for reading and boogie boogie.

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

In other words, I'm done with the four day holiday weekend at the restaurant.  And now, I have three whole honkin' days off.  When I left I told my boss, "See you Friday.  Don't call."

Then on my ride home I picked up a little gift for Tim.  He kept up on all the housework during this crazy work weekend.  So I wanted to get him something.  Got one for me too, but we'll see if his works first.

And lets see, probably doing breakfast again for supper.  Oh, and yesterday it snowed.  Some just got heavy rain and hail but at work, we actually got snow.  Real snow.  So weird.

And I think that wraps up my post for the day.  Nothing big planned for my days off.  But if it stays cold like it was all weekend, I'm sure to get some bakes in.

Thanks for reading.  Here's Tim's gift.

Skin Some Lopes

It's Monday and I'm headed back to the restaurant, after a long holiday weekend.  Left late last night, or late for a preppie.  And today we go in and see how hard we got hit.

Hopefully it's a short easy day.

Chop some broccoli, do a few bakes and skin some lopes.  Way back in the day when I first started, we got these AMAZING cantaloupes in.  I think I ate one a day.

Just gotta get my spine through today and then I get three off to rest.  Sounds pretty frickin' good to me.  You Boogerbutts have a groovy Monday.

I'm off to skin some lopes.

12 May 2013

Ghost Adventures

Anyone else watch this show?  Three dudes go ghost hunting, sorta.  It's cheesey, stupid, and fun.  We like it on nights like tonight, before bed.  Watching in on the 360.

Or we will be after this post.

Meanwhile, I am super duper pooped from working Mother's Day weekend at the restaurant.  Normally, I wouldn't even be online writing, but since I am doing a 27 day blogger challenge, I gotta fill this space with something.

Something, something, something.

There I'm done.  So tired.  Catch y'all tomorrow.

11 May 2013

Wonder Woman Underwear

So I get into work today and my prep buddy gives me a Wonder Woman can hugger.  My boss is there at the same time so I show him what she gave me.

He says, "I don't know how comfortable I am with you telling me that she bought you Wonder Woman underwear."

My boss leaves and she leans over her table (which faces my table), and tells me, "If I got you Wonder Woman underwear, I would have gave them to you in the parking lot."

They do look like teeny tiny undies.

10 May 2013

Bing Bam Boom

I'm home from a quicker than usual Friday in prep.  Soon to make breakfast for supper or get take out.  Then shower.  Couch.  Coupons.

Bing, bam, boom.

And, dig my Dollar General trip.  Total OOP was nada - thanks to overages, coupons and super duper shopping.  

That's about all from me.  You Boogerbutts take care.

PS: Tim just called and he's in the mood for breakfast, so breakfast it shall be.  Eggs, ham and breakfast potatoes. 

Life is good.

09 May 2013

Batcrap Crazy

My big plans for the day include, nothing, nothing, meet Hubby for lunch, nothing, nothing and if there's time, more nothing.  Then it's a batcrap crazy weekend at the restaurant - where we are low on preppies.

So I'm resting up today.  Which I need because last night, someone peed on the bed and no Ken, it wasn't Tim.

I'm pretty sure anyway.

PS: Dig Tim's blog (maybe don't mention the pee), and read about the Ray Harryhausen Blogfest tomorrow.  Think this is one I'll do, since I loved Harryhausen's work as well.

PPS: Looks like there's still MORE FREE Junie B., books available.  Just click FREE BOOKS, and it will take you to my post about it, which will direct you to the signup form.

Junie B. Jones, seriously funny read.  

08 May 2013

Peeing in the Rain

You know what's nice about having my new blogging goal?  Makes me sit down and write something on this blog.  Otherwise I'd skip today.  And tomorrow.  And for sure the weekend.  Probably not back until next week sometime.

But with this goal I gotta sit my ass down and write something here.  Now ... is this the most interesting post in the world?  No.  But see that's the great thing.  It doesn't matter.  Just so I hit 27 days in a row.

And that's kinda fun.

Meanwhile here's Baby Bug, all kinds of soaked from today's rain.  And Miss Wiggy, forget about it.  She ran outside to pee, and turned right around.  Cracks me up.

But then, I don't think I'd fancy peeing in the rain either.

07 May 2013

FREE Junie B. Book (while supplies last)

Sign up for a Junie B. newsletter and get one FREE Junie B. book.  Click Junie B., FREEBIE and answer a few questions.

It's that easy. 

Here's the cover of my past favorite Junie B. books.  Such a funny read.  Barbara Park is one of my favorite writers.

Great stuff.  Enjoy & Boogie Boogie :-}

Look at This Face

Here's Baby Bug.  She's the sun patch baby, today.

06 May 2013


I tell ya, for all the grumbles I made about having to start late in prep and work by myself, I'm getting the most bang for my morning buck, at home.  Which is very cool.

Just took a few weeks to get me comfortable.  And dig this, I already got a bunch done this morning and now, I'm about to pay bills.  Which to be honest, I really enjoy doing.

You know how people go to the casinos and put money in machines? I do that but with online bill paying and I find it fun and exciting.  Click, click, click, and paid.

I like it.

But I notice I'm spending too much time online this morning, so I best get back into work mode thinking and finish my chores.  Then work.  Then cracked.  Then tomorrow I have the ENTIRE ding dong day off. 

Ah ... it's a good day.

This is what Miss Wiggy is doing right now.

05 May 2013

Buttload of Table Space

Today went super fast at work.  Got done by one - which never happens.  Then home.  Rested, ate, got ready and then we hit Wegmans cafe. 

I love that place.  Have you been?  Great cafe, good drinks (most times), and a buttload of table space for Tim to write and me to sort, clip and organize coupons.  

And now, for tonight's bake.  Potatoes, onions, Gruyere cheese, smoked ham, and fluffy eggs.  This is a killer good bake that has just the right amount of everything. 

That's about all from me.  You Boogerbutts have a good one.

04 May 2013

I Don't Know What to Blog About

I was trying to blog each day for twenty-seven days, and it's day four and I don't know what to blog about.

That can't be good.

03 May 2013

Snag a Super Duper Deal @Staples

Got a Staples near by? Need some nearly free paper for your zine, coupons or writing?  Click Staples Paper Coupon.

Print the coupon.  Pay for the paper.  Register slip will spit out an easy rebate.  Redeem online and they'll put a check in the mail (or PayPal).  Not a reward, but actual check.

In the end, pay only the tax.  Not too shabby.

Meanwhile, it's Friday night.  I'm done with a LOOONNNG day in prep and I'm eating the best salt and pepper chips/crisps on the planet.  Got them at Staples (for free).

They are so yummy.

And now ... it's a choice between my jams and cocoa or Dollar General with my Fiver.  Choices, choices, choices.  

A Quickie

I'm headed to prep (the proper time today), and it's gonna be a full weekend.  Then after work, Dollar General has it's fiver off twenty-five - if you have one near you, grab a coupon of their website and save some dough.

Meanwhile, here's a shot from our back deck.  Off to make pineapple upside down cake. 

Cheers and boogie boogie.

02 May 2013

Goal in Sight

If you've been to our house or gamed on Skype with Tim, you know my girls can be obnoxiously loud, especially Bug - and always right after he puts his headphones one.

Every single Monday.

But I swear they aren't always so loud.  Here's what they looked like today, while couponing at the table.

Meanwhile, I don't go to work until eleven frickin' thirty, and so far with their change in schedule, it hasn't worked for me and my prep buddy.  Neither of us get everything done, and since they want us out, we go.  But the good news is I'm no longer stressed about hours, or money.

Instead, I'm focused on getting that down payment for a car, and in doing that, have gotten better at couponing. 

The great thing is, I left Dollar General yesterday after taking my newbie couponer friend, and right across the street the a car dealership.  Yeppers.  Goal in sight. 

This what my table looks like right now.
See ... they aren't always bad.
Sitting on the chair is my coupon bag.  This image expands.
And this is what my bag looks like after shopping.

01 May 2013

Newbie & No Bake

Today is day 2 of not baking.  It feels weird.  But I've got a stack of dishes and a fridge that needs cleaned.  Don't think I'll do the fridge today.  Don't want to have all the excitement in one big burst.  Best to stretch it out.

You know.  Not overdo.

Meanwhile, I took my newbie couponer friend shopping today and she did great.  I am super duper proud of her.

Her budget for the day was one buck.  And get this.  She got all this and they paid her 20 cents, plus a $10 reward.

Pretty frickin' good.

9 Cans of Tuna
2 Big Buckets of Folgers
2 Small Boxes of Creamer
8 Lady Speed Sticks
3 Boxes of Bounce

Total Amount Due Before Coupons: $43.08

Total Paid After Coupons: Negative $0.20 - They paid her.