01 May 2013

Newbie & No Bake

Today is day 2 of not baking.  It feels weird.  But I've got a stack of dishes and a fridge that needs cleaned.  Don't think I'll do the fridge today.  Don't want to have all the excitement in one big burst.  Best to stretch it out.

You know.  Not overdo.

Meanwhile, I took my newbie couponer friend shopping today and she did great.  I am super duper proud of her.

Her budget for the day was one buck.  And get this.  She got all this and they paid her 20 cents, plus a $10 reward.

Pretty frickin' good.

9 Cans of Tuna
2 Big Buckets of Folgers
2 Small Boxes of Creamer
8 Lady Speed Sticks
3 Boxes of Bounce

Total Amount Due Before Coupons: $43.08

Total Paid After Coupons: Negative $0.20 - They paid her.


  1. Holy CRAP...this girl must be BRILLIANT! LOLOL Thank you, Ivy, for all of your help and the super duper fun day!

  2. Cleaning the fridge is overrated. It can wait!

  3. Kris: Anytime. Looking forward to the 7th. Watch out stores, here we come.

    Alex: Bake or clean? Bake or clean?

  4. Bard: It's a lot of fun, and she kicked some serious couponing ass.

  5. Wow, that is so impressive. I should have put be a better couponer on my 'when I retire' list.

  6. what will she do with all those speed sticks? :)

  7. mshatch: She's having fun.

    Susan: It's crazy fun.

    Stacy: You are kind, thanks.

    Ray: It really is.

    Kim: I was super duper proud of her.

    DEZMOND: Use them. It's great to have these things and not have to pay full price. Or in this case, no price.

  8. Yes, I know, but those sticks last for many months each, that's why I asked :) It's not something you can use quickly. But she can give it to family members, friends... that's always nice.
    If I ever lived in USA and did couponing, I imagine I'd coupon for poor people and charities and such things....

  9. DEZMOND: Those are smaller sticks, and go fast. We watch expiry dates and for myself, I know how many I use in one year, so I plan around that.

    And yes, donating is great fun. Lots of us couponers do that. Friends, family, people in need. There's an abundance to go around. Which is wonderful.

    You don't coupon there?

  10. I am always super jealous of your coupon posts! There is some couponing that can be done in Canada but nothing as awesome as that. All that free (and useful!) stuff is amazing! :)

  11. Jen: It really helps take away the stress of needing these things, and having to pay full price later.

  12. I wish you were MY neighbor! =)

  13. Elsie: We could bake and go couponing. Woohoo to fun.