02 May 2013

Goal in Sight

If you've been to our house or gamed on Skype with Tim, you know my girls can be obnoxiously loud, especially Bug - and always right after he puts his headphones one.

Every single Monday.

But I swear they aren't always so loud.  Here's what they looked like today, while couponing at the table.

Meanwhile, I don't go to work until eleven frickin' thirty, and so far with their change in schedule, it hasn't worked for me and my prep buddy.  Neither of us get everything done, and since they want us out, we go.  But the good news is I'm no longer stressed about hours, or money.

Instead, I'm focused on getting that down payment for a car, and in doing that, have gotten better at couponing. 

The great thing is, I left Dollar General yesterday after taking my newbie couponer friend, and right across the street the a car dealership.  Yeppers.  Goal in sight. 

This what my table looks like right now.
See ... they aren't always bad.
Sitting on the chair is my coupon bag.  This image expands.
And this is what my bag looks like after shopping.


  1. That's right, Ivy - why stress?
    Maybe the dog just want to talk as well?

  2. I wouldn't like those hours either. Like your organization on the couponing. Makes my envelops look pathetic.

  3. If it makes you feel better, it's not just your girls. Dax ignores the garbage truck, the mailman and the nulitude of squirrels, but as soon as DH is on the phone with a client, he goes batcrap crazy over a dead leaf blowing across the yard.

  4. Alex: Stress over lost hours and money. And I think ya, Bug for sure what's to talk too. She's got the biggest mouth.

    Susan: I like the envelope thing too. I had two in there, but I don't remember if you can see it.

    The hours suck but even worse is since they split us during the week, we don't get everything done.

    Jen: They are, and they are lots of trouble.

    Suzan: I love the phrase, batcrap crazy. Sometime, I gotta use that as a blog post title.

    Yes, pups are funny.

  5. I know, my dog can be good...sometimes too ;D

  6. Kim: But they are great fun, either way.

    Ray: Sometimes, me too.

  7. =P

    We have three and they love to act up when I am on the phone or trying to write.

    You rock at the coupon world. You'll get the down payment, no problem.

  8. Elsie: Three? Holy cow. That's a lot of work, but also fun.

    I believe we will get that down payment. Without me breaking out into a big rash.

  9. awe, i love them. give them hugs and kisses from Aunty K!!

  10. It's a sun puddle, and no doggie can resist lying in a sun puddle. Hence the quiet.